Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Natural Face Lift EQUALS A BIG Lift in Profits

Works with your body's
Natural healing system
Our phones lines have been very busy with inquiries regarding Microcurrent Therapy,or the "Lunch Time Facelift." Spas and salons are getting inquiries from their clients that want to explore this treatment as a natural alternative to inject-ables and the quest for anti-aging success.

So what is it? Microcurrent facial sculpting technology is a non-surgical alternative to facial cosmetic surgery and inject-able fillers and freezers. Microcurrent is not the newest discovery in facial lifting technology, but has recently become extremely popular with people that are discovering a better way to achieve beautiful looking skin with a more natural look, and without the unnatural appearance that is often a result from cosmetic procedures.

Microcurrent facial sculpting is changing the way the world looks at non-surgical facial technology, because it does not rely on wounding the dermis to stimulate its anti-aging properties.

MicroCurrent BioWave
Microcurrent facial sculpting may help with
the following conditions:

  • Reduction of fine lines, creases and wrinkles
  • Reduction in hydration and revitalization, resulting in smoother and softer skin
  • Improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Rejuvenating restoration of the "pink glow" of youthful tones
  • Visible firming and contouring, lifting overall drooping features
  • Tightening of sagging jowls, doubling chins and fatty cheeks
  • Reduction and shrinking of enlarged facial pores
  • Reduction of blackheads and acne
  • Reduction of scars and pitting
  • Reduction of dark circles and puffiness under eyes

  • The BioWave MicroCurrent Machine by Meisheda was designed to work with your body's natural healing system. Check with your State board about one-on-one training requirements and certification as each State is different. Understanding the pressure points and muscle structure of the face is important for giving your clients the best results possible. The BioWave MicroCurrent Machine by Meisheda can be used for abdominal toning, chin, jowl area, arm, thigh and glute toning.

    Typical treatment packages are 6-10 treatments over five to six weeks.  Your spa / salon can earn into the six figure range by offering and adding Microcurrent treatments to existing services. Upsell facials, spa treatments and even massages with a Microcurrent treatment. Treatment sessions are typically 45 minutes long and start at $100+ - depending on your area.

    Event treatments are popular - some clients want to come on 1-2 times before a wedding or gala. Here is a Youtube video demonstrating a Microcurrent treatment:

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