Thursday, August 15, 2013

Comfort Is Key!!! Sheets Your Clients Will Love

Offer your clients comfort with these new sheet sets!
You've created the perfect environment for your business...from the reception area, bathrooms, decor and products you've selected. Don't fall short on your table linens!

The best way to ruin the overall experience of a service is getting onto a table with uncomfortable sheets!

We have so many different wonderful sheet sets for you to choose from there is no reason in the world your clients will ever be unhappy laying on the table.

If you spent the majority of your budget on products and other decor, you can still get comfortable sheets at a great price!

Check out the new sheet sets we just added!

Or if you would like to purchase items separately:

Face Cradle Covers

Flannel Flat Sheets

Blankets (you can't have cold clients!)

Don't forget you can always add comfort to your space without breaking the bank!

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