Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flocked Sponge meets Latex - New Wet/Dry Applicator Sponges

Flocked Sponges Create
A Velvety, Smooth Finish...
I love flocked sponges for applying make-up.  Something about the texture that helps to burnish liquid foundation into the skin, leaving a smooth and airbrushed appearance behind.  I also feel that it helps create lasting finish... make-up stays on all day because it has been well blended onto the skin.  So I was thrilled to try these new Wet/Dry Applicator Sponges  that deliver the best of both worlds; Teardrop shaped, double-sided applicator sponges with non-latex foam on one side and a fabulously flocked finish on the other. This economical sponge is perfect for applying liquid or powder foundation.  Two sponges are less than $1.50! The non-latex side is great for applying concealers and creamer foundations.  Teardrop shape is malleable and easy manipulate for flawless blending.

Wholesale to Professionals Only:  Click here to view Wet/Dry Applicator Sponges 

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