Saturday, May 14, 2016

Any Retro Salons Out There?

Retro and Vintage feel is such a popular theme for salons - it is so much fun to go into a salon and feel like you are being transported back in time. But what if you want that Retro feel, with the benefits of the current age?

Look no further than the Elchim Healthy Ionic Retro Light Dryer! With a beautiful Retro feel, this dryer won't look out of place - this sleek beauty will fit right in to to your Retro decor! However, you won't be skimping on technology - this dryer features 2,000 watts to dry hair quickly. Another benefit of this quick dry time is lower power consumption. Also featuring Elchim's Ionic Ceramic System, the Healthy Ionic Retro Light Dryer will leave your client's hair shiny and healthy!

If this isn't the dryer for you, don't worry - we carry a full line of Elchim dryers, as well as a huge selection of other brands as well! Check them out below:

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