Tuesday, April 3, 2012

People are Disgusting! Seriously, who sticks gum on a chair in a spa or salon? Yuk!

Perfect for removing gum and candle wax
from tables, chairs, floors and nonporous surfaces
The other day I went to get my hair cut at my favorite salon and I arrived a little early. I sat down in the super nice waiting chairs in their serene waiting area, and started to doze off. I caught myself drifting and sliding down in the chair, so I grabbed the arms and pulled myself up. YUK YUK YUK YUK... on the underside of the armrest of what must have been a $500 chair was a huge wad of someone's gum. YUK!

Like I said, people are disgusting.

I recovered from the grossness, but it did bring an interesting thought to mind... HOW DO YOU CLEAN UP GUM? Of course Pure Spa Direct had the solution. Seriously, it seems like we have everything for everything in spas and salons... even the gross stuff!

Boardwalk makes an aerosol "Chewing Gum & Candle Wax Remover" that actually freezes gum and makes it come off in one nice chunk. YUK again! It is perfect for tables, chairs, floors and nonporous surfaces.

Check it out here and be ready for gross people visiting your salon or spa:

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