Saturday, April 14, 2012

Save Money and Space with the Tool Appliance Holder by Barbermate

 I was recently working with a client who had his heart set on very specific furniture for his Full Service Salon.  As is so often the case, though, he was limited on money, space and time.  The styling station he loved would not be available until after his shop opened, so he went with a different and arguably more attractive unit.  The only problem was that it had significantly less shelf space.

What saved my client from having to purchase a different station entirely or delay the opening of his shop was the Tool Appliance Holder by Barbermate.  This unit easily attaches to most styling stations and counters and can hold your assortment of both clippers and styling tools.  The appliance holder is great for keeping your cords tangle-free and for protecting your delicate clippers from damage and microorganisms.  We have multiple options for you to choose from, including holders for 3 Tools, 4 Tools and 6 Tools.

Don't forget - Pure Spa has a HUGE Assortment of Barber and Styling products, including Clippers/Trimmers, Flat Irons and Curling Irons!

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