Thursday, April 10, 2014

Allergy Prone Skin or Spring Allergies? Keeping Your Clients Clear

Spring has officially arrived (even if the weather is a bit crazy with these recent storms!) which also means the arrival of allergies. Seasonal allergies manifest not only in the typical sneezing fits, watering eyes and scratchy throats but also on the skin. People who are sensitive to allergies can also see extra dryness, redness, rashes and overall itchiness.

Skin Allergies can be uncomfortable and for some, embarrassing. Having an allergy facial or allergy relief add ons in your service menu can be a great comfort for your clients.

Some great skin relief items to consider include:

Allergy Ampoule by Rosa Graf - this powerful bottle can be used in 15-20 treatments (profit potential is nothing to sneeze at!)

Rosewater- great for soothing and hydrating the skin. Great retail item as well for self care!

Dr. Temt Azulene Gelform Mask- instant soothing relief, you can't get much better than instant unless you can prevent it!

Seaweed and Spirulina Peel Off Alginate Facial Mask- gets rid of puffiness, calms the skin, reduces redness...this mask does it all and is incredibly easy to work with. Many of our clients consider this their go to mask (also great to retail as a package with a mixing bowl and brush)

Redness Diffusing by June Jacobs- masks and serums with the sole purpose of reducing redness

Calming by Ayer-Medic- cleanser, cream and mask for a great 3 step process to ease skin allergy irritations

Even when they aren't experiencing allergies, your clients will remember you offer these treatments and come running to you whenever they act up!

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