Saturday, July 13, 2013

POP Up Your Profits with a POP of Color: Offer ColorMe ProShots for Vibrant Hair Color

Bright, vibrant colors are everywhere during the summer, and in 2013, the color doesn't stop when it comes to hair! Colorist Magazine says, "Summer has arrived and if clients are looking for something new…a bright or pastel streaking is a good thing to recommend." And now, Pure Spa Direct has the perfect option to offer your clients who want to try something crazy, but are afraid of the commitment: Funky Temporary Hair Color Highlights by ProShots!

ProShots is manufactured by ColorMe Pro by Giuliano, the same company who released the very first touch-up hair color back in 1941. They are no strangers to coloring hair, but ProShots might be their most daring venture yet!

The ColorMe ProShots have been designed to apply a POP of color to any hair, utilizing the extremely popular Balayage method. The ProShots pigment is so intense, you do not need to pre-lighten, bleach, or peroxide darker hair to obtain beautiful, vibrant results clients are looking for this summer. The best part? These vivid streaks are temporary, and wash out within 1-2 shampoos, without leaving any trace pigment behind!

Offer these temporary shots of color to all of your clients - everyone likes to let their hair down once in a while! And who knows....maybe some of those clients will come back for more permanent shots of color!

Pure Spa Direct proudly offers all of your hair coloring supplies, as well as all of the products you need for your spa or salon. Call our friendly customer service team at 800-434-0018 so we can show you how Pure Spa Direct can consolidate all of your ordering, saving you time and money!

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