Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Perfect Brush for Hair Extensions, Wigs, Weaves & Clips-Ons!

The EZ Extension Brush
Keeps Hair Looking

Your clients spend a fortune on hair extensions, why not retail a brush designed just for their needs?  The EZ Pass Extension Hair Brush is the perfect brush for keeping extensions looking smooth and tangle free.  The gentle loop design prevents snagging when brushing out hair pieces, extensions, weaves and wigs!  Gentle maintenance will help extend the life and style of any hair enhancement.

  • Looped bristles mean no sharp tips - no snags, no tearing.
  • Hair glides through the looped bristles bristles for easy styling.
  • Brush out hair without damaging hair strands, beads, bases, knots or bonds.
  • Looped design prevents snaring hair on bushy bristles.  

Priced at wholesale exclusively for Salon, Spa & Beauty Retailers.  Pure Spa Direct sells only to licensed beauty professionals!
Avoids damaging hair strands, beads, bases, knots or bonds.

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CureDiva said...

This is fantastic hairbrush for wigs.