Thursday, October 31, 2013

Just Say No To Dry, Damaged Skin!

With the weather getting colder and people beginning to turn the heat on in the house (unless you're one of the lucky ones living in warmer climates!!!), our skin is starting to feel the change.

Now is the perfect time of year to really focus your clients on taking extra time and care with their skin. Prevention is the key but there is also a need for rescuing already dry and dehydrated skin!

There are great products to choose from to add hydrating, nourishing and repairing treatments to your menu.

Some of our most popular cooler weather products include:

This is an incredible and easy way to increase profits this time of year. With holiday parties (everyone wants to glow!) and gift-giving opportunities coming up, you need to offer retail products to your clients.

Here are some of what the top spas and salons have been snatching up already:

These two sell so much and so fast that I want to buy stock in the company! The Caribbean Smoothie and Desert Mineral Detox Scrub are the favorite at the Ritz Carlton and the Red Door Spa.

Keep your client's skin looking as fabulous as Miss Piggy's, not like Kermit the Frog!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pure Spa Direct is on Tumblr!

If you read our blogs on Blogger and you prefer Tumblr, well... you are in luck... they are now published on Tumblr too! Check them out at -- same great blogs, new place to read 'em!

The only bad part about Tumblr is every time I say -- or even think -- the name, 1983's Culture Club song "I'll Tumble For Ya" echos through my brain. Make it stoppppp! :-)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chronically Dry Hair? Offer Salon Steam Treatments

I don't know if it's age or 20 years of bleaching, but my hair feels like hay and breaks off constantly. I used to enjoy theses AMAZING steam and warm oil treatments by Wella, but the system was discontinued years ago.

Last week, I pulled out the Salon Masters Hair Steamer from our training room here at Pure Spa Direct and gave myself a 20 minute deep conditioning treatment mask that completely transformed my hair! Even 2 shampoos and 5 days later!

In a mixing bowl, I combined of Wella Brilliance Treatment for Fine Hair and five pumps of Elixir Ultime by Kerastase. I mixed well and them applied to my damp hair with a dye brush, making sure I covered every hair root to end. Put on a processing cap and then sat under the steam for 20 minutes.

Long story short, this treatment completely reconstructed my hair. The shine is off the charts. The softness is
so amazing... I have not felt my hair so smooth in years! My blowouts are smooth with no trace of frizz, and my style is lasting. And for the first time in years my hair feels thick and luxurious. I think that the combination of products with steam is the key to the great results.

I had previously tried in salon treatments like Kerastase oleo single dose treatments, L'Oreal Power Dose treatments, Goldwell treatments... you name it. NOTHING worked like the aforementioned ritual for my bleach blonde hair. 

Salons, offer clients an essential treatment service like this all year long. I mention this because the salon I go to on Long Island stops promoting treatments after summer - (silly).

STEAM is KING over dry heat for conditioning services in my opinion because of the following:

- Steam optimum hydration of hair. It adds moisture to even dry hair and helps prevent breakage.
- Adding water (moisture) adds strength and elasticity to your hair. Having a moisture balance means no  breakage, brittleness, or breakage.
- Steam is said to be more beneficial for the penetration of essential treatment ingredients into the hair follicle.

These are just a few of the reasons ... there are countless benefits listed on industry websites explaining the benefits for steam over dry heat... even for processing color.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sterile Lancets

We sell A LOT of these lancets everyday. Lancets... are they for toy Knights to fight tiny battles? I had no idea what they were used for so I did a little research, and I still don't know! But you guys must, so keep ordering and we'll keep shipping. Just remember - these are for professionals only. Don't try using them at home... why? Other than the fact that they are sharp, I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Sterile Lancet selection HERE!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gentle Exfoliating Masque will Make Your Clients Beg for More!

The 7-Enzyme Phyto-Peeling Masque by
Pourelle Cosmetics will leave your clients
fresh-faced and toned.
Did you know that Pure Spa Direct offers the largest Facial Category in the beauty industry? One of the greatest (and most cost-efficient!) masks that we offer in this extensive category is the 7-Enzyme Phyto-Peeling Masque by Pourelle Cosmetics.

This mask is exfoliation at its finest! It features vegetal enzymes that work to disincrust the skin, removing dead skin cells gently, without straining the surface. These enzymes work to dissolve and digest impurities, comedones, and toxins in the outer layer of skin, leaving your clients fresh-faced and thrilled with their results!

Give your clients the beautiful, toned, clear complexion they come to you for with this easy to use peel off mask! Don't forget to customize your facials by using amouples, as well!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Perfect Curls....Every Time? Babyliss Pro's MiraCurl Curl Machine Does Just That!

How would you like to be able to make perfect curls, for every one of your clients, every single time? Now you can! Babyliss Pro just released the MiraCurl Curl Machine, which takes all of the guesswork out of curling anyone's hair! This revolutionary way to make curls automatically forms perfect curl after perfect curl, while leaving you full control over temperature, time, and curl direction!


  • Exact control of motor speed and position for precision styling
  • Lightweight; ultra-low vibration for maximum comfort
  • Electronically controlled motor actively adjusts to work with voltage fluctuations, delivering consistent performance
  • Long life; up to 25 times the life of conventional styling tool motors
  • Motor stops automatically and reverses if the unit jams because too much hair is inserted into the curl chamber

HOW TO USE - Follow these 3 easy steps to create beautiful curls.

  • Place a section of hair no longer than 1.5" wide in the “V” section of the unit. Make sure that the "open" side of the MiraCurl is always positioned facing the client’s head. Position the machine where you want the curl to start.
  • Close handles. Hair will be automatically drawn into the curling chamber.
  • If you’ve chosen the setting for No Timing/Audio Signal Off (first position), simply keep the handles closed until you’re ready to remove the hair. When you choose timed settings (8, 10, or 12 seconds), MiraCurl™ will start counting when you close the handles and then beep at regular intervals while the curl is being formed – 3 times for 8 seconds, 4 times for 10 seconds, 5 times for 12 seconds. The machine will signal four beeps in quick succession when timing is complete.


  • MiraCurl can be used on any type of real hair, whether it comes out of your head naturally or is attached with extensions. Straight or wavy, it’s all good. DO NOT use with synthetic hair of any kind.
  • ALWAYS position MiraCurl with the open part of the curl chamber facing toward the head.
  • Insert hair section into the "V" portion of the curling chamber. Ensure the hair section is straight and placed neatly through the center of the styler.
  • It always helps (especially with wavy hair) to comb through the section of hair that is about to be curled before placing it in the curling chamber.
  • For longer hair (below the shoulders), use a smaller section to make sure that the curling chamber is not overloaded.
  • If, for any reason, too much hair is drawn into the curling chamber MiraCurl is smart! The machine will stop and the curling motor will reverse. Simply re-do with a narrower section of hair.
Along with the MiraCurl Curl Machine, Babyliss Pro has released a full line of hair care products for use with the machine. Check out the MiraCurl Machine, as well as the hair care products, on Pure Spa Direct today!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Add Some Spice to Your Fall Menu - Warm Apple Parafffin

Warm paraffin treatments are a great service to offer this time of year. Anything warming will sound very appealing to your clients during the colder months. Therabath Pro Paraffin treatments will relieve aches and pains and will soften and moisturize the skin from the inside out!

The Warm Apple Spice Paraffin is perfect for your fall/winter spa menu. It is a delectable scent of juicy apples, fresh spices and a hint of pear that I am sure your clients will love! It is also infused with therapeutic essential oils of clove and cinnamon.

How it works:
A paraffin wax spa takes advantage of paraffin's heat-retaining capacity in a simple process called heat transfer. Basically, as a liquid, the paraffin is able to retain more heat and when a hand or foot is dipped into it, it turns solid and the heat is delivered straight to the core of the area.

Hand Treatments:

  1. Cleanse hands or use Sanitizing Spray
  2. Apply Intensive Hydrating Cream.
  3. Spread fingers slightly, hold hand flat and slowly immerse hand into paraffin; removing hand immediately.
  4. Wait 5 seconds allowing the parafin "shine" to go away indicating the wax is dry.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to make a warm "glove" . Dip 3 times - for light therapy and skin moisturiizing. Dip 5-15 times - intense therapy. The more layers of paraffin, the longer the more heat and length of therapy.
  6. Cover hand with plastic mitt liner bag and plush mitt
  7. After 5-30 minutes, remove mitt, move hands and fingers to loosen paraffin, removing it in liner bag.
  8. Discard used paraffin.

Foot Treatments:

  1. Cleanse feet with Sanitizing Spray. Rub in.
  2. Apply Intensive Hydrating Cream
  3. Slowly immerse foot into paraffin and remove. ( feet are more sensitive to heat than hands – dip only portion of the foot on first dip, and entire foot on subsequent dips)
  4. Wait 5-7 seconds, repeat 3, remove.
  5. Repeat 3-5 times
  6. Cover foot with plastic liner bag and terry boot
  7. After 10 minutes, remove boot, move foot and toes to loosen paraffin and remove it in liner bag
  8. Discard used paraffin

Tips for Best Results:

  • The more layers of paraffin, the easier it is to remove.
  • If the area to be treated has a lot of hair, apply additional layers of paraffin. (Paraffin will not remove hair.)
  • Dip to the same level each time so that an even amount of paraffin covers the area to be treated and there is a thick edge to grasp when removing the paraffin.
  • To build up thicker layers, wait a few seconds (until the shine goes away) in between dips.
  • Don’t flex your fingers or break the “glove” of paraffin in between dips.
  • Keep the paraffin in place for 10 to 15 minutes. (The more layers, the longer the heat lasts, and an insulated mitt or boot will cause the heat to last even longer.) Because you will grow accustomed to the heat, it may seem like the heat is gone before it actually is.
  • Before applying paraffin with a brush, preheat the brush by letting it sit in the Therabath Pro for five minutes

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wow Your Clients & Increase Profits---Smell The Money!

As seen in my many posts I'm obsessed with ambiance and essential oils...I am in absolute love with a new product.

It's an ultrasonic aroma diffuser, but not just the usual diffuser you have at home or see hidden at other businesses. This is the Cher of diffusers! Pretty outrageous comparison for a diffuser right? Wrong!

It has as many features as Cher has outfit changes!

Ok, Cher comparison aside, check out the features of both the Serenity Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser (Cher) and it's significant other (Sonny) Harmony Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser.

Check out these features:
  • Two mist options (high and low)
  • Three light options (on/off, soft, bright)
  • SEVEN light colors (white, green, red, yellow, blue, aqua, purple)--you can match your decor in every room! 
  • Four timer settings (60, 120, 180 minutes and continuous).
  • My favorite feature:  Light colors can be fixed or gradually faded through all colors!!!
  • Both have an auto shut-off when the water runs out. They both 100% quiet, the unit can be used without aromatherapy oils to add moisture to air. 
  • The unit also purifies air generating negative ions to remove pollutants, bacteria, fine dust, smoke and viruses. 
Now not only can you customize the scent you have in your space, you can have the color match or fade in and out to create a fun look!

Need essential oil help? Check out the amazing options available here
If you are looking for blending ideas, check out some of the ESS brand, in the descriptions on many are what each scent blends well with.

The first impression people get when they enter your business is not just the look but how it smells. Not only are people more inclined to spend money when they are relaxed and happy but smells can induce sense memories. If you can pair certain scents to go along with retail items you have, it's an easy sell. I love the smell of bergamont, it makes me happy and if I smell it when I walk into a business and they sell anything related to it (teas, oils, candles,etc) I will buy them. I know I'm not alone with this!

You've worked so hard at getting your business to reflect your style, enhance it with some great scents and a cool diffuser!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Who knew? Pinterest is fun!

Pure Spa has had a Pinterest board for a while, but a few days ago, our customer service manager Tara decided to kick us all in the butt and get us pinning.  Guess what we discovered... it is fun!

If you don't know what Pinterest is, I'll explain. It is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, and hobbies. Users can browse other pinboards for images, "re-pin" images to their own pinboards, or "like" photos.

It is oddly addicting. We all started following other pinboards... it is fun and informative to use / look through.

Check out our boards and pins here:

We are pinning more daily! We also added "Pin It" buttons to all 65,000 spa & salon products on to make it easy for our clients to pin our offerings!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bamboozling Blowouts - "Curls Cost More"

I love a professional blowout, and there are busy blow dry businesses popping up all over New York.  I have tried a few of the latest blow dry hot spots in our area - but my results were varied. I have yet to find a place that "nailed it" just yet.

I needed a blowout yesterday for an important meeting and I really needed to make sure I got the right look. So I called to inquire how much my regular hair stylist charged for a blowout at my salon. The receptionist said, "Blowouts are $35". My thinking was, that's the same price as the blow dry bar down the street, so I might as well have my hair blown out with my beloved hair stylist - she knows exactly what I like. Booked it.

Salons Competing with
Blow Dry Biz's, Should Know
That Curls Don't Cost
So during my blowout, my hair stylist pin curled my shoulder length hair. I didn't think much of it, that's how she styles it after all my haircuts. After the entire head is pinned and dry, she takes down the curls, shakes them out and viola - glorious locks that last all day.

At check out I am handed a ticket for $45. I handed it back and said, "I had a blowout, this is not mine." The salon receptionist furrowed her brow and said, "She used a curling iron on you, curls are $10 more." WOA! I explained that the stylists did not use a curling iron, but she pinned it - (something I did not ask for). The receptionist asked me to wait for a moment while she checked with my stylist on the matter. The receptionist returned a few uncomfortable minutes later and said, "Nope - your stylist said pin curls are an extra $10, you owe $45 today for your blowout." Now, I am at a quandary here. Clearly this is B.S.. Who do I address this matter with?  I didn't ask for curls (though I like them). Do I confront my stylists? She is already with another client? Do I make my case with the busy receptionists upfront and sour my reputation at this salon as a "difficult" customer? Do I stain my relationship with my favorite stylists in 10 years by confronting her in front of her next client? I didn't have the energy to argue and I caved. I paid the extra $10, tipped her and left. Yet I was seething mad for the entire day - because this just wasn't right, and I felt like a sucker who had been taken advantage of.

Take into consideration all of the blow dry businesses popping up. Most DO NOT charge extra for styling clients' hair with curls or flat irons. It is absolutely part of the style - no matter what the length.

Either way, a petty stunt like this was in poor taste, and though I will spend $10 on almost anything, I don't appreciate it being added to my bill so boldly - and without asking.

These curls cost this salon a customer.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Boca no Joke-a!

From towels to robes to headbands to wraps to slippers - Boca Terry has it all and the guys here at Pure Spa have seen it all... everyday! Every time an order comes through for Boca I imagine myself sitting on a beach in a remote island in my white velour robe with a delicious cocktail in my hand without a care in the world. I want to know what you guys think about when you buy Boca Terry items... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Boca Terry selection HERE!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Our Most Popular Brush....with a Masculine Spin! Introducing the WET BRUSH For MEN!

I've said it before, and I will say it again - the Wet Brush is my most favorite brush EVER! And, judging by the cases upon case of Wet Brushes that we ship out daily, our clients agree!

Well, all of you salons already retailing the Wet Brush, and those of you who aren't, listen up! Wet Brush just released the newest edition of the Wet Brush - the Wet Brush for MEN!

Men have slowly but steadily been gaining traction in the beauty industry, and retail items are the perfect way to increase your profits. Men like to buy stuff too! This brush features the same super-soft IntelliFlex bristles as the classic Wet Brush, which are great for detangling and smoothing hair. By reducing breakage, splitting, and damage, WET Brush for Men can also help prevent hair loss. This black carbon fiber brush will make your male clients feel like manly men again!

Add WET Brushes for Men to your retail lineup today!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Skin Miracle From Down Under! - Tea Tree Oil

 Tea Tree Oil is known to treat a variety of skin concerns, and is widely used in spa treatments. Tea tree oil is also a natural antiseptic, which means it’s capable of killing bacteria, so it's great for uses in facial treatments and masks designed for acne, as it has been shown to be effective on problem skin while causing less irritation. It is also used in many body treatments as well.

Aside from skin treatments, tea tree oil is perfect for use in nail treatments, scalp and hair treatments, and aromatherapy. You can also blend tea tree essential oil with an unscented massage cream, for a more relaxing, cooling massage experience.

Used in nail treatments, tea tree is great for healing inflamed or infected skin irritations, as well as softening the cuticles when blended with jojoba, avocado, and lavender oils.

For scalp treatments, tea tree oil is very effective at eliminating dandruff, as it will help unblock clogged hair follicles to eliminate the problem. You can add a drop to shampoo or massage directly onto the scalp.

As for aromatherapy, tea tree oil can ease congestion and soothe chest pain when used in a diffuser. Also, by adding a few drops to water in a spray bottle to mist the room, it will give off a fresh, relaxing scent. It is similar to Eucalyptus essential oil, which has similar benefits.

This amazing oil comes from Australia, where over 300 species of tea trees naturally grow and we have a wide variety of tea tree products for your spa here at Pure Spa Direct!

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Little Things Count---Stand Out With A Unique Retail Gift

Businesses are always looking for ways to set themselves apart from competitors and ways to ensure they stay in clients minds. Most commonly it's through the service menu options, decor and all around attitude.

Another great and powerful way to stand out is by offering unique retail products. Here is one of my favorites.... herbal bags.

Simple yet effective and customizable. You can have pre-made bags available in different blends but, and here is where you can shine a bit brighter....offer custom blends. You can work it however you like as far as pricing goes but I know I would pay a little bit more for customized blends for myself and for giving as gifts.

Here are just a few ingredients to get your imagination going:

SPA PANTRY Peppermint Leaf / 1 Lb.
SPA PANTRY Whole Rosemary / 1 Lb
SPA PANTRY Spearmint Leaf / 1 Lb
SPA PANTRY Chamomile Leaf / 1 Lb.
SPA PANTRY Strawberry Leaves / 1 Lb.
SPA PANTRY Green Tea Powder / 1 Lb.
SPA PANTRY Honey Powder / 7 oz.
SPA PANTRY Rose Petals / 1 Lb
SPA PANTRY Lavender Flower / 1 Lb.

These are great bags for making these little bundles of profit and the heat sealer to ensure the goods stay in the bag!

 SPA PANTRY Unfilled Herbal Bag / Small / 50 Pack
SPA PANTRY Unfilled Herbal Bag / Large / 50 Pack
 SPA PANTRY Herbal Bag Heat Sealer

Looking for different blends or inspiration? Check out the Spa Pantry Cookbook!!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Food For Thought And Profit

Most businesses want to be set apart from the competition, to stand out in any number of ways. In the spa industry, having unique and differing menu options is an easy and profitable way to stand out. There are thousands of products to mix and match with to give your service menu that extra wow factor. 

One great product you may not have thought twice on bringing in is chick pea powder. Yes, chick pea powder!

Take a look here: SPA PANTRY Chick Pea Powder

The powder from my favorite nutrient and protein rich bean is great for use in body treatments!
Chick peas are packed with vitamins and nutrients that our skin loves including magnesium, beta carotene and vitamin A. 

Magnesium has been shown to help with keeping the skin young and fresh!
Beta-carotene is a great antioxidant as well as excellent for aiding in having glowing skin!
Vitamin A has been known for years to be a great ingredient in skin care and anti-aging treatments.

So, how do you incorporate chick pea powder into your menu? It's so easy you'll wonder why you haven't tried it yet.
Chick pea powder can be blended into butters, masks, muds,and wraps. Mixing ratio ½
teaspoon of chick pea powder to 1 tablespoon of base. Since the powder doesn't dissolve well in carrier oils it's recommended to use a base cream.

To go with the chick pea powder here are some great base creams:

Soothing Toch Cream

A cost effective powder that will add some new flair to your menu and keep your clients interested, everyone wins!

The Best Lash Extensions on Long Island - New York Lash Stylist Explains Mink, Silk, Faux Mink & More

Article by: Michele Horan,Owner at Revite Skincare and Spa, Syosset, NY - Long Island.

Eyelash extensions have taken off over the last 8 years bringing the business to a new level with various types  of eyelashes and materials.  As the demand for eyelash extensions grew, so did the clients choices.    
One of the questions I am asked on a daily basis is about the difference between, silk, synthetic, faux mink, or real mink eyelash extensions.  Using these materials daily, I have become familiar with the each type, the pros and cons, and who they are most suitable for.  

"Of all the lash extensions types,
synthetic allow for the most stunning &
glamorous looks to be created."
Here’s a rundown on each:

Synthetic Eyelash Extensions-
These are made from polished acrylic material and are the firmest/sturdiest of all.  In appearance, they are a little shinier or glossier than the mink or silk.  When applied quite thickly, they are more dramatic.

They come in a wide variety of densities and curls, and can be applied to look very natural.  Synthetic are most popular with ladies wanting a more dramatic and made-up look.  They hold their curl extremely well due to firmness. 

Some people don’t find them as “soft” or “natural” looking as silk or mink.  While they last a long time, the thicker densities don’t have as good staying power as the silk and definitely not the mink.  Of all the lash extensions types, synthetic allow for the most stunning and glamorous looks to be created.
A full set is $300 and fill ins $80

Silk Eyelash Extensions-
These are mid-weight type of lash extensions, and are finer and more flexible than the synthetic type. They are softer and more porous and tend to hold on slightly longer than the synthetic ones.  Silk can be made to look very natural or very glamorous, but not quite as dense/thick as the synthetic lashes.  Because they are lighter weight, they are often a better option for clients who have weak or fine lashes. 

Like synthetic lashes, silk come in a variety of curls and lengths.  They are a better option for a natural look, as the curl is not as uniform or pronounced as synthetic.  Sets of silk lashes are one of the most popular options for brides who are looking for lashes that are full and long and yet still natural looking. 
A full set is $300 and fill ins $80

Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions-
These are man-made fibers designed to imitate real mink fur.  They are very fine, soft, and silky, just like fur.  However, they have been improved slightly in that if you wet them they won’t lose their curl.  When wet real mink fur lashes become straight and wispy and often need a curler to curl them back up.  Faux mink lashes appear “darker” than synthetic lashes.

Faux mink lashes have become very popular because they are so light and fine and feel exactly like your own lashes.  They are (with proper care) very long lasting and are great if you own lashes are fine and weak.  Because they are so light, they tend not to drop or twist, even after weeks of wear.  Because the lashes are so fine, the surface-area-ratio between your own lash and the extension is much closer to 1:1. (so they last longer)  With synthetic lashes it can be 1:2 or even 1:3.  It takes a longer time to apply mink lashes because the fibers are very fine and more lashes need to be applied.

One downside is that even with a lot of volume, they are still very natural looking.  If a client is looking for a glamorous/made up “Kardashian” look, they are better off going for synthetic lashes which give more volume.
A full set is $400 and fill ins $100

"Mink  is a very fine
and lightweight lash"
Real Mink Eyelash Extensions-
100% Siberian Mink eyelash extensions are the most luxurious lash extensions available in the market.  These lashes are lighter and softer than faux mink, silk, or synthetic taking high-end glamour to the next level.  These lashes are for clients who want the ultimate in lash luxury!  The 100% Siberian Mink fur lashes are sterilized and hypo-allergenic with no chemicals or dying involved.  Because of the delicate nature of the Siberian mink fur, everything is 100% done by hand and gathered without harming the animals in any way.

A unique aspect of the mink lashes, as opposed to silk or synthetic options, is that they are a very fine and lightweight lash.  Enough to attach multiple extensions per lash. 
A full set is $450 and fill ins $120

As an eyelash technician, I determine the type of lash to use based upon the length and thickness of each person’s natural lash, consulting with the client determining their personal preferences, as well as each clients budget needs. - Michele Horan,Owner at Revite Skincare and Spa, Syosset, NY - Long Island.

To learn more about about Michele Horan click here: Bio
To purchase eyelash supplies and tints for your Day Spa or Salon, click here: Pure Spa Direct


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

LOOK OUT... your stylist has a Switch Blade!

LOOK OUT... your stylist has a Switch Blade! Did you picture a thug holding out a knife? Sorry! What I mean't was Switch Blade Shears from Feather!

Never sharpen your shears again! When your shears begin to dull, simply remove the dull blades and replace it with a brand new pair of blades. No downtime or scissor sharpening ever! The replacement blades are ice-tempered and made in Japan. The original Switch-blade Shears keep on working after years of service. Lifetime guarantee. Shear sizes range for 4.5" to 7.5"

  • Swedish Surgical stainless steel
  • Ice tempered blades for toughness
  • Shear frame is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty

The blade are so easy to change... this video shows... it is a snap!

Order your Switch Blade Shears from Pure Spa Direct today... you'll never suffer from dullness again (well, at least your shears won't!). :-)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spa Week Tipping Poll -- Are Clients Doing the Right Thing?

Adding 20% Gratuity to Discounted
Spa / Salon Services is
Customary... but are customers
Doing it?
I was at a local day spa yesterday enjoying some early Spa Week promotions when I witnessed a very uncomfortable transaction at checkout. A woman was checking out after a bevy a spa services, and asked for change of a $20 dollar bill for tipping. The young lady at reception sheepishly said, "It is customary to tip on the full priced service... that would be $43".  The client's face was blank. As the receptionist slowly counted out the ones from the twenty dollar bill she changed, she tried explaining herself again. "I just thought you should know that $43 is the amount that would be customary to tip, even though your services were discounted - that's what most clients do." Once again, just a vacant look from the client, totally un-phased. The client left $10 of the $20 as a gratuity for her spa therapist, then walked out of the spa without ever acknowledging the receptionists statement.  GASP!

This was so awkward. I ALWAYS tip on the full price of a service, meal or treatment, I ASSumed everyone did. After witnessing this, I started wondering how often this happens in Spas and Salons when services and promotions are running.  What is an appropriate way to handle it?

Take the poll:

How many of your clients tip on the full price for
discounted services (Spa Week, Groupon, other discounts)

Monday, October 14, 2013

A Woods Lamp?

A Woods Lamp - always useful when you're lost in the forest right? I'm just kidding! I think it has something to do with the skin and UV light. Sounds like something I saw at a rave in Brooklyn a few years ago. Anyways, they've been moving here a lot at Pure Spa Direct and I thought you should know about it... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Wood's Lamp selection HERE!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Stand Out From the Crowd with a New, Unique Cosmetic Case!

There are so many different cosmetic cases to choose from, however they all pretty much have the same look to them. We recently just added some really cool cases that will definitely make you stand out! From the unique designs and new colors, you will love these. Whether you're looking for something on the smaller size or a larger case on wheels, there are plenty of new designs to choose from.

If you like to stay away from the same old black and silver, there is also some great new pink and purple colored cases, as well as some wild leopard and zebra prints!

My favorite new design is the All Black Leather-Like Professional Rolling Makeup Studio Case With Lights, Mirror & Silver Hardware. The silver hardware on the outside gives this case an edgy look.

You can check out all the new TruCase designs at Pure Spa Direct!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Add the Beautiful Alpina Pedicure Chair for Luxurious Comfort

Updating your salon or spa, and looking for something "different" for your pedicure stations? Look no further - the coolest pedicure chair has just arrived!

The ComfortSoul Alpina™ Pedicure Chair provides the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and quality. Our trademarked UltraPlush™ Cushioning System and DuraSoft™ Upholstery offers the thickest, softest, most ergonomic padding and cushioning system ever built. The removable foot bath is made of copper, an antimicrobial material that reduces the spread of bacteria and requires no plumbing, allowing for more versatility in location. The Alpina Pedicure Chair has fully adjustable back, arm and foot rests to ensure complete comfort. The Alpina Pedicure Chair includes all options and accessories without the added cost; making this the most cost effective solution for all your spa needs.
Antimicrobial copper basin
gives you peace of mind.


  • 4" UltraPlush™ Cushioning System
  • DuraSoft™ Upholstery
  • Lumber Height and Tilt Adjustment
  • Antimicrobial Copper Basin

Standard Features:

  • Water-resistant Premium Dark Wood finish
  • ComfortSoul DuraSoft™ Upholstery: Luxurious, soft, durable, waterproof, and environmentally friendly surface.
  • ComfortSoul UltraPlush™ Cushioning System: 4 inches of 3-layered UltraPlush™ Padding engineered at different densities to provide ultimate support and comfort.
  • Foot bath may be removed or tucked away for added convenience; no plumbing required.
  • Foot bath comes complete with a copper basin, known for its antimicrobial properties. *
  • Stainless steel handlebar mechanism included to assist in transportation of foot bath.
  • Fiberglass basin holder
  • No plumbing required
  • Foot bath includes rollers for easy accessibility
  • Adjustable foot rest
  • Extendable foot rest
  • Adjustable arm rest
  • Adjustable back rest
  • Side shelves included
Available as a full package, including the Client chair, foot bath, and technician stool, or available as a la carte pieces - the Alpina offers something that will work for you!

Friday, October 11, 2013

The New Botox? Offer Oxygen Facials to Excite Your Clients

Red carpet celebrities are touting the benefits and results of oxygen facials left and right these days. Are you offering this non-invasive, effective treatment to your clients?

Oxygen Facials, made popular by Red-Carpet celebs
including Madonna, firm, hydrate, and plump the skin.
Unlike many of the invasive treatments (including Botox, fillers, peels, etc.) beauty clients are turning to these days, the Oxygen facial is non-invasive and even restorative. We are bombarded daily by toxins, which takes a toll on our bodies and our skin. It is said that we receive less oxygen now than ever before, and environmental toxins are taking their toll on our skin.

An oxygen facial entails applying pressurized oxygen, with a serum to the skin. The extra oxygen helps open the pores to deliver the fine particles of moisturizing serum deep into the skin, packing a powerful hydration punch. The result? Plump, dewy, firm, smooth skin - the perfect palette for applying makeup for a big event!

Offering Oxygen Facials, which celebs such as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Gwenyth Paltrow touting the amazing effects, can help boost your spa business, and offering it as an add-on is a great idea. Since makeup can be applied immediately following an oxygen facial, offering "Special Event" packages incorporating the Oxygen Facial with make up application will be sure to make your spa the "go-to" location to get ready for any event!

Pure Spa Direct offers a range of Oxygen Machines to suit your business:

While you are visiting Pure Spa Direct, be sure to browse through our extensive facial category - we have everything you need to provide your clients the best facials in town!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Softer Side of CND Shellac - 2013 Intimates Collection

Fall and winter is not only all about the dark colored polishes. CND Shellac has finally introduced the softer side with the CND Shellac 2013 Intimates Collection! Capture the essence of natural beauty with soft, delicate shades for a feminine and graceful look. Subtle, chic, and graceful tones allow nails natural beauty to shine through.

These four new polishes can be worn solo or layered with another favorite shade to reveal a personal style statement.

The CND Shellac 2013 Intimates Collection includes 4 elegant, new colors:

Embrace femininity and redeļ¬ne sensuality
Slip into something luxuriously alluring
Soft, elegant tones let delicate beauty shine through


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Euro Style Pedicure Stools and Manicure Stools from Encore!

These cool Euro Style Mani & Pedi Stools are ergonomically designed for technicians. The chairs feature extra firm back supports and high density foam seat cushions with improved elasticity for extra comfort. They have a durable gas lift system and a solid polyurethane caster wheels for smooth movement.


  • Manicure Stools:Height Range (from ground to top of seat): 17" - 22.5"
  • Low Pedicure Stools:Height Range (from ground to top of seat): 15" - 16.7"
  • Ergonomic design
  • Extra firm back support & seat cushion
  • High-density foam cushions for comfort and support
  • Durable solid polyurethane caster wheels
  • Choice of upholstery colors

Check them out here:

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Biotone Facial Therapy Micro-refiner - Glow Get It!

Polished to perfection. Biotone has done it with their Facial Therapy Microrefiner Polish - so clients can get their glow on for Fall.

Perfect for facials, this refiner is formulated with Bio-Firming Complex to give noticeable results.

Biotone's exclusive blend of
Pumice crystals and botanicals
Bring back skin's essential beauty.
Clients will love that one use can reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines - leaving behind smoother, younger looking skin.

Contains gentle pumice crystals and micronized buffing beads to remove damaged surface cells and reveal more radiant, smooth even-toned skin.

Formulated for the face, neck and decollete. pH balanced, non-comedogenic and non-greasy. Contains firming and anti-aging actives of CoQ10 (firming and toning), Vitamin K (helps reduce the appearance of tiny veins) and Vitamin C (collagen building). Essential Oils of Tangerine, Rosewood and Lemongrass soothe and comfort your complexion.

Key Ingredients:  Co Q 10, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Essential oils of Tangerine, Lemongrass, and Rosewood, Micro Buffing Beads, Micro fine Pumice Crystals.

Available in back bar and retail sizes.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Get your Essential Oils NOW!

New for us (or at least me) in the Essential oil game is the NOW brand! I love smelling all the new oils that we get each day. Some are a little stronger than others and all the guys have their favorites. My personal favorite (for the moment) is Grapefruit... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great NOW Essential Oil selection HERE!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Freshen Up Your Towels and Capes to Keep Your Clients Coming Back

How do you keep your clients coming back? Sometimes, it is the smallest details that can make or break a client's experience at your business. Sometimes, you don't even realize you have lost a client, or have a clear understanding as to why.

Clients notice the little things....including details such as worn or frayed capes, towels, and linens. If they are spending their hard-earned money in your establishment, and you haven't recently replaced these items that are heavily used, you should consider an update. I'm sure you replace your towels when they are more like rags held together by a few strings, but have you inspected your capes recently? Are they starting to wear or fray around the edges? It might be time for a "fall clean up!"

Don't worry - Pure Spa Direct can help! With our huge selection of capes, towels, linens, and more, we can help you retain more clients by not overlooking the details!

Some of our Favorite Capes:
Nylon Styling Cape 54" X 45", Velcro Black (3012) - $7.90
Betty Dain Nylon Styling Cape / Snap Black - $8.50
Leopard Nylon Styling Cape - 10.50

To view our full selection of capes, click HERE.

Some of our Favorite Towels:
Bleachsafe Towels
Turkish Towels
Microfiber Towels

To view our full selection of towels, click HERE.

You just never know what clients might notice, so why take the chance? Offer your clients fresh and new apparel for each and every visit!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cool New Nail Trend: Rainbow Feather Nails

While nail art is still a huge trend right now, I recently came across a really cool design that your clients will love! This design will have your clients remembering the black art scratch paper from back when they were younger. The end result is the same idea..Bright rainbow colors jumping off a black canvas. All you'll need is black and and array of rainbow color nail polishes, a thin nail art brush, and your creative talent! You can check out the article on Nail It Magazine!

Steps to create the Rainbow Feather Nail Design
  • Step 1: Paint the nails black
  • Step 2: First draw the shaft of the feather as a thin, fine line that curves across the nails.
  • Step 3: Dip your brush into the blue acrylic paint, but only use the tiniest amount possible to get the precise and clean feather look. Add short strokes to both sides of the center line. This part can get tricky but you'll get a hang of it after a few tries
  • Step 4: Continue to add short strokes to the center line; this time with green acrylic paint
  • Step 5: Add yellow strokes.
  • Step 6: Add orange strokes.
  • Step 7: Add pink strokes.
  • Step 8: Add purple strokes.
  • Step 9: Now go back to the blue and continue to add short strokes to the line. Start tapering the feather from this point on by making strokes a little shorter than the ones before.
  • Step 10: Add more green strokes. We're almost done with the feather at this point.
  • Step 11: Add more yellow strokes. Further taper the feather.
  • Step 12: Add orange strokes to the very top of the feather. Remember to taper the end of the feather so it looks realistic!
  • Step 13: And that's it!  Now add topcoat to the nails and clean up the mess around the cuticles and you're done!

Check out the colors below that would work perfectly for this design!
CND VINYLUX Black Pool / 0.5 oz. - 7 Day Air Dry Nail Polish
China Glaze Electropop Collection - Gothic Lolita / 0.5 oz.
China Glaze Electropop Collection - Dance Baby / 0.5 oz.
China Glaze Electropop Collection - Sunshine Pop / 0.5 oz.
China Glaze Electropop Collection - Gaga for Green / 0.5 oz.
China Glaze Nail Polish - Sky High Top / 0.5 oz. by China Glaze (240903)
China Glaze Nail Polish - Papaya Punch - 0.5 oz. / 14.79 mL. (240701)

Friday, October 4, 2013

Follow the 3-Step Process from Epillyss for The Most Satisfied Wax Clients Ever!

 No two waxers are the same, and Epillyss understands that. That's why Epillyss has designed their full line of waxes, each with varying properties that make it easy to choose a wax that works best with your personal waxing style.

The entire Epillyss waxing line of products has been designed around a 3-step process, to help each and every waxing technician provide the very best depilation service for all of their clients, ensuring technician and client satisfaction, again and again.

The first step in any waxing service is the preparation of the skin for hair removal. Sanitization is an important part of this step, to ensure client's health and safety. In addition, this step is very comforting to your clients, leaving them cleansed and refreshed.
  • Pre-Depilatory Magnolia Gel - Featuring mint essential oil, this pre-depilatory gel sanitizes and numbs the area to be wax, reducing sensitivity by up to 20%.
  • Pre-Depilatory Lotion - Quickly disinfect the skin prior to depilation. This lotion contains benzalconium chloride, known for its powerful antiseptic properties against germs, bacteria, and yeast. This product is alcohol-free, and will not dry the skin or tighten the pores.
  • Pre-Depilatory Microtalc - Apply to sensitive areas to ensure comfort during the waxing service. Epillyss has designed this microtalc especially for waxing purposes, featuring a pure mineral base without fragrance or additives. By applying Microtalc to absorb moisture, the traction on the skin is greatly reduced, resulting in a more comfortable wax service, with less irritation following the depilation.

Next comes the heart of the service - the waxing! Epillyss waxes have been developed featuring different characteristics, making each wax a unique solution for estheticians everywhere! Epillyss waxes feature Bioresin C3, and exclusive ingredient formulated by Epillyss. The use of Bioresin C3 allows for a lower level of oil in each Epillyss wax, resulting in ultra-low melting points, quick and fluid application, and many more remarkable benefits.
  • Sensor Wax - Featuring oligo, Sensor wax grips all types of hairs, with reduced traction on the skin. This wax enjoys an ultra-fluid texture, and features extracts of lavender and lemon. Sensor is a favorite for bikini waxes.
  • Novatherm Wax - This shiny "Barbie" wax contains vasodilating properties, making this the perfect wax for short or stubborn hair removal. Full of trace elements, Novatherm enjoys an exceptionally fluid gel consistency which allows for a very efficient wax.
  • Millenia Wax - Featuring lavender essential oil, this wax is not only a beautiful color, but it minimizes pain, redness, and soreness due to its vasodilating and calming properties. This strong wax is idea for bikini and underarm waxes.
  • Chocolat Wax - Cocoa is an integral ingredient in the Chocolat Wax, which provides vitamin E and antioxidant properties to prevent skin dehydration during the depilation services. The chocolate fragrance is comforting, and the creamy gel consistency applies thin, allowing for a very efficient wax.
  • Sensitive Skin Wax - Featuring a high natural level of vitamins, proteins, mineral salts, and oligio elements, the Sensitive Skin wax stimulates the skin and tightens the pores after depilation, assisting in minimizing ingrown hairs. While this wax is good for all skin and hair types, it is especially recommended for those with sensitive skin. Added sea collagen ensure the skin is moisturized and left feeling silky soft.
  • Natural Honey Wax - A natural antiseptic, the healing properties of honey have been recognized for at least 4,000 years. This wax is fluid, easy to apply, and ideal for all skin and hair types. 
  • White Queen Wax - Epillyss' #1 selling wax, White Queen is milky and easy-to-apply. Featuring zinc oxide, which is known for its antiseptic and purifying properties, this wax is perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Azulen Wax - Apple Green in color, this wax contains German Chamomile to calm and soothe the skin during the waxing process. This wax has a liquid consistency, and is very easy to apply.

Every story needs a great ending, and your waxing service does too! During the waxing process, the layer of dead skin cells are removed along with the hair, sometimes leaving the skin red, sore, and inflamed. The Post-Depilatory step is designed to soothe this aggravated skin, while removing any wax residue and moisturizing the skin as well. Again, Epillyss nods to esthetician's differences, and offers post-depilatory products in creams, oils, or gels. Choose your favorite!
  • Post-Depilatory Azulene Oil - This anti-inflammatory oil was developed to gently remove wax residue while calming and soothing freshly waxed skin. This versatile, best-selling oil can be mixed with the Aloe Post-Depilatory Gel, Vitamin E Post-Depilatory Cream, or Collagen Post-Depilatory Milk to amp up the hydration results.
  • Post-Depilatory Collagen Milk - Hydrate, tone, and sooth freshly waxed skin with this moisturizing powerhouse! Containing vitamins, proteins, mineral salts, and micronutrients,  Epillyss Collagen Milk is not only perfect to drench the skin in moisture after waxing, but try it during your manicures and pedicures, too!
  • Aloe Post-Depilatory Gel - A Pure Spa Direct FAVORITE - this Aloe Gel is ideal for post-depilatory soothing and healing. The cooling effect of aloe is extremely soothing to irritated skin, and it leaves your client feeling, cool, refreshed, and moisturized.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Don't Miss Out On Helping Moms To Be!

I hear from quite a few moms to be that their massage therapy office cannot accommodate them once they start to gain some baby weight. This blows my mind!

With just a few simple bolstering additions you can not only gain an entire new stream of clientele but not alienate any current clients who become pregnant.

Pregnancy massage not only relieves the extra stress expecting mom's are feeling but there are great physical benefits as well. Stemming from the relaxing effects, massage can help with hormonal and circulatory issues.
Here is a great article from the American Pregnancy Association on the benefits of pregnancy massage: Prenatal Massage

If you are looking to bring in or update your products for pregnancy massage, here are some great ones to take a look at:

Mastering Pregnancy Massage DVD
Body Cushion Positioning For Pregnancy DVD
Spirit Pregnancy Table Package by EarthLite (Earthlite is one of the best manufacturers in the industry, I've used their products my entire career and love them! This is a great package for those looking to bring in pregnancy massage for the first time)
Pregnancy Cushion and Headrest by EarthLite

Pregnant women can benefit immensely from massage and with fewer places willing to accommodate them, the market is wide open to increase your revenue as well as standing in the community!