Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Add New Customers with Positive Local Search Reviews - Contests Can Help You!

Entice clients to leave your salon/spa
great reviews  and generate more
business than you could imagine!

I had my hair cut at my usual salon a few days ago and chatted with the owner while he cut my hair.  He was telling me about a contest they were having that offered a year of free haircuts as the prize.  He sparked my interest.  He went on to tell me the details... it was simple... for every positive review a client leaves for the salon on an internet review site, they would add one entry into the fish bowl for the drawing.  They had a form to bring back to let the salon know the sites you left reviews on and the display name you used for that site. Kind of a pain in the butt to do, but for a year's free hair cuts, sure, why not!

Simple enough and he said after just one week in to the contest, the results were already impressive.  They had already generated a number of new positive reviews from their customers! If you were not aware, 5 Star reviews on sites like Yelp are gold for any business.  The cost of 12 free hair cuts is nominal compared to the value of the boat load of positive reviews the contest will generate.

Even though the contest is offering the possibility of a reward for a good reviews, the salon is not asking anyone to make anything up or lie... so as far as I can see, it is moral, ethical, fun and a great idea! Remember, the more positive reviews you have, the less a negative review will hurt your review average!

See how your salon/spa rates on the following sites -- then consider a contest like I described!

Let us know how your contest works for you!

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