Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pellon versus Muslin: What You Don't Know May Be Hurting Clients

When helping clients place orders for waxing strips, the essential questions we always ask are, 'Pellon or Muslin?' and 'Non-woven or woven?' Unfortunately, so many hair removal technicians are not aware of the differences between the fabrics, so I am here to help enlighten you!

Muslin is the go-to woven fabric for waxing. It's woven nature makes it the strongest waxing strip you can buy, but it is important to note that it can be too strong for certain areas. Muslin works well with eyebrows, lips and legs, however, I know all too well from personal experience that muslin is too aggressive to use on the bikini area, arms and underarms.

Pellon is, hands-down, the most popular fabric used for waxing strips. It is non-woven, so it pulls the hair out, but is significantly more forgiving than muslin. What makes Pellon tricky to use for certain waxing services is its lack of flexibility. Pellon has the same feeling as construction paper, so it is difficult to maneuver and form to the bendable areas, such as the Bikini area.

A happy medium between Muslin and Pellon is the Epillyss Cotton Waxing Roll. It has the flexibility of Pellon and a strong enough grip that will effectively remove hair without as much pain.

What types of products do you find to be most effective for depilatory services?

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