Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spa Week Tipping Poll -- Are Clients Doing the Right Thing?

Adding 20% Gratuity to Discounted
Spa / Salon Services is
Customary... but are customers
Doing it?
I was at a local day spa yesterday enjoying some early Spa Week promotions when I witnessed a very uncomfortable transaction at checkout. A woman was checking out after a bevy a spa services, and asked for change of a $20 dollar bill for tipping. The young lady at reception sheepishly said, "It is customary to tip on the full priced service... that would be $43".  The client's face was blank. As the receptionist slowly counted out the ones from the twenty dollar bill she changed, she tried explaining herself again. "I just thought you should know that $43 is the amount that would be customary to tip, even though your services were discounted - that's what most clients do." Once again, just a vacant look from the client, totally un-phased. The client left $10 of the $20 as a gratuity for her spa therapist, then walked out of the spa without ever acknowledging the receptionists statement.  GASP!

This was so awkward. I ALWAYS tip on the full price of a service, meal or treatment, I ASSumed everyone did. After witnessing this, I started wondering how often this happens in Spas and Salons when services and promotions are running.  What is an appropriate way to handle it?

Take the poll:

How many of your clients tip on the full price for
discounted services (Spa Week, Groupon, other discounts)

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