Saturday, August 31, 2013

Planning a Promotional Event? Pure Spa Direct Can Help!

Contact Pure Spa Direct for your corporate events!
Pure Spa Direct not only excels at supplying estheticians, cosmetologists, and massage therapists, but we are also a valuable resource for many other companies as well, including marketing companies, corporate businesses, hotels, event planners, and more!

Our expertise in the beauty industry, coupled with our unyielding desire to help our clients succeed and our worldwide network of product vendors makes Pure Spa Direct the perfect go-to for all of your corporate and event needs!

Whether you need uniforms for a TV series, makeup cases for an entire beauty school, custom tweezers featuring your logo, or thousands of mirrors as a giveaway for your corporate event, Pure Spa Direct can help!

Contact our friendly and helpful Customer Service staff to explore your options - orders large and small, we accept them all! We strive to exceed all of our clients' us today, and see how we can WOW YOU!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Spa Week Fall 2013 - Don't Forget to Stock Up!

Spa Week is coming up soon and you'll want to make sure you're ready! Spa Week is a bi-annual, nationwide event held every April and October, and this year, Spa Week falls during the week of October 14th through October 20th.

Hundreds of spa and wellness locations across North America discount two to three full-service spa treatments to just $50 each, offering affordable access to the spa and wellness lifestyle.

Have you thought about what services you will be offering this year? Whether you're promoting facials, massage, or sunless tans, you're going to need even more supplies to make sure you are fully stocked for all the extra appointments you will be taking on during this week!


Sunless Tans:



We have everything you need to stock up for your Spa Week services here at Pure Spa Direct! =)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wake Up Your Client's Skin with an Espresso Mask!

I adore coffee--from drinking it to smelling it and now using it in my facial routine.

You can easily add this great, simple to use mask into your service menu and kick start your clients!. This mask smells and feels great and not just coffee lovers will become addicted to it!

Take a look:
 POURELLE COSMETICS Espresso Coffee Reaffirming Peel Off Mask

This powder mask that gels when you add water to it is great for firming the skin and is packed with anti-oxidant power. Once you peel off the mask, your clients will be immediately see how much softer and toned their skin feels. Instant gratification is a great way to ensure repeat clients!

Here are some interesting facts about using coffee in skin care products:
  • "At the Seoul National University, researchers found that caffeine is able to reduce inflammation almost as well as aspirin" 
  • "Caffeine reduces the build-up of blood under your eyes which contributes to dark shadows"
  • "In a 2008 study performed at the University of São Paulo, researchers found that an application of skin cream containing caffeine to cellulite reduced the size of cellulite fat cells by 17 percent"
(see the article where this information came from here)

You can even have a full coffee treatment option using this mask as well as some these products:

Have a coffee body scrub option using SPA PANTRY Ground Coffee / 1 Lb.

Offer some coffee to go along with the treatments! Save some time and money if you don't already have a machine/coffee, we can help with that as well!

Coffee Brewers
Coffee Pods
Coffee Cups

Now the best part of waking waking up is coffee for your client's entire body!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fall In Love With Color - Essie Fall 2013 Is Here!

The phone lines have been buzzing and salons are asking for cases of Essie's new Fall 2013 polish collection. These charming, flattering shades for autumn are in high demand, as it seems many clients are already getting "Fall fever" these last few days.  These colors are so fun, they offer a lively, fall variety that can be paired with the perfect chunky sweater or cozy cardigan hoodie!
Love the name & the color!
Get's an A+

This limited-edition collection is all about variety.

The shades include…

After School Boy Blazer: Deep, midnight blue cream (my favorites) - deep, ink blue - almost looks black).
For The Twill of It: Multi-dimensional flashes of green, brown, purple and gold
Vested Interest: Sea foam green
Twin Sweater Set: Classic Red . "Red Bottom" stilettos come to mind
The Lace Is On: Glittery fuchsia
Cashmere Bathrobe: Glittery Grey

I know at 2 Long Island nail salons I have visited in the last 3 weeks, I was told that "For The Twill of It" is the most requested color for fingers and toes. Either way -  this collection is super hot for back to school 2013 and I expect your clients will be requesting them!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lather Time!

I had a haircut this weekend and instead of seeing the usual stylist who cuts my hair, I went to a special section of the salon and had my hair cut in the "In Store Barber Shop".

It was pretty cool. Set apart from the rest of the salon, there were old school barber chairs, flat screen TV's, yadda yadda. It was like a man cave hidden in the hustle and bustle of a very busy salon.  When the service was nearing the end, and the stylist (or I guess we'll call him a barber) came to trimming my neck hair and side burns, I had a surprise.  Instead of breaking out the mini buzzer like my usual stylist does, the man cave guy broke out the hot lather machine and a straight razor.  Sure, flashes of Sweeney Todd went through my head, but in the end, I loved it.  Hot lather rules!  

And as odd chance would have it, Pure Spa Direct JUST ADDED a very economical Hot Lather Machine from Scalpmaster... the "Lather Time Professional Lather Machine".  It features a push button for easy dispensing, an extra large soap cup for an all day supply of warm lather and a long lasting DC motor. It also includes a non-slip safety pad, a cleaning brush and an 8 oz. bottle of liquid shave cream. Pretty cool old school stuff.

Check it out Here:

Monday, August 26, 2013

No Brush Does It Better than the Wet Brush!

It was Wet Brush Mania this week at the warehouse! I think I saw every single kind of wet brush we carry. From the Mini's to the Diva's to the Metallic's to the Original - I've seem 'em all. Looks like people REALLY love 'em, but I bet a dog would loved to be combed with one of these wet brushes too... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Wet Brush selection HERE!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Follow the Vine.... The Pumpkin Vine that Is!!!!

Its time to harvest your inner Pumpkin, wouldn't you agree?  Fall is almost here and there is no better way to kick-off the season than with a fresh line of Pumpkin Products. 

Pumpkin contains many amazing properties that are super beneficial for the skin in so many different ways.  It can help brighten and smooth the skin. It has antioxidants that work and make help soften and soothe the skin and boost collagen production to prevent the signs of aging.  Just imagine all the Amazing results that can happen just from a pumpkin. 

Our FAVORITE Pumpkin Products:
Keyano Pumpkin Spice Moisture Mask
Keyano Pumpkin Spice Scrub
Keyano Pumpkin Spice Butter Cream
Keyano Pumpkin Spice Massage Oil

Here at Pure Spa Direct we have great items for all of your Pumpkin fall services!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

What the "Buff" Are You Talking About? Disposable Body Treatment Mitts, Of Course!

Performing all of your popular body treatments has never been easier! Pure Spa Direct just added the new must-have disposable product: Disposable Body Treatment Mitts! These non-woven disposable mitts perform a variety of duties to make your treatments easier than ever:

Disposable Body Treatment Mitts keep hands clean!
Perfect For:
No more worrying about disinfecting those brushes after each treatment - simply use, then throw away! Plus, your technicians get to play in the mud with their hands....without contaminating your stock! :)

Check out Pure Spa Direct's extensive Body Treatment Category to find the perfect muds, masques, or scrubs to use these great disposable mitts with. Or, if you prefer, feel free to contact our friendly and helpful Customer Service staff at 800-434-0018 during our business hours of 8:30 am - 5 pm EST, Monday through Friday!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Crushingly Fun! Add Some Flair To Making Your Own Products

Creating your own products is always fun, whether it's a body scrub or mask. I've posted before on all of the amazing raw ingredients that Pure Spa Direct carries to help you create an incredible service menu (you can read it here)

Now I know that there isn't always time to mix them in front of your clients but you can have a few items around to show off your skills.

When you use raw ingredients to make scrubs or masks, sometimes you need to grind the items together to bring out the essence of the different items. My favorite item to do that with is a mortar and pestle. If you aren't familiar with the name, you may recognize the pictures.

Here are some of the great ones Pure Spa Direct has that can add to the look of your business and show off your creating skills:

Mortar and Pestles

From wood to marble, there is one that you can fall in love with!

Even if you leave some cut ingredients or even flowers sitting in one for display, it will liven up the space and even invite your clients to ask you about it. That gives you the opportunity to talk to them more about all the great services you offer and the products you create--especially if you retail them!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fall into Fall Inspired Services!

With September being right around the corner, have you thought about adding some fall inspired services?
Pumpkin facials are a really great idea at this time of year and will aid in awakening tired skin, as it is high in antioxidants and nutrients. We also offer some great scents from Keyano for the fall including Cranberry and Pomegranate. These are great for offering cranberry body treatments or pomegranate pedicures. Also, and this is my favorite, adding new Fall nail colors to your salon! We have some great items here at Pure Spa Direct for all of your creative fall services!

Pumpkin Facials:
Pumpkin Enzyme Peeling Masque - 620 mL / 21 fl oz. by June Jacobs Spa Collection 
Pumpkin Exfoliating Peel / 8 oz.
Keyano Pumpkin Spice Moisture Mask
Perfect Pumpkin Enzyme Polish / 3.8 fl. oz. by June Jacobs Spa Collection 

Cranberry Body Treatments:
SOOTHING TOUCH Brown Sugar Scrub Cranberry / 2 Gallon
Keyano Cranberry Butter Cream
Cranberry Body Balm - 946 mL / 32 fl. oz. by June Jacobs Spa Collection
BIOTONE SPA Hydrating Massage Lotion Pomegranate & Cranberry / 1 Gallon

Pomegranate Pedicures:
Cuccio Pomegranate Mani Balls / 100 Count by Cuccio 
Cuccio Naturale Butter Blend Hydrating Treatment for Hand, Feet & Body / 32 oz. Pomegranate & Fig
Pedi Scrub Gel Pomegranate / 1 Gallon by Spa Redi
Pedi Creme Mask Pomegranate / 1 Gallon by Spa Redi
Scentual Pedicure Salt Soak With Pomegranate & Fig / 29 oz. by Cuccio

Nail Colors:
Shellac Fall 2013 Nail Colors

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mist Up Your Space with Serenity

I am obsessed with room sprays, linen sprays, plug-ins, candles, wax warmers - you name it.
Comforting scents deeply affect my mood, so I'm always infusing my space with fragrance.

Help Clients Get in Spa Mode.
Serenity Mist Promotes Well-Being.

The key to scenting your space and your business is to find an aroma that is pleasing and comforting to the majority of your clients. I have found that essential oil based fragrances tend to be among the most well received of scents as people take pause and say, "Ohhhhh... I love that!". Versus some artificial fragrances that get varied, mixed reactions.

One of the best room and linen sprays I have tried is Biotone's Aromatherapy Essential Oil Mist in Serenity Blend.  Serenity mist contains 100% pure essential oils of Lavender, Mandarin, and Cedarwood. The refreshing natural scent is formulated for professional or home and adds a burst of aroma-therapeutic ambiance to the massage room, spa linens, home, car or office. This relaxing scent helps to promote a sense of well-being to mind, body, and spirit.

Try spraying this comforting scent in your body treatment rooms, private pedicure room, yoga room, waxing room or massage linens before a treatment. If your clients love it they can purchase it from your spa. Suggested Retail Price $22.  Call for your businesses wholesale price.

To me, this scent has that quintessential "spa smell" - it is very cozy and relaxing. If you love it, it is also available in an essential oil blend that can be added to massage oils and pedicure water.  Make it your signature scent for your spa!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Have You Passed the Cirepil Test?

The warehouse team and I have never packed so many Cirepil Test Kits as we have this week! Definitely a very popular seller. As soon as we packed one, there were orders for more! I'll definitely need a couple cold ones after this week... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Cirepil Test Kit HERE!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Don't Overlook the "Little" Things That Can Make a BIG Difference In Your Business!

Sometimes, in life, at work, or in business, we overlook the "little" things - but it is those little things that often lead to a good day, a bad day, a successful week, or a month of struggle. I wanted to share with you one of those "little" things that just might make the difference in your business.

One of the staples of any aesthetic room is a magnifying lamp. How much thought have you put into your magnifying lamp lately? Not much, I bet! Your trusty "little" magnifying lamp is always there when you need it - to light the way, to help you focus on the details....but what happens when you are in the middle of a facial, and your trusty "little" mag lamp doesn't light the way?

The point of the matter is that some equipment, including mag lamps, often are taken for granted.  Our clients stress over which multifunction to purchase, agonize over which product line to use - but put almost no thought into which mag lamp to purchase.
there are hundreds of uses for them, and almost all beauty industry businesses use them, I find that mag lamps are some of the least thought about equipment!

I know mag lamps are just one of those "little" things, but if you think about it, this "little" thing has the power to help you rock a service, or run into a problem. Why am I telling you all of this? Because I recently had the pleasure of using the Equipro Robusta Mag Lamp, and boy let me tell you - I will no longer overlook the "little" things!

The Robusta lamp features joints that are a little bit different than most of the mag lamps you have probably used in the past. These different joints allow for a much lower occurrence of wear and tear, and these lamps almost never malfunction. I know this mag lamp is slightly more expensive than some of the other mag lamps we offer, however, the extended confidence you can have in the Robusta lamp more than makes up for the higher price tag. Plus, the life expectancy of the Robusta lamp is longer than many others, making this lamp less expensive to own per year!

Don't get caught without the "little" things that make your services successful! Check out the Robusta lamp today!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

More Bang For Your Buck! - New 2 in 1 Mask/Scrubs by Pourelle

We are always seeing new and unique facial treatments coming out. We recently just discovered a really cool product that is not only a mask, but it also serves as your scrub too! The 2 in 1 Mask/Scrubs by Pourelle are a refreshing and unique product to bring to your facial services. They come as a powder and need to be mixed with water for use. They are also 100% Organic! These masks are also a great way to cut down the time during facials without compromising any of the necessary steps needed to perform a full facial service, and they smell really good too!

There are four different types of the 2 in 1 Mask/Scrubs, so no matter what skin type you are working with, you can choose the perfect one to suit your client:

For Dry Skin:
Kiwi & Black Cumin Seeds Exfoliating 2-in-1 Mask-Scrub / 15 Grams
Relaxes and exfoliates. Features antioxidant properties and improves skin softness. The black cumin seeds softly exfoliate the skin by mechanic massage. Cleared out of its dead cells, the skin is soft and shines again.

For Sensitive Skin:
Almond & Silica 2-in-1 Mask-Scrub / 15 Grams
Hydrates and matifies while exfoliating. Remineralizes, firms, refreshes and hydrates skin while it nourishes and exfoliates. Almond, with nourishing properties, smoothly exfoliates the skin. Cleared out of dead cells, the skin is matified and looks bright. Recommended for normal, combination and oily skin.

For Oily Skin:
Seaweeds Irish Moss & Laminaria 2-in-1 Mask-Scrub / 15 Grams
Gently eliminates dead cells. Softens and nourishes skin while activating micro circulation. It has been specifically formulated to suit the most sensitive skins. Its mechanic exfoliating action clears the skin of dead cells and activates micro circulation thanks to its seaweed polysaccharides. This is a gentle mask / scrub that can be used for the face, as well as for the body!

All Skin Types:
Vanilla & Conker Tree Seeds Exfoliating 2-in-1 Mask-Scrub / 15 Grams
The conker tree seeds exfoliate the skin. This mask also detoxifies and softens skin. It is gentle, pH balanced, allergy and paraben-free. It is also biodegradable.

These masks are really popular, you definitely want to bring them into your facial services! You can also check out all of our Pourelle products here at Pure Spa Direct.

Friday, August 16, 2013

"Get the PUFF Outta Here" with The NEW Spa Needs Seaweed and Spirulina Peel Off Mask

What do clients want most from your facial services? INSTANT GRATIFICATION! Spa Needs just released this amazing new mask that provides just that....and more! Read on to find out how to easily (and inexpensively!) rev up your facials.

100% Natural. Vegan. Paraben Free. Gluten Free.

This pre-measured single use Seaweed and Spirulina Alginate mask is a powerful tool for toning contours while boosting skin's natural metabolism. Marine algae helps to tame puffiness while Spirulina and Alginate stimulate micro-circulation. Leaves pores visibly tightened, and skin instantly toned and lifted. This is an excellent mask to add to your signature facials.

Why You Should Try It:
  • This mask is suitable for all skin types 
  • Helps to remove deep set impurities from the skin while refining the appearance of pores. 
  • Visibly tones and firms the skin 
  • Can assist with reducing redness and mild skin irritations 
  • Visibly lifts and smooths the skin, just after one treatment 
  • Natural, concentrated blend of pure Spirulina and pure Marine Algae boost antioxidant protection 
  • 100% Natural 
  • Recommended for clients that are especially tired, under-oxygenated and dull skin (smokers), allergy puffiness, jet lagged, exhausted... or just need a lift. 
  • This mask can also be very calming for clients with acne. Spirulina has a calming, anti-inflammatory and balancing effect on the tissues and capillaries. 

Ask any Pure Spa Direct Customer Service representative how you can try the amazing new Seaweed and Spirulina Alginate mask for JUST $1! And after you try it and love it, we are offering a Value Bundle Pack - 6 masks for the price of 5!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Comfort Is Key!!! Sheets Your Clients Will Love

Offer your clients comfort with these new sheet sets!
You've created the perfect environment for your business...from the reception area, bathrooms, decor and products you've selected. Don't fall short on your table linens!

The best way to ruin the overall experience of a service is getting onto a table with uncomfortable sheets!

We have so many different wonderful sheet sets for you to choose from there is no reason in the world your clients will ever be unhappy laying on the table.

If you spent the majority of your budget on products and other decor, you can still get comfortable sheets at a great price!

Check out the new sheet sets we just added!

Or if you would like to purchase items separately:

Face Cradle Covers

Flannel Flat Sheets

Blankets (you can't have cold clients!)

Don't forget you can always add comfort to your space without breaking the bank!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bikini Waxing for Sensitive Skin - Don't Get Burned

I recently had a pricey wax done at a famous five star salon here in New York. If you read my blogs you'll know I typically do my own waxing because I don't trust double dippers... but this salon assured me that they follow the strictest hygienic protocol since they are a medical spa facility.

Ahhh... protect skin and keep
Clients coming back!
Little did I know, double dipping should have been the LEAST of my concerns. I should have run out of there as soon as I noticed the tech did not even bother to prep my skin. She went straight into the service with strip wax on my bikini area and started ripping. I winced in agony and could feel the burn of my fragile skin and asked, "Aren't you going to apply pre wax oil?" She said, "No, we don't do that here!". Oh my goodness... 15 minutes later my French Cut bikini wax looked more like French Fried! In between my legs were two, pink, pork chop sized burns from a rough waxing procedure with no prep. Argh! And I was leaving for Aruba in the morning!

My skin has become conditioned to a natural oil prep. The oil helps to protect the skin so the wax pulls up only the coarse hair, not the skin.  So despite their fancy blend of red currant and berry wax, without a conditioning prep, my skin took weeks to heal and I spent my vacation in a muu muu.
Take the pain out
of Waxing

I can't say enough about the quality, integrity and effectiveness of Mancine waxes for clients like me with ultra sensitive skin. Their Pre-Wax Prepatory Oil is one of the best I tried. Brazilian Strawberry or Vanilla Flexxx waxes are also exceptional... and I have tried a countless number of professional waxes.  I told the esthetician I was incredibly sensitive... a patch test should have been performed.

Try prepping your client.  See what a difference it makes in their comfort, efficiency and removal!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

NOW... Yes, I Said NOW! NOW Essential Oils & Carrier Oils That Is....

NOW stands for Nutrition for Optimal Wellness, and they are a manufacturer of natural products that "Empower People to Lead Healthier Lives".  Sounds impressive, but what IS impressive is the quality of their amazing essential oils and carrier oils which are now available at Pure Spa Direct!

NOW is the world's largest manufacturer of essential oils and has been making the finest oils since 1968. All oils are 100% pure, natural and paraben free. NOW also incorporates Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), meeting established specifications for quality and is audited by the FDA, further attesting to NOW's highest quality standards.

All that good stuff aside, the bottles will look nice in your spa / salon! Sizes range from 1 oz. to 4 oz. Here are some of the amazing options:
Check out the great selection of NOW Products here:

Also check out our entire Essential Oils Category... about 500 to choose from!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

What's That Smell? Lavender in Your Day Spa

Of all of the essential oils out there, there is one that stands out from the rest in regards to versatility: Lavender.

I know many of us automatically associate lavender with calming, relaxing, and aiding in sleep, but lavender is really a wonderful plant, which creates a truly amazing essential oil, that can be incorporated into so many treatments in your day spa.

As we have discussed before, scents and smells really round out any spa experience, and lavender is such a comforting, relaxing scent to so many people. If someone new to the industry asked me what the #1 essential oil they should have available, my response would unequivocally would be lavender. However, did you know that it does so much more than relaxes?

Lavender Properties:

  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Wound-Healing
  • Rejuvenating aging skin
  • Analgesic
  • Regulating / Calming
  • Stress Reducing
  • And more!
Uses in Your Spa:
  • Incorporate lavender into your scalp massages to alleviate sinus pressure and headaches
  • Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your massage lotion to aid clients with skin irritations
  • Lavender oil in massage lotion helps ease muscle and joint pain
  • Provide warm lavender towels to your clients in your relaxation room
  • Incorporate lavender oil into your facials to rejuvenate aging skin
If you are uncomfortable using essential oils and creating your own blends, opting to have a lavender scented massage oil or cream, pedicure lotion, paraffin, or face mask is a good place to start!

Visit for all of your spa needs - lavender or not! :)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Get Your Order In! CND Shellac Fall 2013 Colors Now Available for Pre-Order!

Fall is ALMOST here! I don't know about you, but I absolutely love the fall and all the new nail polish colors that come along with it!! I tend to keep my nails dark all year round, so when new colors come out, it is super exciting! The new CND Shellac Fall Forbidden Collection are a group of deep, rich, and romantic colors. Explore the darker side of romance for fall!

The new CND Shellac Fall Collection features 6 perfect for fall colors:

  • Blue Rapture
  • Burnt Romance
  • Dark Dahlia
  • Night Glimmer
  • Steel Gaze
  • Tinted Love

Pre-Order them now to ensure you don't miss out on this exciting collection! They will be available to ship mid- late August.

Don't forget to stock up on all your other CND Shellac items, as well as everything you need for your nail services here at Pure Spa Direct! =)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Increase Your Earnings at Your Massage Business by Retailing!

 I have just recently found out that massage accounts for 70% of services provided at spas. 70% is a lot! Knowing that most of your spa clients come to the spa for massage services, we can use this information to increase your earnings! It is not common for massage therapists to retail to their clients, but it should be!

If you are using products that you know, love, and trust, then you should have no problem selling them to your clients. Some examples of items you can offer your clients are essential oils, Bio-Freeze, aromatherapy candles, hot/cold packs, lotions...the list can go on. Body care should definitely be part of your retail display along with the various skin care items.

A great way to inform your client of products that you can offer them is to use them in the services and educate the client on the use of the product as well. The more knowledgeable you are about your retail products, the easier it will be to offer to your clients, which leads to increased profits for your business!

Great Retail Items for Massage:
Essential Oils
Boca Terry Robes
Hot & Cold Packs

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pedicure Bowls

What woman does not like a pedicure? I know my mother loves them, so why not do it in style with Pedicure Bowls by Noel Asmar. The colors are so cool and vibrant. Again, I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of you women... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Pedicure Bowl selection HERE!

Emergency Skin Kits- Expect The Unexpected

As everyone knows, nothing always goes exactly as planned especially dealing with the public.

Every individual and their bodies will react differently to different items. No matter how skilled you are, you can never truly know if a person is going to have a reaction to something you are using on their skin. Whether they left something off of their intake form or for some reason one day their skin is extra sensitive.

Being prepared can not only quickly ease a client's discomfort but it can be the one step that saves that relationship rather than ending it. Most people understand that sometimes things happen and I know if I had a negative reaction to a product and the therapist/technician knew what to do, I'd go back to them. However if they had no idea what to do and freaked out, I would never go back and make sure to let everyone know how poorly the situation was handled.

So how can you be prepared? First you and all of your staff must always be learning and staying on top of news and trends about products and product studies. You also need to pay attention to any physical clues, the faster you can detect a possible negative reaction, the faster you can remedy it. Is the client suddenly becoming red or blotchy? Does the skin feel oddly hot or is the client experiencing undue discomfort? Being tuned into your clients skin and your clients in general is extremely important.

What to do if you notice a client beginning to have a negative reaction to a service or product you are using on them? Keeping an "emergency skin calming kit" is a great idea!

Having some soothing masks that can be mixed and applied quickly can be all that is needed for slight irritations. Here are a few examples:

Calming Mask / 8 oz. by Ayur-Medic Skincare
Calming Mask / 2 oz. by Ayur-Medic Skincare
Dr. Temt Azulene Gelform Mask

Some other items to consider keeping on hand to help calm skin down include:

Gel Calming Pads by NatraGel
Calming Cream / 2 oz. by Ayur-Medic Skincare 
Calming Gel / 32 oz. by Amber Products 
Calming Cleanse 
Calming Ampoule by Rosa Graf 

It's a smart investment to keep a few of these items on hand in case of emergency reactions that don't require medical attention. You'll have better peace of mind and your clients will also feel more at ease knowing you're thinking ahead for their comfort and safety!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to School Facials - Blast Away Acne for Confident School Comebacks!

Don't Pick It -
Get a  June Jacob's Facial!
Kids are ruthless. I know my son suffered deeply from acne during his high school years, and even his closest "friends" made him feel insecure about his re-occurring acne outbreaks. We tried everything to help his acne prone skin, and soon learned that professional facials helped tremendously.  As his skin became clearer, his confidence and even his grades became better!

So I was extremely excited when earlier this month we received the new June Jacobs Blemish Control line. June Jacob's is one of my favorite lines here at Pure Spa Direct. Her integral line of products is loved by estheticians and five star spas because they truly perform!

What is also exciting about the new Blemish Control line is that the products are targeting hormonal acne outbreaks. Catering to skin care needs affected by stress and hormone levels, this paraben and preservative free collection of products helps to combat acne and calm skin. This means it's even great for clients suffering from adult acne - like me.

The Products:
Anti-Aging Blemish Control Foaming Cleanser
This paraben and preservative free clarifying cleanser with salicylic acid thoroughly cleanses oily skin and reduces blackheads and blemishes. Lactic acid and malic acid refine skin’s texture while a potent combination of tea tree oil, camphor and extracts of blue daisy, broccoli, willow bark and turmeric help to calm, soothe and detoxify problematic skin

 2% Salicylic acid treats
 existing blackheads/blemishes
Anti-Aging Blemish Control Peel Pads
Paraben free anti-aging peel pads with 2% salicylic acid treat existing blackheads and blemishes and help prevent new acne from forming. Alpha hydroxy acids work synergistically with a concentrated blend of broccoli, blue daisy and willow bark extracts and tea tree oil to help promote cell turnover, detoxify problematic skin, soothe irritated skin, and helps to absorb oil and clarify congested pores while thoroughly cleansing the skin.

Anti-Aging Blemish Control Lotion
Preservative free lightweight lotion with salicylic acid reduces blackheads and blemishes while humectants help to maintain skin’s natural moisture balance for a healthy matte finish. Effective combination of blue daisy, broccoli and turmeric extracts help to calm, soothe and detoxify problematic skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin vitality and tone.

Anti-Aging Blemish Control Spot Treatment
Fast acting paraben and preservative free spot treatment with salicylic acid clears and prevents blemishes while blue daisy, arnica and chamomile extracts help to calm, soothe and reduce skin redness. Broccoli extract detoxifies problematic skin and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while turmeric extract helps to improve skin radiance and tone. Powerful patent pending anti-oxidant blend of white, red and green tea extracts combined with goji berry, pomegranate and grape seed extracts help to neutralize free radicals, protect skin from environmental toxins and combat the visible signs of premature aging.

For more information about purchasing June Jacob's products at wholesale for your Day Spa, call us 800.434.0018 or visit our website. Licensed Professional ONLY.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Exciting Cuticle Oils? YES! Cuccio Delivers!

Manicure Cuticle Conditioning Oils can be boring... but Cuccio has made them exciting! The new products feature a scented blend of oils and vitamins to nourish and protect cuticles.

Three enticing blends will add some zest to your manicures:
They even LOOK exciting!

Check 'em Out Here:

Monday, August 5, 2013

Ikonna is what you Wanna!

What was hot this week? Super cool / futuristic spray bottles for salons called "Pro Tech Spraying Bottle" by Ikonna! Not only do they have a frosted container with chrome on top and bottom, they are heavy duty AND they look cool! I wish I needed spray bottles... I'd get these for sure... but, I don't work in a salon... I'm just a shipping guy! See the great Pro Tech Spraying Bottle by Ikonna HERE!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pure Spa Direct: Your One-Stop Source For More Than Just Supplies!

Looking for something out of the ordinary for your business? Pure Spa Direct is here to help! Not only do we offer the largest spa and salon furniture, equipment, and supply selection in North America, but we also specialize in helping our clients grow their businesses in other ways, as well. Take a look below for some of the things we are happy to assist with!

Planning an Event? Let us help!
Pure Spa Direct loves helping our clients plan big events! With our uncanny ability to source products worldwide, we are your one-source stop for all of your event needs. 
Building your Brand? 
Add your very own retail products to your selection.We have worldwide sources to fulfill your private labeling needs!
Need to decorate your spa...or for an event?
Pure Spa Direct also specializes in putting together packages for our clients to include Serene Spa decor, perfect to decorate your spa with or to create the ambiance you are looking for during your event! Franchises and multiple locations welcome - we are happy to help compile a package for each location, so you can ensure continuity throughout your company!
  • Include products such as trays, runners, stones, flowers, aromatherapy diffusers, candles, towels, and more in your decor to create your perfect space.

As you can see, Pure Spa Direct is more than just a supplier. We are always here to help! Our main goal is to assist our clients in growing their businesses, reaching their goals, and and seeing success. Feel free to contact our friendly, knowledgeable, and resourceful Customer Service Team by phone at 800-434-0018, or by email at

Friday, August 2, 2013

Ahhhh Sweet Relief....For Pro LARGE Relaxing Eye Mask Provides Just That!

This large face mask provides relief from headaches,
migraines, sinus pressure, tired and puffy eyes, and more!
Just added to Pure Spa Direct - the LARGE Relaxing Eye Mask by For Pro! This mask works wonders on migraines, headaches, tired eyes, and stress. Keep in the refrigerator or freezer to provide sweet relief for your clients or your employees!

At the low wholesale price of $3, this also makes an amazing retail item! Your clients will be thrilled to be able to take this incredible little mask home to help relieve migraine, headache, and sinus pressure any time they need!

Increase your profits and your client loyalty by offering a retail product they will soon wonder how they ever lived without!

Decor Does Matter....Pure Spa Can Help!

I've said many times before that the first 5 seconds for a new client walking through the door are crucial. From the smell (for me this is a make or break point), the lighting, the overall flow of the space and the decor.

I've noticed places that smell great, have great looking furniture but there's nothing that wows me about the decor. No great artwork, some random plants stashed in corners and that's really it. It always makes me a little sad because there are cool things that may seem unnecessary but can make a very big impact on clients.

My all time favorite piece of decor is an indoor water fountain. I love the way they look and the soothing sounds. There are so many different styles that you can find one to fit your businesses personality and wow your clients. I can remember every business I've gone into that has had a water fountain because not every place does. The reception area is a great place to have one especially if you accept walk in clients. It's a great thing to stare off into and start to drift into relaxation.  Treatment rooms are always a great area to have them, especially ones that have soft lighting. They bring an extra special something to the room that your client's will appreciate.

Take a look at all of the possibilities!

Indoor Water Fountains

There are full size stand up ones and there are smaller ones that can sit on a reception table, waiting room table or anywhere you feel it will work best.

If you offer drinks to your clients, have a unique dispenser like one of these:

2 Gallon Stainless Steel Infusion Beverage Dispenser (LOVE THIS!)
Square Glass Flavor Infusion Beverage Dispense
Glass Beverage Dispenser / 2 Gallon
Stainless Steel Round Beverage Dispenser / 2 Gallon
Square Beverage Dispenser with Cooling Ice Core(comes in two sizes!)

If you don't offer anything, it's a nice touch to have some teas and water available!
There are so many different teas!!!

Always remember, sometimes the things that seem small or unnecessary to you could mean the world to attracting and impressing clients!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Exfoliation - An Important Step in Your Facial and Body Services!

Exfoliation is an extremely important and very essential part of your facial services. Build up of dead skin cells will cause skin to look dry and dull and proper exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin cells clogging the skin and uncovers fresh new cells below. This opens the way for moisturizing products to penetrate more deeply into the skin, which makes them more effective. Exfoliation is a necessary step and will produce a better end result to your facials. Better results will keep your clients coming back!

Not only is exfoliation critical during facials, it is also important that your clients are paying attention to other areas as well. Other areas like hands, feet, and even the scalp also need to be rid of dead skin cells in order to keep the skin in its best condition!

Dead skin cells build up on the hands, causing them to look dry and dull. Even the nail beds need to be attended to since they’re inclined to become ragged and develop tears and hangnails.

The skin on your feet is thick and it can be hard to keep hydrated. If socks are not worn regularly, the skin on the feet may be drier than normal and cracked, especially along the heels. In order to lock in moisture, it’s essential to remove the dead, white skin.

Styling products lead to buildup, which makes the hair look dull, limp and hard to style. Exfoliating the scalp removes debris, unplugs logged follicles, and gets rid of excess sebum and dead skin to increase circulation and hair growth.

Dead skin tends to accumulate on the lips, leading to dryness and chapping. When the lips aren't smooth or free of dead skin, they can look dried out.

The skin on the chest is home to hundreds of pores, which produce as much oil as the face and back

Exfoliation Products:
Extended Vacation Desert Mineral Detox Body Scrub
June Jacobs Lip Kit
Face Brush and Body Brush
Exfoliating Massage Gloves