Tuesday, April 24, 2012

East Meets West... add Buddhist, Hindu, & Eastern Influences your spa!

Sometimes it is the little things that matter.  What better way to help influence a zen experience at your spa than adding some authentic Buddhist, Hindu, & Eastern details to your treatment rooms!  Pure Spa Direct recently added a category of products called "East Meets West" that features all sorts of unique items - from Brass Buddha Heads to Tibetan Prayer Wheels to a variety of Tingsha Cymbals.  I love when a massage therapist signals the end of a treatment with a light chime from a  Tingsha Cymbal... so soothing and appropriate!

I ordered some goodies for myself and just love them!  I got an awesome Shiva Lingam Stone from India (which is said to possess a wonderfully positive vibration and energy that brings a state of purification and cleansing to those who use it) and a cool Tibetan Wind Chime.

Check the  East Meets West  section of PureSpaDirect.com out here... your clients will notice the little things!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Doug - cool stuff!