Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Portable, Professional & Perfect - Airbrush Make-Up System

Love this! New Airbrush Make-up System by Fantasea. Portable airbursh system is ideal for make-up application. Airbrush make-up helps to create a flawless complexion. Includes the following: Air compressor, AC adapter, cord and plug, airbrush with accessories (nozzle wrench, eye drop, and attachable airbrush rest) and an airbrush storage case.  Now - for the airbrush make-up product itself, I am personally IN LOVE with Kett Cosmetics.  It is so smooth, so light and so fresh... you will have clients worshiping your work!  Kett also has great professional airbrush make-up training workshops, videos and training information on how to master to art of airbrush artistry.  

Airbrush make-up application allows you to flawlessly create tattoo coverage, scar coverage, hyper-pigmentation coverage and acne coverage for clients.

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