Thursday, July 25, 2013

Save Money and Space When Upgrading to a Multifunction Unit!

Combining popular skincare treatments in one unit will benefit you in so many ways! Using one unit that has multiple functions will save space in your treatment rooms, save you money, and increase your profits!
You will spend less time switching from unit to unit and more time focusing on your clients' service for a better experience for you and your clients.

Multifunction units are becoming increasingly popular and there are many different ones to choose from. Depending on your most popular services and what your clients are looking for, you can go with a 3 in 1 unit or even a 17 in 1 unit!

We have some great multifunction units that would fit any of your specific needs!

One of my favorites and most versatile is the 17-in-1 Multi-Function Facial Machine by Meishida (CNM-1001) This unit includes everything you would need to fit any of your facial services and also comes along with a sterilizer and towel cabi!

You can check out all of our multifunction units here at Pure Spa Direct!

Why not upgrade and be ahead of the rest! =)

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