Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FIND that Polish Fast - Up Side Down Nail Polish Rack!

Names UP!
 Find the Classics Fast!
There are staple nail colors in every salon!  During my last manicure, I helped calm a sweet, little Grandma out of a near melt down because she was unable to locate Essie's, Ballet Slippers from a wall of pastel pink polishes. Her granddaughter was pleased as punch to sort through blues, greens and purples for herself, but sweet grandma was frantic picking  up and turning over dozens of polishes reading the names aloud... and then she started to panic.  She exclaimed, "They do not have it, they do not have it."  I imagined she was beginning to the fear that she may have to settle for a color of her granddaughters choosing.  I jumped in to save the day, and explained that the popular classics like Essie's Ballet Slippers, Waltz, Marshmallow,  Sugar Daddy and Mademoiselle were together at the end of each nail station on the upside down racks.  I proceeded to show her this upside down rack of classics (bottoms up) so she could locate Ballet Slippers and then relax. While wall mounted polish racks are inviting and attractive, there are many salon regulars that will never be interested in changing their signature color.  Customers  want to see that you have their favorites available to them, by name and on display! That's why I love this design for storing the common classics!

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