Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What Does Caitlyn think of the NEW Essie Neon Summer 2015 Colors?

I don't know anyone named Caitlyn, so I can't ask, but our staff thinks the Essie Summer 2015 Neon Colors are hot!

Whether you sway towards boho romance or have a penchant for punk, music festivals are the perfect place to showcase your edgiest looks. And what goes better with wristbands than shades – of polish, of course? Nothing. So, get ready to make your stylish mark and stand out in the crowd with street style ready, eye-catching essie neons. Let’s be honest: the music is just an excuse to get together and look fabulous!

“If you want an encore,
I suggest you make some noise!” 

Professionals can order the Essie Neon Summer 2015 Colors here!

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