Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Are Your Massage Clients Control Freaks?

All professional service providers have experienced both types of clients... the passive relaxed clients and the Type A Control Freaks.  The Control Freaks have suggestions for every aspect of your job.  No one knows this better than massage therapists.  While we can't guarantee that our solution will completely quench the Type A's desire for control, we are pretty sure it will help calm them!

What am I suggesting? Nothing severe. Simply give your clients what they want during their massage treatments... their own music!  The amazing Zenvi collection from EarthLite will do the trick:
Zenvi™ seamlessly combines the soothing effects of crystal-clear, high-fidelity sound vibrations with your spa or massage treatments, elevating therapies to a whole new level of relaxation, renewal, invigoration – all catered to the individual expectations of each unique user.  In summary, your clients can hook up their iPod to a high fidelity headrest for amazing sound... of their own music!

Control Freaks will REJOICE if you offer
Zenvi solutions!  Also check out the entire EarthLite Collection at PureSpaDirect.com... the #1 Massage Brand in the World!

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