Thursday, May 31, 2012

Milk And Butter Blend On The Go: Top Selling Point of Purchase Retail Item

A great product for you to retail to your customers: the Cuccio Naturale On-the-Go Milk and Honey Butter Blend.  These small .33oz tubes are a perfect point-of-purchase item to display on your front desk for your clients to impulsively purchase on their way out.  With a per-tube cost of less than $1 per tube, this container of 40 can easily increase your profits, nearly effortlessly.

Cuccio Milk and Honey Butter Blend is a great product for clients to use on their skin after an exfoliation treatment at a spa or after a shower when they are at home.  It's an intense hydrating lotion that will leave the skin feeling silky smooth.  This butter blend is features honey extract (a natural  humectant) and boasts a non-oily formula and a delicious Milk and Honey scent.  Visit Pure Spa Direct to check this item out or any of our 64,000 products that might interest you to use or sell in your spa.

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