Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fantastic Deal on Disposable Ear Loop Face Masks...

Not all spa/salon staff use them during treatments, but for those who do, Ear Loop Face Masks are part of every work day. If a lot of staff members use them, then it is certainly worth considering saving some money on them. Look at it like this... if a nail salon has 20 nail techs and is open 6 days a week, they are probably using 120 to 240 masks a week... that is 6,240 to 12,480 masks a year. When you do the math, it turn out to be A LOT of disposable masks!

Pure Spa Direct just added "Mega Packs" of Disposable Ear Loop Face Masks from HANS... 1,000 Pack Cases that come in 20 Boxes of 50 for convenience... and the Mega Packs are only $96.00!  That means the masks are only 9.6 cents each.  If you check what you are paying for masks now, you'll probably find the HANS masks are 30% to 100% less... a great deal!

These pleated earloop procedure masks provide users with an excellent barrier.


  • Blue pleated earloop procedure masks
  • Glass-free filter
  • Latex free
  • An excellent value
  • Mega Case of 1,000! 50 masks per box, 20 boxes per Mega Case
Check them Out Here and Save:

If you like saving (and who doesn't?), check out more Mega Packs here:

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