Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Impress Your Clients and Bring Peace with Selenite

I've always been fascinated by Selenite.  It is hard to explain why, but it looks and feels cool! 

Selenite is a form of gypsum, and its colorless transparent structure has a pearl-like luster. Selenite gives an iridescent sheen that shimmers like moonlight and it is said that it enhances meditation. The word "Selenite" comes from the Greek "selenites," meaning "moon stone" or "moon rock."

Selenite is often carved in to massage wands, lamps, candle holders and more.  In the metaphysical realm, Selenite is often described as being remarkably peaceful. The crystals are said to carry a very high vibration and instill clarity of mind and a deep sense of inner peace. 

They say that Selenite can assist you in opening your crown Chakra and that it has the power to cleanse and clear other crystals and negative energies. Selenite items look cool and will make a nice addition to your treatment rooms!

See Our Selenite Lamps, Wands Candle Holders and More Here:

Monday, December 30, 2013

Wear 'em and Throw 'em Away!

What was shipping this week you ask? Scalpmaster Disposable Spa Slippers - by the hundreds. I wanted to see what all the hype was about so I tried one of these on. Pretty comfortable for a throw-away slipper. I could definitely see myself being pampered in a spa wearing 'em... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Disposable Spa Slippers selection HERE!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spa Treatments For Beer Lovers!

A new spin on relaxing with a beer!

A spa in the New England area partnered up with a local brewing company to incorporate their craft beer into the service menu.

It's not as plain as offering a beer to go along with the services, although that's a nice idea as well!

They are using the ingredients used to make the beer in their services. For example, they use barley and hops among other things in their exfoliation scrubs. They offer a unique beer bath or pedicure beer foot bath and even a beer hair rinse. Apparently, beer is known for adding volume and shine to hair as well as being hydrating for the skin!

The spa also offers a full beer and ale menu for their clients as well tasting and other events you wouldn't expect to find at a spa.

Now, we can't provide the beer but we do have some of the ingredients to get you started!

Barley Grass Powder 
Hops Flower Whole 
SPA PANTRY Honey Powder

If you decide to add some beer services to your menu, let me know how well they are received!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fun, New Nail File Designs for You and Your Clients!

Change up your boring old nail files with these fun, new designs! They come in a 2,000 count mega case and are great for use in the salon, as well as for retailing. This 220/220 washable, cushioned nail file is specially designed for professionals or home use. This extra cushioned nail file provides for a better grip, ease of use and allows for more control and faster refinement.

Features and Tips:
  • Shapes enhanced nails
  • Quickly smooths seams & reduces edges on acrylic nails & tips
  • Washable & Disinfectable
  • Grit: 220/220
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Made in USA
  • Nails should always be filed when dry to insure smooth edges. Place the nail file under the nail edge and file in one direction only. 

Check out all these fun designs:

Simple Cleaning Instructions:
Put nail file under running water and brush the grit surfaces lightly. Do not leave immersed under water for more than 10 minutes. Pat dry and allow to air dry for 24 hours before re-use. Be sure to check with your local, state and federal regulations regarding proper sanitation laws if using this product in a salon.

New Year, New Files!

Friday, December 27, 2013

As 2013 Winds Down, A Look Back....

With 2013 coming to an end, and 2014 looming ahead, I wanted to take a look back over this year, and remind our readers about all of the awesome spa and salon products we have added! In no particular order, our Top 10 most exciting products:

#1. Mega Case Packs of Nail Files and Buffers by DHS Products
Save some dough, and some stress, by ordering the items you use most for your business is case packs. Then sit back, and perform your services without worrying about running out! Top-quality nail files and buffers for a fraction of the price.

#2. Scent Linq Diffuser and Scents
Do you want to make a lasting impression on your clients when they arrive at your location? Choose your "signature" scent, or mix it up - either way, your clients will show a higher satisfaction with your services, and remember your spa more clearly when it is linked in their head to a delicious scent!

#3. Vinylux by CND
Manicures that last a week, air dry, removes just like regular polish, available in many shades to match Shellac? Enough said.

#4. Essie Gel Color 
A little late to the game? Maybe, but Essie does everything with style! This LED-cured Gel Color system features a keratin-care system that aims to leave nails in better condition than when the gel color was applied. Available in dozens of colors based on Essie's most popular shades.

#5. THE WAX BOWL by Amber Products
The largest wax warmer on the market, The Wax Bowl is not only super functional for your busy business, but looks HOT on your counter as well! Holds up to 8lbs of wax.

#6. Mancine Professional Wax 
Imported from Australia, this extremely high-quality wax is easy to use, and economical to boot. There is a wax for everyone - and they are deliciously scented as well!

#7. Seaweed and Spirulina Alginate Mask by Spa Needs
Of all the masks we demoed this year, this mask stands out as the crowd favorite! This all natural mask really packs a punch, and is reasonably priced as well.

#8. New Signature Pedicure Bowls and Accessories by Noel Asmar 
These stylish bowls have been crafted with durable resin to withstand heavy salon use, without compromising in looks.

#9. June Jacobs Anti-Aging Blemish Control
This line has been created to cater to skin care needs affected by stress and hormone levels. This is not your typical teen's blemish control! As always with June Jacobs products, these products are formulated without parabens, artificial dyes or fragrances, but instead features amazing natural ingredients including tea tree oil, willow bark extract, even BROCCOLI extract! And it really works!

#10. Sposh Posh Spa Linens
These incredible microfiber linens are wrinkle resistant, economical, and most important, ELEGANT. Available in a number of colors to match your decor, your clients will love to slip into your treatment bed when they are wrapped in Sposh linens!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sun Damaged Skin---Prevention Is Key

I just read an article that referenced a study done at the University of Michigan Medical School that shows skin damage starts after just two daily exposures to a low amount of ultraviolet A1, or UVA1, light. These two lights are the ones our skin is exposed to every day and also the same that's in tanning beds.

TWO DAYS!?! It's never been a secret that certain UV rays are bad, obviously tanning beds are not a great choice either but I never realized how quickly the damage can occur. I used to hear people at the gym always proclaim they only went in the tanning bed for 10 minutes every day so they weren't concerned about skin damage...think again!!!

I know I sound like a broken record here but educating your clients is such a crucial aspect to the service you provide. Making them aware of the potential dangers and damages they (and their skin) may come across as well as providing preventative options and solutions are all key points to remember.

Now, sunscreen/sunblock isn't a kryptonite shield against UV lights however they are necessary in the battle for healthy skin.

Here are some great retail products to offer your clients as you educate them:

BurnOut 18.6% Zinc Oxide Sunblock / SPF 32 for Sensitive Skin / 3 oz
Advanced Sun Resistance SPF 30 Broad Spectrum Formula / 8.0 fl. oz. by June Jacobs Spa Collection
Protective Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 / 8.0 fl. oz. by June Jacobs Spa Collection 
Sunblock SPF 30 / 50 mL. by Amber Products
Sunblock SPF 30 / 32 oz. by Amber Products - this can be used as an add on to your facial services!

Don't forget the lips!!!

BURNOUT SPF 32 Lip Balms / 0.15 oz.

Another great way to help your client's avoid UV ray damage and boost your bottom line is to offer sunless tanning! Check out our world renowned line of spray tan solutions and equipment at the Sunless Store! Everything you need in one convenient spot and if you have questions, give us a call!! We love to talk spray tans!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ho Ho Ho... Happy Holidays!

The team at Pure Spa Direct wishes you
and your loved ones the very best for the 2013 holidays!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How Value Priced Pedi Socks are Making the World a Better Place...

OK, maybe the subject is going a little far. Pedicure Socks are nothing new... but they have always been a little pricey. Pure Spa now has a value priced alternative!  Super Duper Pedi Socks - the name is a little campy, but they are a great product!

Super Duper Pedi Socks provide added warmth, comfort and style during and after the pedicure service. Features elastic top and bottom. Comfy cotton blend. Machine-washable. One size fits all. Available in black and white.

Just like other Pedicure Socks, the benefits are:
  • Feet stay warm comfy & cozy  - tile floors can be so cold in the winter!
  • They help moisturizer absorption - for softer smoother feet!
  • Feet stay clean - freshly pedicured feet are dust hair clipping magnets!
  • Lock-in benefits - a great way to maximize the benefits of healing serums, creams and treatments.

Check out our Value Priced Super Duper Pedi Socks Here:

Check Out Premium Quality Pedi Sox Brand Here:

Monday, December 23, 2013

Fight the Cold Weather with a Warm Kozi Herbal Neck Wrap

What does the cold weather bring besides snow, traffic, and ice? Aches and pains! And what better way to soothe those aches and pains then a Kozi Herbal Neck Wrap. They were in and out of the warehouse this week. I'm thinking about getting one for my father for Christmas - He's always complaining about something hurting him. The lavender seemed to be the most popular this week... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Kozi Herbal Neck Wrap selection HERE!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Total Wearability with CND Shellac Perfect Pair Duo

I have such a hard time with red nail polish. Sometimes, it is too pink. Other times, it is too orange. I never
know when it is appropriate to wear which red....girl problems, right? :)

Well, CND has solved that problem with the release of the CND Shellac Perfect Pair Duo! This duo pairs the super popular, limited edition Ruby Ritz (yay!) with their #1 selling Wildfire, offering you the "Perfect Pair" of reds for a huge variety of looks!

Apply each alone, layered, or sandwiched....however your clients like it, but they will end up with the perfect red nails every time! Offer this Perfect Pair to your clients today, and stock up...because you will have lines out the door to get these beautiful reds applied!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Peppermint Massage for the Holidays

 Peppermint is one of the most useful and beloved essential oils. Refreshing, cooling, uplifting, and restoring, peppermint has a variety of therapeutic uses.

Peppermint Essential Oil has a sharp, light aroma with a cooling, clearing, and enlivening effect. It is the perfect holiday oil.

Massage treatments incorporating peppermint oil are very popular for the holiday season! Besides being a well-known holiday scent, peppermint essential oil will also help ease mental fatigue and stress (which are no strangers around the holidays) and will give your clients an uplifting feeling. Simply add a couple drops of this essential oil to your massage cream for a whole new massage experience.

Peppermint essential oil also aides in easing dry coughs and congestion that are associated with the winter months!

ESS Peppermint Pure Essential Oil / 30 ml
Pure Essential Oil - Peppermint 0.5 oz. by Nature's Alchemy / 0.5 oz.
100% Pure Essential Oil - Peppermint - Natural - Mentha x Piperita - 0.5 fl oz. by Aura Cacia / 0.5 oz.
Peppermint Essential Oil / 4 oz. by Now

During this time of year and the holidays, offering peppermint massages will be highly beneficial to you and your clients!

Friday, December 20, 2013

JUST IN! Spring CND Shellac and Vinylux - The Open Road Collection

Here in the Northeast, temperatures have been COLD....but things are heating up in nail salons across the country with the new release of the CND Open Road Collections! Available in both Shellac and Vinylux, plus a BONUS Additives kit, this collection is sweet and pretty....and makes me want to go on a road trip! Check them out below:




Which is your favorite? I am definitely digging Sage Scarf!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Scenting Your Entire Business While Creating a Sublime Impressions on Clients

Transform your business's ambiance with scent!

Scent Linq is an adjustable air scenting system that delivers exceptional quality aromas into 3,000 square feet of space using cold vapor technology.

Incredibly more effective than room sprays, electric plug units, diffusers and candles, the Scent Linq Professional Scent Diffusion System is a commercial grade scenting unit ideal for Spa, Salons, Nail Spas, Medical Spas and Wellness practices.

The sleek and attractive Scent Linq unit is fully programmable to a schedule to match your hours of operation - you can have a different scent schedule for each day of the week! Also great is that the scent cartridge inside the unit can last up to 10 months!
(Read on for more detail)

This scenting technology is a new trend that not only creates a wonderful smelling environment, it creates a way to connect with clients on a memorable and emotional level through what the industry is calling "Scent Marketing".

Scent marketing is not about bombarding clients with overwhelming wafts of cheap strawberry deodorizers or granny's rose perfume, but rather with subtle, satisfying aromas that create pleasant associations between your space and your clients. Scent Linq units are currently being used by some of the most reputable global brands such as Ferrari, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, FC Barcelona stores, Marriott, SwissOtel, Tommy Hilfiger, and more.

So why scent your Spa or Salon space? The client's first impressions of your business are tied with their visual and olfactory impressions. Ever walked into a spa and smelled the tingling scent of Eucalyptus in the air? For me, that is one of the most exciting scents to experience because I identify it with relaxation and stress relief. I have also walked into a nail salon that smelled like dirty feet. I had the best manicure, but I never forgot the smell, and I never returned. Scent memory is very powerful.

What scents fit your your businesses concept? One of our favorite things about the Scent Linq unit (besides its ease of use) is the incredible selection of scents to chose from.

Scent Linq Scents Available:
Scents are available in 2 bottle (cartridges) sizes to be placed in the Scent Linq unit for diffusing: 3.4 oz and 8.5 oz.
In a typical scent cycle programming scenario, a 3.4 oz  bottle will last approximately 3-4 months! An 8.5 oz bottle will last approximately 7-10 months. The scent cycle and intensity is fully programmable, thus lighter scenting will use less fragrance than more intense scenting. 

Whether you want to gently wrap your space with the soft aromas of Green Tea and Cedar, or you prefer the familiar comfort of Vanilla and Grapefruit, we have hand picked the finest selection of expertly crafted fragrances to offer the Day Spa, Salon and Wellness industry.

Pure Spa Direct is the exclusive U.S. Distributor of Scent Linq.

Clear Skin - A Never Ending Story

Acne, blackheads, white heads  and blemishes are a problem that everyone at some point in their life has dealt with and not just in their youth. These issues affect people of all ages for various reasons.

How many times have you said or heard the following..." I don't want to go out, I'm too embarrassed because of how bad my skin is breaking out right now," or something along those lines? Skin care professionals are in an amazing position to not only help clear up skin conditions but to give people back their confidence and feel good about themselves.

There are so many factors that go into what causes acne including excess bacteria, hormonal issues and inflammation. Finding out the cause of your client's skin issues is a very important factor in treating it as well as educating them. Offering high quality, skin specific facials designed to treat acne is the first step in helping your client's skin clear up. Also offering high quality at home products to compliment your services, as well as educating them on why these high quality ones are imperative will add to their trust and loyalty to you.

If you are looking to build or expand on the products you use in your skin clearing facials, here are some of our client's favorites:

Seaweed and Spirulina Peel Off Alginate Facial Mask
Anti-Acne Peel Off Mask
Dead Sea Modeling Mask
Acne Cooling Modeling Mask
Dr. Temt Glycolic Liquid 25%
Dr. Temt Azulene Gelform Mask
Dr. Temt Silk Mask with Sericin (for sensitive skin) 
Arnica Calming Complex Serum - 120 mL / 4.0 fl oz. by June Jacobs Spa Collection 
Moor Mud
Charcoal Collagen Mask
Bentonite Clay
Blemished Skin Facial Kit by Ayur-Medic Skincare

Great Retail Items:

Calming Cream / 2 oz. by Ayur-Medic Skincare 
Calming Mask / 2 oz. by Ayur-Medic Skincare 
Calming Cleanse / 8 oz. by Ayur-Medic Skincare
 Sensitive Formula Mandarin Polishing Beads - 236 mL / 8.0 fl. oz. by June Jacobs Spa Collection
June Jacobs Blemish Control Line

Educating your clients and providing them with great supporting retail products will ensure happy clients and boost revenue!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

OMG - Gross! Maximum Pathogen Survival Times on Surfaces in Your Spa / Salon Will SHOCK You!

OK, so I'm a geek. I have read Popular Science since I was a kid. Once in a while there is something relevant to our industry. The January 2014 Popular Science had something shockingly relevant...

Maximum pathogen survival times on dry, inanimate surface (like your counter tops, equipment, beds, tables, chairs):

(common cold)
3 hours
Hepatitis C 4 days
Herpes simplex 1 week
SARS coronavirus 28 days
(Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)
7 months
Salmonella indefinitely

WOW! Bad things live a long time on surfaces.

What does this mean to you? YOU NEED TO DILIGENTLY USE SURFACE DISINFECTANTS IN YOUR SPA / SALON! It can be the difference between the rampant spreading of surface pathogens and happy healthy clients and staff.

Pure Spa Direct has a great selection of surface disinfectants...check them out here:

Monday, December 16, 2013

A Triangle Sponge Pillow!

I wish I could make a pillow or a mattress out of these triangle sponges... They are so squishy and comfortable! But then I'd probably never wake up for work to write these blogs! Anyways, I must not be the only person who likes these, because they were shipping hard this week... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Triangle Sponge selection HERE!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sensitive Skin? No Problem!

Everyone at some point in their lives has dealt with a sensitive skin issue. Whether dry, itchy skin due to weather changes or from allergies or hormones, it's never fun.

Do you offer any special services or treatments for your client's with sensitive skin?  Are you addressing the cause of your client's sensitive skin issue before recommending a treatment?

Do you target them for both short term and long term results?

All of these questions are vital to providing the best possible service to your client's which drastically improves your value in their eyes!

Looking for some different or new product lines designed for those client's with sensitive skin? Check out the most popular ones that I've seen.

Dr. Temt Silk Mask with Sericin for sensitive skin
this was one of the first masks for sensitive skin I tried. I was blown away at how soft it left my skin with no irritation. It's also a great retail item!

Dr. Temt Azulene Gelform Mask 
This is great for sensitive and skin irritations. You can't go wrong with chamomile!

Bilberry Modeling Mask

Pure Collagen Fiber Face Mask with Aloe Vera / For Dry, Sensitive & Sun-Damaged Skin
This is one of the most popular masks I see ordered for sensitive skin

Moor Mud
This is my go to mask. I have never had a single issue with it irritating my skin, it draws any impurities out and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft.

Calming Hand Masques
Calming Foot Masques

For your waxing client's with sensitive skin:

Mancine- this was from Australia is our most popular and best selling wax.  It heats at a lower temperature, spreads thin (you get more wax for the price!) and is formulated to be non irritating for any skin type/area.

Epillyss Novatherm

Epillyss Sensitive Skin Lukewarm Wax with Essential Oils

CirĂ©pil® Elva Rose Wax

Ultra Sensitive Wax - Soothing Blend / 13 oz. by CLEAN+EASY

Don't forget your massage clients!!!

Soothing Touch Calming Massage Products

ESS® Facial Massage Oil - Sensitive

When your clients value you as an expert, they will not only be lifelong clients, but they will gladly pay for additional or premium services and products.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Global Spa & Wellness Summit Announcing Winners of 2013 Annual Student Challenge

Each year for the past 5 years, the Global Spa & Wellness Summit (GSWS) has held their annual Student Challenge, involving students from major academic institutions. 2013's focus was to create "the spa and wellness concepts of the future." The 2013 Summit was held in New Delhi, India in October, creating the perfect backdrop for these young innovators.

According to GSWS, Mary Tabacchi, PhD, professor, Cornell University of Hotel Administration and co-director of the Challenge said, "The focus of this year’s challenge is perfect: India, with so many ancient, effective wellness approaches has so much to offer the rest of the world, and these students will apply their business savvy to freshly imagine creative, new concepts." 

The winners for the 2013 Challenge included a tie for second place between the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, for its "Saartha" concept: Saartha means "groups traveling together," and this concept targeted the many group weddings and celebrations found throughout India. The other second-place winner was the University of Delhi, New Delhi, for their "Sparsh" concept. "Sparsh" means "touch" in Hindi, and focused on the stressed-out urban workers in India.

The first place honors were awarded to the Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad (IHM-A), for their "Arvees Spa Solutions," and the "Spasthya" brand, which means "enlightened health and life" in Hindi. This concept was created to help underserved locals integrate wellness socially, by teaching health, hygiene, and practical wellness, such as healthy cooking classes.

According to Sallie Fraenkel, executive vice president of the GSWS, as quoted in THIS article, “All of us in the industry have a great deal to learn from the students who compete in the annual Student Challenge. IHM-A’s concept stood out for creating a socially progressive spa concept that can be implemented in emerging nations.” ()

In the constantly evolving and changing world we live in, new and fresh ideas are imperative. Here at Pure Spa Direct, we strive to stay on top of trends and provide the products and ideas to keep the spas and salons we work with exciting and empowered to provide the best spa and wellness services to all of their clients.

With 2014 quickly approaching, what new, exciting, or innovation ideas are you contemplating for your business growth next year?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Keep These Shades on Hand! - Popular Nail Color Shades for Fall/Winter 2013

Popular nail colors change through the seasons. You have your brights and neons for summer, your lighter pastels for spring, and fall/winter is always about going dark. However, every year there are always a few stand out, popular shades that reign through their season. The most popular shades of the Fall/Winter 2013 season this year are Navy, Oxblood, and Dark Greens.

Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer - Nantucket Navy (6049) / 0.43 oz.
Gelish Color Coat: Caution / 0.5oz. - 15mL. - Gelish Soak Off Gel Nail Polish by Nail Harmony (01349)
China Glaze Nail Polish - Midnight Mission - 0.5 oz. / 14.79 mL. (240510)


Dark Green

China Glaze Nail Polish - Emerald Fitzgerald - 0.5 oz. / 14.79 mL. (240511)
Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer - Glasgow Nights (6045) / 0.43 oz.
CND VINYLUX Pretty Poison / 0.5 oz. - 7 Day Air Dry Nail Polish

You'll definitely want to make sure you have colors in these shades stocked up this season!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Top 10 Professional Skin Care Industry Trends for 2014

I just read an article on what the International SPA Association is predicting the top 10 industry trends are in skin care for the upcoming year. Some weren't too surprising as the trends have been growing over the last few years while some were quite interesting. You can read the article here.

Here is a quick overview of the list:

1. Anti-aging
I don't know any skin care professional who isn't offering some sort of anti aging treatment. The key is to stay dialed in to new products or techniques that can enhance the services you offer. 

Looking for some new ideas or products? Check out a few of these for services and retail:
Anti-Aging Blemish Control Foaming Cleanser / 5.0 fl. oz. by June Jacobs Spa Collection
Amber Anti-Aging Serum
PourElle Anti-Aging Collagen Peel Off Mask
Pour Elle Anti-Aging Healing Hand Peel Off Mask (don't forget to offer full body anti aging treatments!)
Collagen Masks (there's one for every skin type!)

2. Business
More owners and professionals are seeing the value of continuing education, networking and having the confidence to keep going

Need some tips? We can get you started:
Spa Business Strategies: A Plan for Success Book

3. Nonsurgical face lifts
With all of the advances with skin care technology more people are opting for non surgical treatments than ever before.

Have you seen or tried any of these in your services?

4. Diet
Most people understand the need for drinking water to help keep skin clear and glowing, are yours also aware of the importance of diet? If you aren't comfortable offering advice to your client, you could always recommend a local nutritionist or personal trainer....added bonus, you can work out a referral system with them!

5. Organic/Natural Products
Due to client demand, more and more companies are coming out with organic and more natural product lines. Are you offering any natural services for those clients?

Here are some of our client's top picks:
June Jacobs (high quality with unparalleled results!)
Desert Mineral Detox Body Scrub - Anti-Cellulite Formula / 10 oz. by Extended Vacation (the favorite scrub of the Ritz Carlton! Also available in a professional size!)
Organic Soaps (amazing retail item!)
Organic Raw Ingredients (create your own unique organic blends!)

6. Men
The rise of male clientele as well as male specific businesses are continuing to rise.

Don't miss out on this veritable goldmine!
Grooming Lounge (incredible line of products designed for your male clients!)

7. Multicultural 
It's very important for businesses to ensure their stylists, technician etc are properly trained in how to assess and treat every skin type across cultures. Different skin pigmentation needs different techniques and products. Make sure you have products available to provide the best level of service for the ethnicities in your area. 

8. Global Skin
This was interesting and I wonder how many businesses are aware of global skin. Many client's may not be of one particular ethnicity or heritage but rather a combination of two or more. Education is key as well as asking your client's questions rather than assuming anything based off their appearance. With tanning, colored contacts, hair tints/dyes it is nearly impossible to tell these days.

9. Online Presence 
Nearly every business I talk to has some sort of a social media page. It's important to not just have a page with your business info but to allow interaction with clients. Whether it be through blogs, online scheduling or contests, being accessible online is critical these days. 

10.  Express Service
 Many people don't have the time every week to book a half or full day appointment. Offering express services is crucial. Whether it be a combo pack of services or a mini facial, make sure to capitalize on the client's who want to utilize your services on a tight schedule.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Monday, December 9, 2013

Keepin' it Clean

Barbicide was hot this week! We sold gallons, half gallons, jars, and wipes. Seems like everyone is getting their clean on. That's a good thing if you're hittin' the salon/spa/hospital this week. I love seeing Barbicide at my Barber Shop because I know they're keepin' it clean... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Barbicide selection HERE!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Manicure Tables on Pure Spa Direct!

Manicure tables is one of the hottest categories on Pure Spa Direct right now, and for good reason - we nail tables from Deco Salon Furniture! If you are opening a new salon, adding nail services, or expanding your salon, be sure to take a look at these beauties.
just added a bunch of beautifully classy, yet affordable

Whether you are looking for a single table, double table, or larger, Deco Salon Furniture has the table perfect for your business!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Kissable Lips = Cash In Your Pocket!

I just read an article about lip balm...doesn't seem exciting right? I was surprised to see some of the facts they added in. A study conducted by a firm that tracks sales and advises business on trends found that people were most attached to their lip balms. I know personally I don't go anywhere without mine but never thought it to be a top trend! According to the article, 63% of  the women they interviewed say that lip balms and moisturizers are the their top skin care priority.

Have you noticed this trend? Are you profiting on it yet?

It's as simple as putting some lip balms and moisturizers on display. They sell themselves! How many times have you been checking out of a store and grabbed a lip balm while you were waiting just to be sure you had one?

Here are some lip balms and moisturizers you can get now to start cashing in on this trend!

BURNOUT SPF 32 Lip Balms / 0.15 oz
Lip Kit - 3 Product Set by June Jacobs Spa Collection 
Lip Renewal with SPF 20 - 15 mL / 0.5 fl. oz. by June Jacobs Spa Collection
Starry Lip Glow - Kissing Fruit Lip Gloss / 36 Piece Display 
FRAN WILSON Moodmatcher Lip Care Display / 18 Pieces
Emu Lip Refresher

Don't forget these lip treatments for instant results!

Pharmagel Lip Recovery Lip Treatment / 0.5 oz.
Milk 'n Honey Ultimate Lip Plump - Collagen Mask by Satin Smooth
Collagen Lip Mask / 24 Karat Gold / 3 Pack
Alginate Lip Mask / 10 Grams

With a few options for your clients lips, you'll be kissing the money flowing in!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Update Your Salon Decor with New Styling Chairs!

 If you're looking to update your salon with a new look, we have just added some new styling chair models by Deco Salon Furniture! The Elizabeth Styling Chair is my favorite and has a stylish look to it. This styling chair would fit nice with any decor and your clients will feel like they are sitting in luxury!

Elizabeth Styling Chair Features:
Heavy duty chrome lift with a maximum weight limit of 500 lbs
Chrome finish square base
High Density foam cushion

Check out some of the other new designs as well:
Fab Styling Chair by Deco Salon Furniture (SF-2012)
Piazza Styling Chair by Deco Salon Furniture (SF-2926)
Solara Styling Chair by Deco Salon Furniture (SF-2909)

Whatever look you are going for, we have so many styling chairs and furniture to choose from to fit any of your needs!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Burn Baby Burn---Tips For Massage Therapist To Avoid Burnout

Every massage therapist I know, myself included, has experienced massage burnout on some level. Whether taking too many clients during the day/week or just not ever taking time off for themselves. I know therapists who pushed and pushed to the point where not only did they suffer the physical stresses of burnout, but they fell out of love with performing massage in any capacity.

We all learned about self care in school, are you practicing? How often do you take time for yourself?
Are you utilizing any "helper" tools during your massages to help with any soreness you may be experiencing?

In order to give our best work, we must be in our best condition!

Here are some self care tools and helper tools to aid in combating massage hangovers:

Thera Cane
Tiger Tail Self-Massage Tool / 22" by Tiger Tail
The Orbi Self Massage Tool by Orbi
Index Knobber II
Thumb Saver Trigger Point Massage Therapy Tool
Thumbsaver Small Female Red 
Thumbsaver Large Male Blue
Bongers Set of 2
Thumper Mini Pro

Here are some very easy self care tips to remember as you go about your day to day:

*Be mindful of your body mechanics at all times. You may not feel the stress during the massage but your body will and at some point, if you keep pushing...it will let you know!
* TAKE BREAKS!!! always try to schedule enough time between clients to recharge, have a snack, take a quick walk
*Receive regular massage...this is very important!!!
*Stretch. If you aren't already doing some form of stretching, it's time to start. Here are a few videos to get you started...

Remember, we are role models for our clients and must learn to take our own advice! 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Super Nice Polish Racks!

Pure Spa Direct recently added some super cool nail polish racks for spas and salons... they are made from a special black laminate that doesn't scratch, show dust or fingerprints and cleans easily with soap and water. Best of all,they are value priced to make them affordable to any spa or salon!

There are 3 versions:
Why do you NEED them? Nail Polish Racks are the simple, cost effective solution to some major issues!
  • Nail Polish Racks free up space in your salon/spa by getting all of your polishes, top coats, base coats, nail treatments. etc. out of the way
  • Nail Polish Racks make it easier for your nail techs to find what they are looking for... thereby speeding the service time which always more clients per hour
  • Organization in your business makes you look more professional and makes your clients trust you - remember, a sloppy mess in your business brings all aspects in to question... are your products fresh?, do you follow proper hygiene requirements?, are your staff members well trained?, etc.
Who would have thought simple Nail Polish Racks could solve so many issues for so little money!

Check out the NEW Premium Black Polish Racks here:

Or our entire selection of Polish Racks here:

Monday, December 2, 2013

Refectocil vs. Intensive - Battle of the Dyes

Every week Refectocil and Intensive compete for bragging rights of who's the best lash and brow dye. Well, this week goes to Refectocil. Even though it was a short week, victory still tastes sweet for Refectocil. So let's give 'em a hand .... why? I have no idea... I'm just a shipping guy! See our great Refectocil selection HERE!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Holiday Has Passed - It's Time to Offer Up Those Detox Treatments!

The holiday weekend has come to an end and after all the over indulging of food and festivities, your clients will be coming to you for detox treatments! There are lots of different treatments for detoxing and relaxation. Seaweed or Salt baths, Body Wraps, Body Scrubs and Dry Brushing are some great detox services to offer.

Body Wraps:
Lotus Touch French Green Clay Algae Face & Body Wrap Clay / 32 oz. (278 0010 05)
PourElle Slimming & Cellulite Body Wrap / 250 grams (280 0232)
Lotus Touch Seaweed Gel Wrap (278 0013)

Body Scrubs and Dry Brushing:
PRO SIZE Desert Mineral Detox Body Scrub - Anti-Cellulite Formula by Extended Vacation
SPA PANTRY Marine Algae Salts / 1 Gallon
Body Brush / 10.5" x 2.5"
Natural Bristle Contour Body Brush / Mega Pack of 72 (SA-B6 / 72)
*You can offer these dry brushes as a retail item to your clients for a simple at home treatment too!

Salt Baths:
SPA PANTRY Dead Sea Salt Crystals / 4.5 Kg.
SPA PANTRY Great Salt Lake Salts - Fine / 5 Kg.
Salt Soaks

Hope you had a great Holiday Weekend! =)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Enhance Your Clients' Experience by Adding Warmth to Your Services.

Adding any kind of warming treatment to your services will enhance your clients experience and greatly
increase your profits this time of year. When its cold out, your clients will be looking for treatments that will also warm them up. This can be as easy as just adding in an Herbal Back Heat Pack or even Herbal Booties (heated). Besides being a great item to warm up your clients, they are also great for arthritis, back pain, aching feet and stress relief.

Professional Herbal Large Back Heat Pack:

  • Physician formulated blend of 12 soothing, aromatic herbs.
  • Can be used hot or cold.
  • Can be heated in microwave or hot towel cabi.
  • Great for arthritis, back pain, stress relief and many other common ailments.
  • An excellent addition to all professional massage, facial, and body treatments, this pack covers the entire torso for total body warmth.

An excellent addition to professional massage, facial, and body treatments., this pack covers the torso for total body warmth.

Herbal Booties:

  • Warmth and comfortable texture soothe and relax the muscles as your client is pampered with this therapeutic treat.
  • Contain all natural ingredients and emits analgesic, hot moisture, which is a preferred method of relieving sore muscles.
  • Can be heated in microwave or hot towel cabi.
  • Aching feet appreciate the soft and relaxing Herbal Booties, especially when heated.
  • Special herbs reduce swelling and muscle pain.
  • Provides a serene experience that seems to put the whole body at ease.

Used in pedicures. Aching feet appreciate the soft and relaxing Herbal Booties, especially when heated.

These Herbal Packs contain: Lavender, valerian root, white willow, chamomile, rosemary, peppermint, spearmint, hops, yellow dock, lemongrass, cinnamon, yarrow, premium flax seeds, and other natural materials.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Wrapping The Best Gift Of All----SKIN!!!!

Body Wraps are amazing...to me that's a fact not an opinion. What is not to like? It starts with your skin being exfoliated...I don't know anyone who doesn't like exfoliation. All the dead skin cells get taken away leaving the skin already softer than before and prepared for the wrap.My all time favorite scrub is the Desert Mineral Detox Body Scrub - Anti-Cellulite Formula / 10 oz. by Extended Vacation. This is also the favorite at the Ritz Carlton flagship spa and The Red Door!

One of the nicest things after exfoliating is using a nourishing oil such as Pure Sea Buckthorn Oil - Organic or Pure Olive Squalane Oil / 2 oz. by LIFE FLO.  These oils are non greasy and extremely hydrating; they will enhance the effect and feel of the treatment.

The method you use for wrapping is obviously whatever method you are comfortable with. Here are some great body wrap products you may want to add into your service menu:

If you're looking to just get started offering body wraps, try one of these kits:

Don't forget to check out the great deals on mylar, Elastic Body Wrap. plastic wrap, thermal blankets, body brushes and disposables!