Thursday, January 31, 2013

Are You Ready To Save A Life At Work? Pure Spa Direct Offers Safety Products and More for your Office!

Many insurance companies are recommending that many businesses have at least 1 staff member on each shift be CPR certified and that there is a defibrillator on site and that everyone be trained on how to properly use it.

Once you and/or your staff get the proper training, you need to get a quality AED machine, as well as general first aid kits.

The great thing about Pure Spa Direct is that we offer EVERYTHING you need for every aspect of your business including safety products.

Here are some great safety products every office should have:

Being prepared and ready in case of a medical emergency is a necessity for every professional office. Every minute counts in an emergency and by having these items and properly trained staff you could be the difference that saves a life. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Treatment Spotlight: Angel Therapies & Wellness Centers

Angel Therapy is a type of  Spiritual coaching.
 Aids in setting intentions & connecting with
inspirations. Compliments
Chiropractic & Functional Care.
Wellness center treatment services are growing in popularity throughout the country.  Their well rounded approach to well being and one-on-one attention for each client makes their services very desirable to those seeking complete care.
So what is Angel Therapy? It is considered a Natural therapy; a non-denominational practice of communicating with angels that travel with us regardless of denomination or belief.  Guiding clients forward on their spiritual and healing path is the perfect accompaniment to holistic healing moralities. Angel therapy differs from psychic readings or Mediumship because it is calling on the angelic realm - not the realm of spirits. Effective in helping bless and comfort the client, Angel Practioners encourage a natural awakening to our own divine potential.

Popular in holistic healing, wellness and chiropractic clinics, Angel Practioners can help us to harmonize all aspects of our life, and c
onnect with our spirituality.  It is a wonderful compliment to functional medicine.
Angel readings are a beautiful way
to receive guidance, loving and clarity
from your angels.

Wellness centers like True Care Chiropractic and Acupuncture in El Paso, TX recognize the benefit of well rounded physical, mental and spiritual care, and make it their goal to help clients ascend on all levels. I think it is wonderful to have a place to go that can aid us in Body, Mind and Spirit wellness. 

Angels want to help us be at peace; attract more love, more fun, more abundance.  Angel Therapy is a balance to physical therapy, acupuncture , massage therapy and chiropractic care.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Foiled Again!

"Foiled Again!"
Does that mean the evil cartoon character's efforts to take over the world failed?  Well maybe, but I'm talking about new cool professional hair foils from Product Club.  Rolls, pre-cut sheets, smooth & embossed, cool colors and more... Pow, Bam, @$%#, Wham!

Product Club offers the largest selection of haircoloring foil in the beauty industry. All of their foil has been developed with the colorist in mind. They offer many different sizes, weights, colors & packaging to meet your specific needs. Whether you prefer pre-cut sheets or rolls, smooth or embossed, silver or colors, Product Club is the one-stop shop for all your foil needs!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Closed Toe Slippers by Boca Terry

Boca Terry Closed Toe Slippers! Why do I say this? Because they were selling faster than hot chocolate at a High School Football Game! There is no better feeling than slipping your feet into a warm slipper.... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Boca Terry Closed Toe Slipper selection HERE!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Treatment Idea: Post-Weightloss Facials

 Anti-aging treatments are the backbone of the beauty industry, however, an increasing number of your clientele are looking for firming treatments that have little to do with age.

Our country has seen obesity turn into an epidemic over the past few decades but with mass media encouraging weightloss, we are also seeing significant numbers of people who are losing dramatic amounts of weight.

Someone close to me has lost 80 pounds over 1 year's time and, while her body is looking fabulous, the skin from her decollete and up has suffered.  Due to the breakdown of elastin, the protein that provides elasticity to the skin, deep wrinkles have developed.

Now is the time to start offering weight-loss makeover services for your clients who have experienced weight fluctuation and are in need of an esthetician's assistance.

Most anti-aging treatments focus on treating fine lines by promoting collagen production.  You clients who have gone through tremendous weightloss will need slightly more comprehensive treatments so as to help rebuild the elastin in their skin.  An investment-type product to consider, which has excellent reviews with Pure Spa clients, is the Miracle Biowave Microcurrent Unit / Non-Surgical Face Lift by Meishida.    This is a microcurrent unit that helps to stimulate and increase elastin production by up to 48%!

If you would prefer to use topical treatments instead, some excellent firming and elastin producing products include:

  1. Grape Seed Oil - This product contains 75% linoleic acid to help restore the skin's elasticity.
  2. Yeast - According to Katherine Tomasso, the YON-KA Paris Director of Education, yeast contains cytokines and growth factors that stimulate elastin synthesis and protect skin from the detrimental effects of ozone exposure.
  3. Egg White Powder - An excellent source for firming and toning the skin. Can be added to muds, masks and hydrotherapy.

Have you seen an increase in clientele who have recently lost weight?  Have they requested any specific services?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Quick Lunchtime Escapes For The Working Client

From This...
The work week can be draining and stressful, so why not offer your clients midday, mini escapes to help break up their day and have them feeling refreshed as they return to work. I've started to notice that mini services that require less than an hour are great to offer to your clients who are looking for a lunchtime pick me up. (This is especially great if your located in an area surrounded by business offices!) Besides pampering services, your clients are also looking to take care of their regular beauty maintenance without taking up precious weekend time! For example, if you're due for an eyebrow waxing -- would you rather do it during your lunch break (It really only takes about 15 minutes!) or would you want to take time out of your relaxing weekend? Obviously, most would choose to get it out of the way during the week.

Anyway, back to pampering... Here's some great ideas for services to promote during lunchtime breaks:

Sunless Tan: 30 minutes or less

Manicure: Just a basic manicure will take at most 30 minutes.

Massage: Shoulder and Neck massages are ideal for a lunchtime break. You can offer 10, 20, or even 30 minutes. Your clients will be feeling great the rest of the day!

...To This! (in less than an hour!)
Mini Facials: 30 minutes - Hydration facials is great for this. (Also, quick makeup applications are great to offer after a facial service. Your clients won't want to be returning to work with a red shiny face!)

Waxing: Eyebrows and upper lip take about 10-15 minutes. Bikini or lower leg can also be done in less than an hour.

Blow-out: Getting a blow-out is something a lot of your clients will request midday. It great for your clients who have plans after work.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Mega-Brand Paul Mitchell Joins Forces with Cruelty-Free International to Raise Awareness of Animal Testing in the Beauty Industry

Since the global professional hair care brand  was founded in 1980, all Paul Mitchell products have been cruelty-free. According to co-founder John Paul DeJoria, "We do not conduct or condone animal testing on our products."

Paul Mitchell has offered
cruelty-free hair products since 1980 
Now, Paul Mitchell has teamed up with Cruelty-Free International, a global campaign to end animal testing for consumer products. According to, Paul Mitchell is currently "the only cruelty-free professional hair care brand to be endorsed by Cruelty Free International under the Leaping Bunny standard, the most rigorous international no-animal-testing certification." Cruelty Free International calls on governments worldwide to introduce bans on animal testing for cosmetic and consumer products.

Paul Mitchell recently withdrew their products for sale in China, following the passage of a legislation requiring all imported cosmetics be tested on animals. Paul Mitchell is so invested in their commitment to remain cruelty free, they pulled all of their products until the legislation is changed - after selling in China for over a decade!

The beauty industry has seen an increase in clients desiring more natural products, more eco-friendly products, and products that are not tested on animals. As a business owner, you may want to commit your business to using products that are safe, effective, and cruelty-free.  Your clients can be confident in their choice of Paul Mitchell hair products. 

"Leaping Bunny" certified - Max and Gisele APPROVED!
Pure Spa Direct offers a number of other brands that carry the "Leaping Bunny" certification - the ONLY guarantee that companies meet strict criteria ensuring certification of no-animal-testing. If your clients are looking for cruelty-free products, take a look at some of the brands below:

Do your clients ask for cruelty-free products? What are your favorite cruelty-free brands?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Keeping Your Money Safe

When it comes to running any type of business, keeping money organized and safe is extremely important.

Having items that make it easy to keep money organized and easily accessible helps reduce the risk of misplacing money and helps keep transactions smooth and quick. 

Also, having items to aid in the detection of counterfeit bills is an inexpensive way to ensure you have no surprises when you get to the bank!

Businesses who do a larger volume or higher monetary amount of business, investing in a safe for your place f business is a great idea. Fireproof safes with a combination lock are a must-have for any business. Protecting your money is always a good investment!

When doing your daily, weekly or monthly banking, having items such as money wraps and a secure deposit bag will ease any worry you may have about banking.

The items below are just a few that will help you keep your finances organized and secure. It's always better to be safe than sorry!
You put your love and passion into your work and into giving your clients a luxurious experience; take care of  your money the same way!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Cuticle Soup" - Gross Nail Salon Stories... What Your Clients Notice May Surprise You!

Clients notice more than you think!
Dirty deeds can raise their worst fears about
sanitary practices in your salon.

The Nail Salon Diaries...
Now don't get me wrong, I have had more AMAZING experiences at local Long Island salons than bad ones... but these experiences in 2012 had me on the"NEVER TO RETURN, EVER" list for these local salon offences.  Some even got a YELP review to warn others.

Woodbury, NY
I witnessed the manager of a swanky nail salon perform a manicure, then put the USED cuticle nipper, nail clipper and nail curette back into an easy seal pouch marked "Sterilized Tools Pouch".  This was after she blew on the instruments to remove the nail clippings & dead cuticle out of them - they were not properly sanitized! She then placed the pouch into the basket for use on the next client. I HAD to say something - I was appalled!  When I confronted her, she insisted I did not see things correctly and became very rude. It was awkward and disturbing.

Plainview, NY
Observed a mature nail tech filing the callouses off her feet, in between appointments - right at her nail station! Callous dust was flying all over her station and nail table, not to mention the salon.  A co-worker whispered something to her so she turned on her Sunflower Dust collector and continued filing away.  She immediately put the colossal rasp down when her appointment walked in... she didn't even wash her hands!

Syosset, NY
Stopped into local nail salon for a quick manicure early one morning. The nail tech opened her Ultronics Disinfecting Ultra-Tray to grab her nipper and I noticed the nipper was packed with skin & cuticle from previous clients. I asked her to please sanitize it before using it on me. She lifted the self draining basket and swished the nipper in a thick, filthy "cuticle soup" of disinfectant. The tray had 1/2 an inch of skin waste floating around in it... yuck! Change out your disinfectant! No client wants to see that!

Hicksville, NY
Witnessed two nail techs empty their lunch remains into the pedicure tub of a Pedi Spa.  They then proceeded to clean the food remains from their Tupperware containers using the pedicure basin like a sink. Without disinfecting it - they filled it up for a pedicure 10 minutes later when a walk-in stopped in.

So maybe I am just old fashioned... but I am a stickler for professionalism, and for peace of mind. When I go for any service at a salon I am looking for total relaxation. Acts of indiscretion like the above may not necessarily give you MRSA - but they are disturbing enough to make you not want to risk it. My train of though is usually, "If they will do that in front of clients, what are they doing when no one is around?" I assume the same lax standards are taking place and potentially turning my nail appointment into a health risk. Clients are hard to get and easy to lose. Don't jeopardize your business with shortcuts... you never know who is watching!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Play Misty for Me - Naturmist Ultrasonic Nebulizer Diffuser - Perfect for Essential Oils and Fragrances

It's an ultrasonic spa diffuser... no... its speakers for an MP3 player... no... it's soothing lights.  Actually, it is all of the above! The cool looking Naturmist Ultrasonic Nebulizer Diffuser is perfect for essential oils and fragrances in your treatment rooms, relaxation areas, salons and even home!

ULTRASONIC is the simplest and most efficient way to enjoy aromatherapy without heat or a noisy pump. The most technologically advanced diffuser is our New Naturamist Ultrasonic Nebulizer. Safe, quiet, effective and economical!

  • Indulge in the natural beauty of this unique piece
  • New deco look, will incorporate into any decor
  • New remote control with touch sensitive buttons
  • Patented umbrella cap, allows better diffusion of essential oils
  • 360° multi-directional one piece cover and nozzle
  • Low level LED lights, create relaxing ambient lighting with On/Off feature
  • 5 timer settings and 3 vapourizing mist settings
  • Integrated speakers can be used with any MP3 player
  • Exclusive and award winning Canadian design
  • Advanced and safe ultrasonic vapour diffusing technology with energy saving features
  • 110 volts
  • Atomizing rate: 50 – 60 ml/hr (max)
  • Particle Size: Approx. 3 micro-meter
  • Capacity: 250ml
Ease of Use:
  1. Remove the cover.
  2. Fill the water tank with water. The minimum level is 1,3cm (0.5") and the maximum is 0.5cm (0.2") below the cover.
  3. Add 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil to the water.
  4. Replace the cover.
  5. With dry hands, plug the power supply into the under side of the unit.
  6. Plug the adapter into a standard household outlet.
  7. On the remote control, press the On/Off switch to the ON position.
  8. Select the preferred time setting. Select intensity setting. The setting indicator lights will indicate the timer setting (GREEN) and the intensity setting (RED).
  9. The LED lights can be turned on or off as desired by pressing the Light Switch.
  10. Use cable provided to connect any MP3 player to integrated speakers. Use the MP3 controls for volume, song selection.
  11. Press and hold the On/Off switch for 3 seconds to turn the unit off.
  • The Umbrella cover should keep most essential oils from reaching the inside of the cover, however occasional cleaning will be required.
  • Clean the unit after every use with a soft cotton cloth
  • Do not use any cleaning agent. This will keep the unit in good working order and maximize the atomizing rate

Monday, January 21, 2013

Massage with Pure-ssage!

Every shape, style,and size of Pure-ssage Massage Lotion was selling this week. The cold weather always means more massages for me. I guess for you too! Most popular was our gallon size... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Pure-ssage Lotion selection HERE!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Makeup Pro Tip - Squalane Oil

 Even though it has been another relatively mild winter, one effect of the season that stays consistent is dry, dehydrated and flaky skin.  This can be especially tricky for makeup artists who need to make their clients' faces look hydrated and luminous.

To combat dry skin and enhance the appearance of your cosmetic application, apply just a few drops of Squalane Oil to your makeup products, such as your foundation and blush.  This clear and odorless product that is derived from olives is dye-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, light and non-greasy.  It can help nourish your clients' skin AND help provide that wintry glow.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New, Vibrant Tweezer Collection by Satin Edge

Your display counter will be sure to stand out when you add this colorful assortment of tweezers! The Satin Edge Neon Collection slanted tip and pointed tip tweezers are everything you love about Satin Edge tweezers, but come in fun, vibrant colors! Each display comes with 20 individually packaged tweezers in neon colors:

  • Purple 
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green

Each packaged in their own clear cylinder tube. These tweezers will sell themselves! Not only at the counter, bu if you are using them on a client, they'll be sure to ask you about them!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Long-Awaited, Highly Anticipated - The NEW Signature Collection Pedicure Bowls Are Here!

Great news! The brand NEW Signature Pedicure Bowl Collection by Noel Asmar is finally available for immediate shipment.

Created with Noel Asmar's timeless style, these new lightweight, durable pedicure bowls and accessories will take your pedicures to the next level. Your salon will look beautifully chic, no matter what your decor. These Pedicure Bowls offer an elegant and hygienic alternative to large, loud, expensive pedicure thrones. The resin surface is non-absorbent and scratch-resistant, allowing for thorough disinfection between clients. They also feature a reinforced bottom that can easily be drilled for plumbing.

Pedicure Bowl Features:
-Lightweight, long lasting, durable material
-Stylish textured base resembling stones
-Discreet markings inside bowl indicate water level to ensure manageable lifting weight
-Optional plumbing opportunity - features reinforced bottom for drainage placement
-Created with a color matching system that assures consistent color matching batch after batch, ideal for reordering over time
-Optional carry case makes mobile pedicures simple! (available separately)
-Quality Workmanship - Made in Canada
Available in 6 solid colors and 3 trendy color combinations, the NEW Signature Collection Pedicure Bowls are great for in your salon or on the move! 

Also available are matching footrests, manicure dishes, and treatments dishes to complete the set! Which color are you dying to get into your salon?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Drink Your Way To Feeling Better This Winter Season

Cold and flu season is upon us and one of the essential feel-better items for many is a nice, hot cup of tea. 

While regular tea with honey is a common go to remedy, there are teas designed especially for respiratory, breathing and immune support. Each type of tea contains a specific combination of herbs that have been shown to support and boost the immune system, help with breathing and ease sore throat discomfort. 

This winter season instead of reaching for regular tea why not try some of the great herbal teas like these:

These are great items to retail or as a nice treat for clients while they wait or are receiving a particular treatment to make them feel extra special and show how much you care about their well-being, not just their patronage. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to Prevent a Bad Haircut, Bad Color or a Bad Salon Experience... Avoid a Breakdown

Clients know what they like,
But many have a hard time explaining their vision.
Have photos to help them out.
Last week while at the salon, I noticed the most stunning little girl come in for a hair cut with her mom. Clutching tightly to mommy's hand, she was assured her beautiful, long, golden wavy hair was only going to be "trimmed", and that everything would be fine. The happy child bounced over to the stylist's chair.  I though nothing of it other than that the child looked like a young Blake Lively with Goddess like hair.  About 30 minutes later I heard sobs. The little girl was curled up in a ball in her mommy's arms sporting a new mullet hair cut.  Her gorgeous long tresses were gone - she now looked like Joe Dirt.

Now, this is a high-end New York salon with seasoned stylists. I don't know how this happened, but I do know how it might have been avoided... A PHOTOGRAPH.

Time and time again I hear stories of hair color gone wrong, up-do's gone bust, and hair cuts that caused emotional breakdowns.  I have had my fair share of my own until I had the epiphany (and no-exceptions policy) of bringing a photo to my salon appointment.  It is difficult for any stylist to interpret exactly what a client wants without a picture.  No process is too small for this rule, as witnessed with the aforementioned little girl. I went in to the salon once and asked for bangs... I left with a bi-level bob.  Apparently what I described and what the stylist heard had some major discrepancies.

Let your clients browse your best work & styles on a tablet -
BRILLIANT way to insure a HAPPY Client!
The easiest thing to do is have an album of styles you like on your smart phone or tablet.  ALSO print the photo out for your stylist. This is VERY important.  My favorite haircut in the world came from an attentive stylist in NY that referenced my photograph 3-4 times during my haircut - she propped it up at her station!  If you put your phone or tablet away - pray your stylist has a photographic memory.

My friend just took her teen daughter for Ombre highlights at a popular salon. I told her to take a picture - because Ombre can be light or heavy, and some like it to start higher that lower. She didn't listen, and they have been back to the salon 2 times now to correct the color. Teens are very particular about their style... especially since some are overly critiqued by their peers.

Great Advice for Hair Stylists & Colorists:
If your clients are not proactive in bringing photos of what they want, have some contemporary celebrity or entertainment magazines on hand for looks.  Ideally, just like restaurants have their wines on iPad to peruse, it would be great to have your most popular looks on a tablet for clients to browse through as well. Also, a tablet is a great way to take photos of your work and have it on hand to showcase to new clients.

Ultimately this means your clients will have a higher rate of satisfaction, you will have a less stressful time interrupting and your tips and referrals will boom!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Keep Your Professional Haircolor Job Looking Professional

It's a problem that plagues millions a year. It is embarrassing, messy, it stains and it can even make others want to stay away from you. Yes, drippage.  OK, I'm not talking about some horrible health malady... I'm talking about hair color ending up on your client's skin.

LUCKILY, the brilliant product developers over at Colortrak have a remedy for dreaded drippage: Colortrak Wipe Off Color Remover Wipes.

Colortrak Wipe Off Color Remover Wipes are the easy and sanitary way to remove hair color stains from the skin. They are great for keeping a professional haircolor job looking professional. The wipes easily dissolve hair color stains from skin including face, neck and hands by simply wiping with one safe and easy wipe off moist towelette. They feature a non-irritating gentle formula with aloe clean and fresh scent. 100 per canister.

  • Pleasant scent
  • Gentle on skin
  • Easy to use
  • Sanitary

Don't worry about your embarrassing messy drippage any more!

Check the wipes out here:

Monday, January 14, 2013

Cotton - An Amazing Plant!

I just watched a "How It's Made" episode about cotton and I have a new respect for the fiber. It is an extremely thorough process just to make a simple T-shirt. Following that thought, the Intrinsics Cotton Roll was a popular item this week and I'm sure for many weeks to come. I tip my hat to you, cotton plant... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Intrinsics Cotton Roll selection HERE!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chocolate Depilatory Wax - Just in Time for Valentines Day!

Valentine's Day is only 1 month away, so all of our clients are preparing for their themed services.  Chocolate oils, lotions, creams, scrubs, polish and paraffins are aplenty, but what about depilatory products?  Our waxing technicians can get in on the fun, plus offer their clients an excellent product with the Epillyss Chocolate Wax Depilatory Gel with Essential Oils!

This Chocolate Gel Wax is formulated with all natural ingredients to provide your clients with not just a waxing experience, but a spa waxing experience:

  • Natural Cocoa Butter - Emollient and Antioxidant the improves skin elasticity and promotes healthy collagen production.
  • Zinc Oxide - Earth mineral that acts as an anti-irritant and antioxidant.
  • Propylene Glycol - Humectant
  • Triple Refined Pine Resin
These superior ingredients translate into serious benefits for both you and your client:
  • Vasodilating properties cause the blood vessels to expand, thus reducing pain, redness and swelling.
  • Heats at an ultra-low temperature causing it to be less gummy and more efficient.
  • Covers larger areas than most wax, making it more profitable.
  • Ease of application and removal result in a 15%-20% faster service.
  • Can be used on all clients, including those who are highly sensitive and hypoallergenic.
  • Chocolate fragranceis soothing, comforting and delicious!
Looking to expand your menu even further for Valentine's Day?  Check out the Chocolate Decadence section on Pure Spa!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Quick Fix Add-On's For Puffy Eyes

A common problem some women experience is puffy eyes. Puffy eyes are caused from fluid build up in the tissues around your eyes. The skin around the eyes is very thin and is full of blood vessels which make it very sensitive. If it is simply eye puffiness that is not caused by other eye conditions, there are quick fixes you can offer your clients to temporarily diminish this. However, along with this quick fix of a mask or eye pad, you can educate your clients on the various causes of puffy eyes.

Most Common Causes of Eye Puffiness:
  • Not enough sleep
  • High salt and alcohol intake
  • Crying
  • Stress
  • Allergies
  • Makeup residue
  • Exposure to irritants
  • Dry skin
To avoid the causes like dry skin, makeup residue, and irritants, you can let your clients knows the importance of moisturizing not just the skin on their face, but the eye area as well, removing all traces of makeup before bed, and checking ingredients in their makeup and skin care products. For other causes, that aren't as easy to avoid, you can offer them an eye mask or pad during their treatments. It is a great add-on to increase profits and your clients will love the end result!

Quick Fixes!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Back to Basics 2013 - Week 2: Gelish Troubleshooting, Tips, Tricks, and More!

Last week, we discussed Gelish Application Instructions. For those of you who have been performing Gelish for a while now, I am sure Application is old news. You have your system, your routine, and it is working for you....most of the time. Sometimes, a client throws you a curveball, though. If you have experienced this, keep reading! Pure Spa Direct has collected some of the most common questions concerning Gelish, and answered them below!

Gelish Features a wide array of colors - there is something for everyone in this collection!

Gelish Troubleshooting
Issue: Some of my clients are experiencing polish shrinkage around the cuticle.
Answer:  Excess oil on the nail bed will cause shrinkage. Make sure you wipe the nails with Gelish Cleanser, and apply at least 1 coat of Gelish pH Bond prior to applying the Gelish Base Coat.
Question: After curing, my clients are experiencing bubbling in their polish.
Answer: Bubbling is often cause when Gelish is applied too thickly - apply the THINNEST COATS possible! Also, VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you are NOT SHAKING your Gelish products. If you shake your Gelish, it will bubble!
PRO TIP: Nail techs, you MUST resist the urge of making the first coat look perfect and opaque. The first coat should be streaky with some transparency. The second coat will smooth out the appearance. If desired, you can add a third, very light coat to create richer color and coverage.
NOTE: If polish is applied too thickly, the client may feel a burning sensation during curing! Thin coats are the key!

Question: Gelish is not curing within the times advertised... Sometimes I need to leave my clients hand in the lamp for 10 minutes. Is the product defective?
Remove the blue film before using!
Answer: If you are using Gelish’s LED Curing Lamp - make SURE you removed the BLUE sticker / film on the reflective, slide out tray inside the Gelish LED lamp. This blue film peels of easily, in one piece, revealing a highly reflective surface area needed for proper curing. Discard blue film. 
Remember, Gelish’s formula was designed to quickly cure in their LED lamp, but it can be properly cured in UV lamps by closely following these guidelines:
  • If using a UV Lamp, make sure that is has at least 36 watts. If it is less than 36 watts, you will need to upgrade.
  • UV lights are filled with gases that degrade over time. This is the natural course for UV bulbs, but the degradation increases with elevated temperatures. Even something simple like dust on the bulbs reflects heat back into the bulbs and accelerates the degradation. Every time you turn on your UV lamp, the bulbs are slowly becoming less powerful. To ensure that your clients’ nails are being properly cured every single time, you should replace your bulbs every 2 months. If you wait any longer, curing times will drastically increase while the curing quality will drastically decrease.

Question: My clients’ nails are not lasting for 21 days. Only a few days in, they are experiencing chipping, peeling, and breaking. What gives?
Answer: There are several recommendations to prevent your clients’ nails from chipping, peeling, or breaking:
  1. Remember the old adage: “Treat your nails as jewels, NOT tools.” This is especially important for clients transitioning from acrylic nails to gel-polish nails. Natural nails with gel-polish on them will not withstand the same beating an acrylic name would.
  2. Follow all of the steps above regarding curing. The first step to ensure that the polish stays on your clients’ nails is to make sure that they are being cured properly.
  3. DO NOT perform a wet manicure before applying the Gelish. If the nail is waterlogged before the base coat is applied, the nail will shrink once it dries out, and the Gelish will peel within days. Do a dry nail prep instead! If you must do a wet manicure, apply and cure the base coat first. Doing so will seal off the nail from absorbing any more moisture, and protect the integrity of the Gelish application.
  4. Make sure to cap the free edge of the nail for EVERY coat. Capping the free edge first will prevent a bulb from forming at the edge of the nail.
  5. Maintain a tiny free margin around the cuticle and sidewall areas.
  6. Encourage your clients to apply Gelish Nourish cuticle oil daily, to keep their nails flexible and strong.
  7. It is always a good practice to wear gloves when working with your hands, especially if you are working with any chemicals.
  8. Clients who naturally have nails that tend to peel and break might need to have Gelish Structure applied to give the nail an extra layer of strength.

Question: Do I need to shake Gelish a lot like Shellac? If I don’t shake it, won’t it become thick?
Answer: No! Never, ever shake your Gelish product. The polish is good to go the moment you open the bottle. In fact, shaking can be detrimental and cause the product to become filled with bubbles.
PRO TIP: Think of Gelish as Jell-O. Would you never shake Jell-O? Never... shaking would ruin it. Same with Gelish! Just open and enjoy! 

Question: Will Gelish cause white spots on the nail like other brands?
Answer: No! One of the best features about Gelish is that it will protect the natural nail. Other brands are formulated with lacquer, which by its nature, removes the moisture and nutrients from the nail. Gelish IS NOT formulated with lacquer, but is, instead, a pigmented gel. Gel merely sits on top of the nail and essentially protects the nail. It is still strongly recommended that your clients use Nourish cuticle oil daily. 

Question: How do I market / advertise Gelish in my Salon / Spa?
Answer: If you are a Pure Spa Direct Gelish Customer, you will receive a complimentary, exclusive edition poster for your establishment that is guaranteed to create interest and bookings! 

Professional Application Tips & Tricks:
  • Use the Gelish Cleanser. It has been specifically formulated to work with the Gelish polishes for optimum shine that lasts.
  • When removing the shine from the nail, bring the buffer up and down the nail, lengthwise, in a vertical motion. If you buff the nail from side to side, it is easy to miss the tips and edges. Removing the shine from the nail plate ensures better adhering of the base coat.
  • DO NOT soak nails or have the nails exposed to water for any amount of time before the application and curing of the base coat.
  • Do not over-cure the base coat. Leave it in the lamp for only the allotted time – 10 Seconds in the LED Lamp or 1 Minute in a 36 Watt UV Lamp. Over-curing can make the removal process significantly more difficult.
  • Make sure that you do the dry cleaning of the nail after applying the Foundation Gel or the Structure Gel. It will ensure that the color coat better adheres to the product underneath it.
  • Apply the product in very, very thin layers. If desired, you can do 3 color coats, but make sure each coat is extremely thin.
  • ALWAYS cap the free edge with every layer applied, even with the base coat. This can mean the difference between a 5 day manicure and a 14 day manicure.

Long-Term Satisfaction Tips & Tricks:
  • Clients should be using Nourish Cuticle Oil daily. This will help moisturize their natural nails and retain their flexible nature. It will also help maintain the flexible feeling of Gelish.
  • When applying Nourish Cuticle Oil, apply it to the top of the nail, plus underneath the free edge. After applying, massage the oil into the nail and cuticle. Advise your clients to do the same.
  • If your clients’ natural nails are overly dry, try a warm Nourish Cuticle Oil soak. Use an oil warmer or place small bowl of Nourish Cuticle Oil in a larger bowl of warm water. Put just enough Nourish oil to cover the tips of the fingers. Soak for 5 min after application of Gelish.
  • Immediately after Gelish removal, wash the client’s hand with plenty of water using mild soap. Strong soap or detergents are also sources of dehydration.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Study On Treatment Of Knee Osteoarthritis

For years, many people have treated their knee osteoarthritis solely with medications which have potentially serious side effects with long term use.

For many, losing the ability to perform activities they enjoy due to the pain it causes is enough to lead them into depression or give up on trying any activity at all.

A new study conducted by researchers in Kentucky has found that the use of Biofreeze allowed patients with pain from osteoarthritis of the knee to perform tasks with less pain than those given a placebo.

According to the study, 20 people were given either Biofreeze or a placebo and asked to perform 5 different tasks. In 4 of the 5 tasks the people who had used Biofreeze reported a decrease in pain while the placebo group did not.

While there were no indications that the Biofreeze helped with actual performance of the tasks, the fact remains it decreased the patients' pain. Less pain can lead to a more fulfilling life.

While Biofreeze is in no way intended to replace medications or medical advice, it is a great addition to treatment for those suffering from knee osteoarthritis pain, as well as a great new avenue for retail sales growth for your practice.

If you don't already have Biofreeze in your office or to retail to your clients, it is a great product that will result in many thankful clients.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Long Human Hair Manikin in Blonde

Practice makes perfect! I am excited we added this 100% human hair manikin with 22"-24" long hair for stylist practice. Ideal length for Cosmetology practice for up-dos, hot sets, styles and cuts! Also great for practicing low-lights and color style.  New & VERY popular!! Get your DAISY manikin and begin practicing today!  Pure Spa Direct has dozens of styles of popular Cosmetology Mannequin Heads and holders for all your cosmetology and stylists needs.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shake, Shake, Shake... Shake, Shake, Shake... Shake Your Polish at 5,000 Shakes per Minute!

It is a problem every nail salon on earth faces... thick polishes.  Shaking them by hand does work, but it is a pain to do and can even be a real pain - the violent shaking motion can actually cause Tennis Elbow!

Why, why, why isn't there a better way? Now there is! Wooo hoooo... an Electric Polish Shaker that shakes at the mind boggling rate of 5,000 shakes per minute.  It works great for polish bottles up to 1 oz, and the bottle attachment strap fits virtually any bottle shape/brand.  Great for nail polish, gel polish like Shellac, OPI Gelcolor, etc.

Every nail salon should have AT LEAST one, but probably a bunch. You'll be amazed you ever lived without it!

Shake Baby, Shake Baby 123...


Monday, January 7, 2013

Drape Sheets - Get 'em Here!

Drape Sheets - another item I would have no idea about if I didn't work in this industry. I would've guessed it was a sheet for a window or something. Anyways, they've been selling hard this week. Easy for us, as they are already boxed and ready to ship! The most popular size was 40" x 60"... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Spa Essential Drape Sheet selection HERE!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pregnancy Massage

If you aren't already trained in pregnancy massages, it is a great addition to add to your credentials. Women, during any time of their pregnancy, can appreciate the benefits and overall feel-good aspects of receiving a massage. You don't want to miss out on an entire client population by not being able to accommodate pregnant women!!!

Many times, loved ones are looking for a great gift for a pregnant woman and a gift certificate for a massage will definitely make her feel great!

If you have room to designate for pregnancy massage then I highly recommend looking into a table designed specifically for pregnancy massage such as the Spirit Pregnancy Table Package by EarthLite

If you don't have the ability for a designated room, a great product you can have on hand for pregnant women is the  Pregnancy Cushion and Headrest by EarthLite

Which ever route you are able to go, by having the right tools to provide pregnancy massage, you can open up an opportunity for incredible business growth!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Marketing Tips For The Next Big Thing - Valentine's Day!

Once the big holiday season is over, what is the next event to start promoting for? Valentine's Day!! Valentine's Day is a huge holiday for spas and salons. Marketing for this day should start in the beginning of January, which is now! Aside from decorating your salon or spa for Valentine's Day to be visually appealing, here are some great ideas for making the most of this special Holiday and bringing in those profits!
  • Retail Counter: The more your gift certificates and retail items stand out, the more your clients will notice them and consider them for gifts. Valentine's themed is an obvious choice for this!
  • You know most of your clients are women, but don't forget to market gift ideas for men also! This could include retail items as well as specialty packages just for men
  • Make suggestions to your client. Even if you have your Valentine's Day packages and retail items basically standing out everywhere, they still may have other things on their mind to notice!
  • Couples packages are always perfect for this holiday! Also, specialty packages for younger girls is great gift idea from a mother to daughter.
  • Valentine's Day Makeovers! =)
  • Chocolate and Rose themed packages. (Try Keyano's Champagne and Rose Scented Items)
  • For the men who are one stop shoppers, you can make their lives easier by offering a small gift, like a small box of chocolates, along with a gift certificate purchase.
Valentine's Day is the perfect time for salons and spas to cash in on sales and treatments in the name of love. From packages for your loved one to couples pampering, the beauty salon and spa is the place to be.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Suggestions and Ideas for Winter Body Wraps!

Now that we have officially entered the skin-ravaging days of winter, it is the perfect time to offer body wraps designed to moisturize and hydrate your clients' dry and cracking skin.

The question many of our clients ask, however, is 'Where do I start?'  Whether you want to use a pre-made mask, or create your own, there are tons of different products you can use to treat your clients.  Here are a few Ingredient Suggestions:
  1. Wheatgerm Carrier Oil - This thick, sticky liquid is packed with vitamin E and helps relieve dryness, itching, cracks and soreness.  You will need approximately 1/4 cup of oil, but be sure to dilute it first!
  2. Milk Powders - Whether it is Goats MilkFull Cream Milk or Buttermilk, all of these powders contain alpha-hydroxy acids that soften the skin and vitamins A, C, B1, B6, B12, & E to help nourish the skin and neutralize free radicals. 
  3. Soy Powder - This super ingredient contains amino acids and proteins that helps to boost the skin's moisture and collagen levels.
  4. Coconut Butter - This product melts at body temperature and has been shown to lubricate the skin while lowering  the evaporative loss of water.
  5. Oatmeal Powder - Oatmeal is a standard go-to for dry and itchy skin, but why?  The high concentration of salicylic acid makes this extremely effective as a remedy to help reduce itch and irritation asscociated with sensitve skin, rashes, eczema and psoriasis.  

Prefer to have your masks pre-made?  Amber Products has an excellent line of body masques that contain the hydrating and skin-reviving properties necessary for Winter Body Wraps:

Amber Chamomile and Marine Algae Masque:

Back to Basics 2013 - Week 1: Gelish Application Instructions and Tips

I know the nail market is currently saturated with Gel-Polish Hybrids, but since this is the biggest category to hit the nail industry in recent memory, I wanted to revisit application and troubleshooting tips.

For nail techs who are currently using Gelish, a quick review of this post will help refresh you to continue providing your clients with the best possible service. For nail techs who have not yet jumped at this huge trend, hopefully some of this information will ease any concerns you have and provide answers to some of your questions!

Gelish Application Instructions:
  1. Sanitize the nails and your clients hands.
  2. Push back the cuticle.
  3. Remove cuticle from nail plate.
  4. Shape the natural nail using your 240 grit file of choice.
  5. Gently remove the shine using the 100 grit side of a 100/180 Buffer.
  6. Remove the dust and clean the nail.
  7. Wipe the nail with Gelish Cleanser (Blue Liquid) using a lint free wipe.
  8. Apply Gelish PH Bond to the nail plate. APPLY SPARINGLY - i.e. very thin coat!
  9. Apply Gelish Base Coat (GELISH FOUNDATION GEL) - first seal the edges of the nail.
    Then apply a THIN APPLICATION to the nail plate using a gentle, massaging, circular motion with the brush.
    If you apply too thick a coat, your results will suffer.
  10. Place hand in the Gelish LED Light for 10 seconds or a 36 Watt UV Light for 1 minute.
    As with ALL UV products, cure thumbs separately for best results.

    NOTE: For Clients with NAILS PRONE TO THINNING AND PEELING, add the following two Enhancement Steps:
    1. Apply GELISH STRUCTURE GEL in a THIN LIGHT APPLICATION from cuticle to free edge to build structure to the nail. Seal the edges of the nail & the free edge.
    2. Place hand in LED Light for 30 seconds or 36 Watt UV Light for 2 minutes.
      As with ALL UV products, cure thumbs separately for best results.

  11. Remove some of the tacky surface residue with clean dry brush or clean dry lint free Wipe.
    DO NOT USE CLEANSER... this is a DRY cleaning.
  12. Apply Gelish Color Coat of Choice. First, seal the free edge of the nail. Then, apply to the nail plate in a THIN LIGHT APPLICATION from cuticle to free edge.
    If you apply too thick a coat, your results will suffer. APPLICATION SHOULD BE ALMOST SEE-THROUGH ON 1st COAT!
  13. Place hand in the LED Light for 30 seconds (20 seconds for light colors) or a 36 Watt UV Light for 2 minutes.
    If using the Gelish 18G LED lamp, cure all 5 fingers at once. With ALL other UV/LED lamps, cure thumbs separately for best results.
  14. Repeat Step 11, 12 &13 for second color coat. If deeper color is desired, can repeat again for a third color coat.
  15. Apply Gelish Top Coat (GELISH TOP IT OFF GEL SEALER). First seal the free edge. Then, apply from cuticle to free edge using a THIN LIGHT APPLICATION.
    If you apply too thick a coat, your results will suffer.
  16. Place hand in LED Light for 20 seconds or 36 Watt UV Light for 2 minutes.
    If using the Gelish 18G LED lamp, cure all 5 fingers at once. With ALL other UV/LED lamps, cure thumbs separately for best results.
  17. Wipe off the tacky surface residue with Gelish Cleanser (Blue Liquid).
  18. Apply Nourish cuticle oil to the skin surrounding the nail.

  • Gelish recommended cure times are based on using a Gelish Harmony LED Curing Light or 36 watt UV Light for curing. For best performance follow recommended cure times.
  • For best results, be sure to cap the free edge of each nail. Edges that have not been capped tend to wear and chip faster.
  • Be sure to remove any excess Gelish from the client's skin PRIOR to curing each layer!
  • Performing a wet manicure is NOT RECOMMENDED prior to applying Gelish. The worst thing for the natural nail is water. If the nail is waterlogged before the base coat is applied, it is perfectly natural for the nail to peel within days, once the nail dries and shrinks back to its natural size. Do a dry nail prep rather than a hand soaking, etc. If you must do a wet manicure, apply and cure the base coat first. Doing so will seal off the nail from absorbing any further moisture, and protect the Gelish manicure from chipping and peeling.
Check back next week for Gelish Troubleshooting Tips, Tricks, and More! Do you use Gelish? Do you have any tricks you have learned? We would love to hear about them!