Thursday, January 12, 2012

Save Money For The New Year, Cut Your Pedicure Cost

Want to save money without cutting excellent pedicure services? Our disposable washcloths and towels are something to think about when giving pedicures. Instead of using regular towels to dry your client's feet, and incurring the cost of washing, drying and possibly heating them after each use, you can use these disposable towels that are more cost efficient.

They do not have a cheap feel or look to them, in fact they don't tear or rip. We have them available in 3 colors, white, blue and mauve. Whatever your add-on cost is for using towels when giving pedicures, changing to Tidi Towels, Spa Essentials or Soft Cloth disposable washcloths/towels can lower your add-on cost to as low as $.06. Visit Pure Spa Direct and look at our variety. A quick look can end up saving you tons this year!

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