Sunday, February 17, 2013

Beauty News Alert - Phyto Announces New Products and Packaging

Recently, at the annual Awards Dinner/Sales Meeting for the Ales Group, whose brands include Phyto and Lierac Paris, it was announced that new packaging would be released for the Phyto line, as well as brand new products.

Starting in mid-March and continuing through April, Phyto will release their new Gold and Silver packaging.  The products that are being added to the line are as follows:
  1. Subtil Elixir
  2. Secret de Nuit
  3. 4 Express Conditioners including:
    • Phytobaume Hydration
    • Phytobaume Volume
    • Phytobaume Color Protect
    • Phytobaume Repair

In addition, Phyto announced they will be releasing a Phytokeratine Spray and Mask this September!

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