Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bumpy Nail Polish...on Purpose? Stop the Insanity! Check Out the China Glaze Texture Collection... Gritty is Pretty!

China Glaze has come out with a super cool polish collection that has a 3-D quality - it mimics the look and feel of sand, but in amazing bright creme shades - the Texture Collection. Your clients will love it!

Yes, Gritty is Pretty!
  1. Bump & Grind: bright pink-red
  2. In the Rough: light chartreuse. 
  3. Itty, Bitty & Gritty: bright coral. 
  4. Of Coarse!: bright sky blue.
  5. Toe-tally Textured: intense orange. 
  6. Unrefined: light cool pink.
Use two coats and NO TOP COAT for maximum texture! Allow 2 minutes of dry time between coats.

Nail Pros... Order the Texture Collection by China Glaze at Pure Spa Direct:

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