Saturday, September 3, 2016

Grow Your Business with Tanning Services? Get Your Space Ready with Pure Spa Direct!

Thinking about adding Sunless Tanning to your business, but don't know where to start? Look no further than Pure Spa Direct - Sunless Tanning is a passion of ours, and we've got everything you need to start offering this lucrative service to your clients!

The first thing we always talk to our clients about is space - what kind of space do you have to commit to sunless tanning? Do you have a whole room? Maybe just a corner? Maybe you want to be mobile? All of these options are totally possible! Sunless Tanning is really very easy-going service to add, but you do want to make sure you are keeping in mind a few key thoughts:

  1. Lighting
  2. Ventilation
  3. Space
Lighting for Sunless Tanning Services
With the introduction of HVLP tanning systems, providing an even tan got easier - but that doesn't mean that lighting is not important! Shadows are not your friend when tanning, since they can make you think you've tanned a spot that you haven't hit yet! Be sure there is adequate lighting in your space - a combination of overhead lighting and adjustable lamp lighting usually does the trick! Check out some of our favorite adjustable lamps below:
Versatile Floor Lamp Plus by OttLite
This lamp features a wide shade, sturdy yet lightweight base, and an adjustable flex neck to position the light right where you need it.

Daylight™ Floor Lamp with Magnifier
We understand that working in comfort is very important to you, that's why it features our unique 'Easy-Twist' movement. Effortlessly, you can twist the head and direct the light exactly where you are, not the other way around.

Wing Shade Floor Lamp
The Wing Shade Floor Lamp offers total adjustability with flex neck to direct the low heat, natural OttLite High Definition illumination where you need it.

 Ventilation for Sunless Tanning Service
Ventilation is very important to consider when you are offering Sunless Tanning Services, as well! Keeping your air clean is key for your clients AND your employees. Depending on the size of your space, as well as your local regulations, we have a number of ventilation options:

Extraction Fan
If you are a mobile technician, or short on space, you might want to consider using an extraction fan. These are great to put in the back of a pop-up tent, as well!

Fresh Air Screen

A clean air and ventilation enclosure using Micro-Whirlwind Technology, perfect for creating a dedicated spray tan area for professional salons or spas. Using Micro-Whirlwind extractions fans that help remove the dirt in the air of any room when spray tanning, this thereby helps to protect the safety and health of both the clients and the staff.  

Space for Sunless Tanning Service
Whether your space is large or small, it is important to keep in mind that there WILL be overspray when sunless tanning - when you are atomizing a liquid and spraying it, this is inevitable! We have a number of options to help keep your space looking fresh and professional!

Tanning Curtain
To protect your walls from overspray, the simplest and least expensive is to simply use a dark colored curtain.  It is compact and easy to put up and down, which makes it perfect for mobile tanners or salons who don't have enough room to have a permanent spray tan area set up. Machine Washable is always a bonus!

Pop-Up Tent
Tanning Tents usually have easy to clean walls, cutting cleaning time down from minutes to seconds, as well as clear panels on top to allow for extra light, helping you apply a flawless spray tan. It is compact and easy to put up and down which makes it perfect for mobile tanners or salons who don't have enough room to have a permanent spray tan area set up. 

Tanning Screen

A tanning enclosure, perfect for creating a dedicated spray tan area for professional salons or spas. The simple click and lock-in system and replaceable filters that simply just slide in makes it easy to set up, dismantle, maintain and keep clean. Made from lightweight aluminum, the screen can be adjusted to fit any sized room with its custom 360° hinges.

Deciding and understanding your space and how to best use it for Sunless Tanning is the first obstacle! If you have questions or would like suggestions, feel free to contact Pure Spa Direct - our knowledgeable Sales Team would love to help you drive your business forward! 

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