Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Essie Gel Color... Late to the Gel Polish Game or Brilliant Strategy?

Essie Gel Color is here!
It is now a few years after CND changed the nail world with Shellac Gel Polish. Since then, everyone and their brother rushed in to the Gel Polish frenzy... everyone except Essie. It could be that Essie is just late to the game, but more likely is the Essie's owner, L'Oréal, had a plan. A plan to see what was right and what was wrong about all the others. Then, in typical L'Oréal style: develop, test and refine. Odds are good the Essie Gel Color products are going to perform amazingly well, leave the nails in great condition (due to their "keratin-care technology") and be massively popular (since Essie is so entrenched in nail salons AND demanded by name from nail salon clients).

Essie's new professional LED Gel System features dozens of new shades similar to the brand’s most time-honored, popular polishes. Aiming to leave nails in good condition even after removal, a keratin-care technology is utilized in each step, and the formula contains pro-vitamins B5 and E for fortification and hydration. Essie also introduced an LED curing light that not only looks great, but that is supposed to be more powerful than all the others - thus ensuring rapid, even curing. Essie Gel lasts up to 14 days.

The Essie Gel Color System: Base + Color + Top with quick LED Curing.

Nail Salons! Check out the Essie Gel Color products here:

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