Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cell Phone / iPad Lockers...

Pure Spa's Cell Phone lockers are
great for cell phones, iPads, and more!
Sometimes it is the attention to your clients' needs and concerns that can set your spa/salon/fitness facility, etc. apart from your competition.  I know that I am always worried about my iPhone and my iPad getting lost or stolen every time I leave the house with them... but I do take them with me all the time.  I don't want to ever leave them in my car, nor do I want to leave them laying around when I am not paying attention to them.  So what to do when I am at the spa, salon, etc.?  If every place i went only had lockers, I'd be a lot less stressed!

From a salon/spa's perspective, lockers can be costly and big space hogs - which is a serious issue for small to mid-sized facilities.  There is a solution!  Cell Phone Lockers!  Pure Spa Direct just added a nice selection of them... as small as 24"Wide x 31"High x 9.25" deep for a 15 mini locker unit!  They are available with key locks AND re-settable combination locks and each style comes is available in four colors: Aluminum, Bronze, Gold and Sandstone.

Let your clients know you care about them and add Cell Phone / iPad Lockers to your facility today!!!  They are also great for wallets, cameras, keys and other small valuables!!!

Check 'em out here:

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