Sunday, June 1, 2014

Modern Wellness Approaches For Any Business

Visiting the spa is no longer only an indulgence,
but is often seen necessary for health benefits.
Wellness. We hear this word everywhere these days. The world is finally focusing on being healthy inside and out, from the foods we eat to the skin care products we choose.

Spas and salons are in a prime position to capitalize on wellness services no matter what they regularly offer.Years ago, people went to the spas once or twice a year to pamper themselves or to celebrate or commemorate a special occasion. Now, spa goers understand not only the stress relief benefits, but also the specific health conditions that spas can assist them with. This results in more frequent visits and visiting for more than one concern. This alone should be the reason you offer packages, specifically the "choose-your-own adventure" type of package -  give clients options to address their specific concerns! Options make clients feel in control and that you truly care about what is important to them.

I just read an article that had tips for businesses to vamp up their wellness offerings. One of the ideas that stuck out most was highlighting a different treatment genre each month. By genre the author was referring to trying a new piece of equipment, theme or type of treatment.

For equipment, try offering something new that you aren't currently offering. A safe way to be sure there is some interest is to poll your current clients. Ask them if there are services they would are receiving elsewhere, are wanting to try, or are curious about. Once you bring it in, offer a special introductory rate for the first month, create a new package based around it, including other services that complement it.

For themes, if you have multiple treatment rooms, pick one as your destination or theme room. You can change the decor of this room monthly, quarterly or whatever works for you. For example, during winter months you may want to have an exotic island theme with warm pictures on the walls, bright table linens, even pick relaxing tropical music to play in the room. Offer tropical treatments to be done in this room such as a coconut massage or Desert Mineral Detox Body Scrub! In summer months offer a refreshing cucumber facial or a cooling pain relief massage.

You could even pick a different type of service to focus on each month or specific ingredient. The key is to keep changing it up, make it exciting and enticing. Your clients will always have something new to look forward to and you create an opportunity to introduce them to everything you have to offer.

Finally, take a look at your current retail area. Is it full of individual products from skin care lines, some candles or gift type items? Why not make up some bundles? You could pair a facial tanner, detox scrub and a luxurious hydrating anti-aging lotion for a feel good at home glow bundle. You could bundle a candle with a pedicure kit and polish. Not to sound repetitive but, creativity is key. Think of bundles you or your friends would like, ask your clients what they would like. Not only does asking your clients give you valuable information but it makes them feel like you care.

The owners and manager I've spoken to all seem to agree that keeping things fresh, exciting and checking in with their clients often is a vital part of their success. I've heard time and time again, ask yourself if you would be excited to go to your often and why? What would make you want to go more or spend more?

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