Friday, September 27, 2013

Breakfast For Your Skin- Egg White Treatments

I remember seeing do-it-yourself body care treatments growing up that all contained eggs or egg whites.

I never tried it, the thought of slimy egg whites on my face was not worth it to see if it actually worked.

A great product to avoid the at-home messes for your clients to have you perform is an egg white facial using egg white powder.

Egg white powder contains protein rich properties to tone and tighten the skin.It has been shown to tighten pores, remove oils and once rinsed, remove dead skin cells. One of the key components of this amazing powder is albumin. Albumin in egg whites has been used as a wrinkle remover for centuries due to how it tightens the skin!

Add to facials, back treatments, wraps, or hydrotherapies for added benefits!

Natural products and ingredients are always a favorite with clients and a great way to bring in additional revenue!

My favorite for egg white body treatments is the SPA PANTRY Egg White Powder / 8 oz..

It's incredibly cost effective and easy to use!

Cost effective for you, instant results for your's a win win!

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