Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rubbed the Wrong Way? Dealing with Inappropriate Clients & Sexual Situations

Is YOUR Staff prepared?
Learn common "Red Flags", and how to
Diffuse inappropriate situations.
I was just thumbing through the International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference show preview guide for NY and saw that there is a Spa Business Conference on April 15, 2013 titled, "Dealing with Inappropriate Clients & Sexual Situations."  This is a two part class given by Felicia Brown, LMBT, business and marketing coach.

The guide says the class will offer students an overview on handling and preventing sexually inappropriate clients and situations in a treatment room.  It will also review communication, ways to diffuse potentially inappropriate situations, reporting SOAP notes, group sharing, support and advice.

I think this is a fabulous conference to attend if you will be at the New York show.  For spa professionals dealing with half naked clients, sometimes unpredictable situations can arise.  Why not be prepared to handle them appropriately and learn which red flags to look for.

For more information about this Class, click here:
 Dealing with Inappropriate Clients and Sexual Situations 

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