Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not So Minimalistic... The PERFECT Pink from Essie

Essie Minimalistic
So, In this Neon obsessed season of nail color, I found a zen hue from Essie that has garnered me more compliments than any other polish I have worn before... hands down!

In my opinion, Essie Minimalistic is a threesome of Waltz, Sugar Daddy & Pound Cake. Or maybe it is just Mademoiselle with some opacity.   Either way, it is a perfect blend of ballet pink with enough coverage to camo nail imperfections. So the reason I love it is I have been obsessed with the bold accessories, color and fashion trend that is on for this summer, and I feel this perfect hue doesn't battle with my big Boca Raton Jewelry, tie die tops and neon flip flop mode I currently in love with.

It looks clean, neat and glossy.  And it is especially flattering against tanned skin.  I think most salon clients will find this to be a new Essie classic staple.  I think this color is so perfect for client's that need the "perfect color" for weddings, graduations, parties, and even business meetings.  It is both professional and flattering.

Because you asked... My Tan in this picture is 100% faux... it's Moroccan Mineral Dark Self Tanner for the Body, and my enamel Jewelry is by Lauren G Adams.

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flip flop said...

It looks clean, neat and glossy. And it is especially flattering against tanned skin.flip flop