Saturday, September 29, 2012

What Provides 900% Profit? Callus Removal Services!

As a nail technician, one of the most essential and most profitable add-on services you can offer to your clients is Callus Removal.  Used to make the rough, hard skin on the feet softer and easier to remove, just a small amount of product goes a long way to ensuring client satisfaction and repeat business.

No matter whether it is sandal or sock season, your clients absolutely HATE the calluses and rough edges on their feet.  The feeling goes beyond aesthetic reasons, as dry cracked do not feel comfortable scratching under sheets or in shoes.  By offering this service to your clients, you are not only making a significant profit, but you are also helping your clients feel better.

So how does the Callus Remover work?  The gels are formulated with ingredients such as salicylic acid, lactic acid, and alpha-hydroxy acids that, when left on the skin for 3-5 minutes, soften the callused and rough areas enough that the skin can be flaked off with a foot file.  The gel accomplishes in a very small amount of time what all the pumice scrubbing and foot file sanding could probably never accomplish.

The tools for a successful service are Callus Remover or Eliminatorgloves, paraffin bags, and a pedicure rasp.  After applying a thin layer of gel to only the callused areas, put the client's foot a paraffin bag and have them put their foot back into the foot soak.  The combination of the heat and the pressure from the water will help the gel penetrate more thoroughly.  After a maximum of 7 minutes, remove the foot from the paraffin bag and use the rasp to flake off the dead skin. Its that simple!

Typically, salons charge between $5 - $10 for this add on service.  With a treatment cost that can be as low as $1, which includes all of the recommended supplies, you can make a whopping 400% to 900% Profit per service! Your client will experience immediate gratification in the form of petal-soft feet and you can experience a significant boost to your bottom line!

Click HERE to see the Callus Remover and HERE to see the Callus Eliminator products that we have available.

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Charles Jackson said...

Corns and calluses are really a matter of concern for everyone and during this time these callus removal services are really very helpful. Infact i have heard about callus remover gel too which also smoothly cures the corns and calluses.