Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Get Those Hands Ready For Some Summer Fun!

Looking for a new menu idea to add to your manicure menu? With the warmer weather (not counting today in New York, it's cold here again!), everyone has been flocking to the salon to get their nails done.

Here is an easy menu option to help nourish hands and nails!

Nourishing Hand Treatment
***you may want to prep this ahead of time so you're ready to go for the client***

Hand Soak:

Fill a mixing bowl with warm water and add 8 drops of Orange Essential Oil and stir well.

Hand Mask:

Mix 1 T of Sedona Mud Powder with 2 T of water in a mixing bowl and stir until it becomes a paste like consistency.
Add in 1t Egg White Powder and 1/2t clove powder and stir.
Add in 8 drops of Orange Essential Oil and 1T of Cornmeal. Mix well.
(if the mix gets too dry as it sit, add a little water. If the mix is too wet, add a little more Sedona Mud Powder)
Place the bowl in a hot towel cabinet or mud warmer.

Mix 1t whipped shea butter with 5 drops of Orange Essential Oil and place in hot towel cabinet or mud warmer.

Perform the treatment as you would n
ormally. Be sure to soak the hands for for at least 5 and up to 15 minutes and allow the mask to set (approximately 10-15 minutes!)

You can always retail the moisturizer to your clients if you like! We have many empty bottles and  jars to choose from, including sample size if you want to demo!

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