Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Holographic Nail Polish - Halo Polish Trends for Summer 2013

One of my FAVORITE new polish trends right now are the iridescent, holographic fairy dust like
The holographic effects of
The Halo Collection are
Eye -popping!
colors from 
Color Club's Halo Hue's Collection.  Color Club NAILED IT with this collection because both the intensity and the smoothness are exceptional in these polishes... and all the colors create high flash, intense multi-dimensional flair, and serious holographic effects that keep people asking, "Where did you get your manicure!?".  Even mature clients love these hues for an eye-popping "power nail". The power nail is when the ring finer of each hand is painted a different color.  My 65 year old mom is obsessed with crazy "power nail" colors.  She says it keeps her feeling "hip & young". 

Stay on trend and add the 36 piece display to your salon or spa today!

Pure Spa has a 36 piece retail display of the 6 super hot halo colors for retail in your salon

The Display Contains 6 of each shade:
No. 05A976 Harp On It
No. 05A977 Cloud Nine
No. 05A978 Halo-Graphic
No. 05A979 Blue Heaven
No. 05A980 Cherubic
No. 05A981 Angel Kiss

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