Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Impress Your Clients and Bring Peace with Selenite

I've always been fascinated by Selenite.  It is hard to explain why, but it looks and feels cool! 

Selenite is a form of gypsum, and its colorless transparent structure has a pearl-like luster. Selenite gives an iridescent sheen that shimmers like moonlight and it is said that it enhances meditation. The word "Selenite" comes from the Greek "selenites," meaning "moon stone" or "moon rock."

Selenite is often carved in to massage wands, lamps, candle holders and more.  In the metaphysical realm, Selenite is often described as being remarkably peaceful. The crystals are said to carry a very high vibration and instill clarity of mind and a deep sense of inner peace. 

They say that Selenite can assist you in opening your crown Chakra and that it has the power to cleanse and clear other crystals and negative energies. Selenite items look cool and will make a nice addition to your treatment rooms!

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