Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Neck Add-On Treatment - New Crystal Mask Targets Rings, Wrinkles and Aging Decollete

After 40, neck creams, treatments and serums take on a notable interest for facial clients. No matter how great the skin your face or hands looks... a neck with rings and wrinkles will age your entire look drastically. 

I was very excited to see these new Collagen Crystal Neck Masks come in recently that not only target
Try a Neck Treatment Before a Party...
the neck, but the decollete (chest area) as well. This is a superb add on treatment for age concerned clients and I would also recommend one before a dressy affair where a lower cut top / dress will be worn.

The Collagen Crystal Neck Mask come in a 24 Pack for only $43.99.  At a treatment cost of only $1.83 each, you have a lot of room for pricing.

Each treatment mask helps to lift the skin to tighten and create firmness to the neck. Each mask contain collagen, amino-acids and natural plant essences to help firm, tone, moisturize and hydrate. Apply for up to 20 minutes.

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