Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Sweet Transition From Summer to Fall!

As the end of summer quickly approaches, spas are rounding out the last of the fresh, fruity treatments before transitioning into the cozy fall ones. Why not throw in something sweet to end the season off with some orange (summer feel, fall color!) centered treatments. There are so many awesome orange products, it doesn't matter what service(s) you offer, you can find great products!

Here are some favorites in all sorts of categories!

For facials:
Use a vitamin c ampoule before a mask or as the glide for use with a skin scrubber!

For body treatments:
Make your own masks, scrubs or peels! Orange peel and peeling powder are great for improving the texture and color of the skin due to all that lovely vitamin c. They also make great astringents

For nails:
Aside from the obvious orange polish and slippers/toe separators, you can add some orange essential oils to soaks, use orange peel or peeling powder to make scrubs or masks. Try out a La Palm Orange Marine Mask, salt glow, or lotion.

For massage:
Try out an orange scented lotion or add some essential oil to a carrier oil!

For everyone:
Have some orange essential oil or candles in the treatment room, offer orange teas, have orange robes and headbands.

You may also consider having a sale on orange retail items when client's purchase an orange treatment! Be creative!!!

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