Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Super Nice Polish Racks!

Pure Spa Direct recently added some super cool nail polish racks for spas and salons... they are made from a special black laminate that doesn't scratch, show dust or fingerprints and cleans easily with soap and water. Best of all,they are value priced to make them affordable to any spa or salon!

There are 3 versions:
Why do you NEED them? Nail Polish Racks are the simple, cost effective solution to some major issues!
  • Nail Polish Racks free up space in your salon/spa by getting all of your polishes, top coats, base coats, nail treatments. etc. out of the way
  • Nail Polish Racks make it easier for your nail techs to find what they are looking for... thereby speeding the service time which always more clients per hour
  • Organization in your business makes you look more professional and makes your clients trust you - remember, a sloppy mess in your business brings all aspects in to question... are your products fresh?, do you follow proper hygiene requirements?, are your staff members well trained?, etc.
Who would have thought simple Nail Polish Racks could solve so many issues for so little money!

Check out the NEW Premium Black Polish Racks here:

Or our entire selection of Polish Racks here:

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