Thursday, April 4, 2013

Poorly Fading Tans? Keep Sunless Tans Looking Great, All Year Long!

Even if you are spray tanning clients with the best airbrush tanning mist in the world... splotchy fading can occur.  There are a myriad of reasons why, but the thing I want to discuss is HOW to prevent it.

Just like with other professional salon services, some maintenance is required to experience exceptional, long lasting results.  I want to address some of the most common airbrush tanning complaints and inquiries, and how to avoid them.

Help clients maintain their tan.
Offer a great Retail Line!
Problem: "A Spray Tan turns my facial pores black!" The dark color guide in most spray tan and lotion tan formulas loves to linger inside pores. I have especially noticed it is very pronounced on my chin and nose... YUCKY! Not pretty when your boyfriend and you are close-up... who wants to stare at blackheads?

Solution:: Use Extended Vacation's Shimmering Sands Facial Tanner.  It is golden, and does not contain any dyes or tints that stain pores.  It tans beautifully after one application, but if your are a tanorexic like me, you can apply 2 coats, 2 days in a row for a toffee toasted glow.

Problem: My tan is fading all splotchy, it looks sloppy.

Solution: Exfoliate before your appointment and after. That's right. As your tan begins to fade, using Desert Mineral Detox Body Scrub 1-3 times a week will help brighten and even out dull, sunless color. This is extremely helpful for clients with light skin, and clients that come in frequently (every 7+ days or so). Tanning over a old spray tan is like applying a coat of nail polish over old, chipped nail polish... it's never going to be even and smooth unless you remove the old layers! No more splotchy tans.

Problem: My spray tan clients don't want their tan to fade at all!

Solution: They need to use an extender that was made for sunless tans. We love Ultimate Tan
Vacationing clients? Tell them to pack
Ultimate Tan Refreshment
It will keep tans DARK
by Extended Vacation.  One application of this lotion will darken skin one entire shade. Great for active clients and vacationing ones that are exercise (sweat), enjoy pools, hot tubs and swimming in the ocean.  Also great to apply after exfoliating with  Desert Mineral Detox Body Scrub.  

Problem: My clients' skin is dry. They said they are applying their own lotion and it's not helping.

Solution: The vast majority of drugstore lotions are loaded with mineral oil - which has been know to remove spray tans (google it).  Just like I can't use drugstore shampoo on my expensive head of hi-lights, (they strip away my hair color), using lotions or creams loaded with mineral oil can erode a spray tan.  This is why we love Caribbean Smoothie Body Cream.  It prolongs spray tans and sunless tans with it's special formulation of cream of the crop ingredients! It is formulated like an exquisite anti-aging facial cream... one you might find in a department store!

Problem: My clients' arrive to their appointments unprepared.

Solution: SluffWIPES can save your spray tanning day! The double sided wipes prep skin with a soft layer and an exfoliating layer. They are also great for removing mist from client's feet, nails, Achilles tendon, wrists, etc. before they walk out the door.

The entire Extended Vacation line was created for Sunless Tanning PERFECTION, and it is available at wholesale prices (to licensed beauty professionals) so you can retail it to your clients!  Be sure to check out the Perfect Sunless Tanning Brochures that help explain these products and their benefits to your clients!

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