Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I was born a travelin' man, that's all I'll ever be... cool products for travelin' therapists and technicians!

What does a line from an old Lynyrd Skynyrd song have to do with a spa/salon Blog?  Good question!  Pure Spa Direct added some cool products for site visit services. Get it? Travelin' to see clients!

First there are the cool lightweight, portable folding stools... they are life savers for an on-site massage - especially those specializing in seated massage techniques. No more bending or squatting to work. They promote good posture while working on arms, forearms and hands... perfect for the traveling therapist. They fold for easy storage.

Next, there is the cool Nicoletta Portable Manicure TableTake it with you... manicure house calls are a breeze with this light weight, folding manicure table. Weighing in just 30 lbs, and folding down to about 12", this table will fit into any car trunk.

All are perfect for travelin' therapists and technicians!

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Anonymous said...

Doug you are always so funny! :-)