Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How Do You Get Out of a Hairy Situation? A Rubber Hair Broom, of Course!

Salons and spas struggle with the challenge of cleaning up hair. You hate it and your clients get totally grossed out by it, but it is tough to clean up. Vacuums are too loud to use when clients are around and traditional brooms get all mucked up with hair, are tough to clean and take time to dry when you wash them (and smell when they are wet!).

Such a simple problem, but it seems like there is not a simple solution...WRONG! Pure Spa carries a Rubber Broom With Telescopic Handle by Scalpmaster that is the perfect solution! It has soft, durable rubber bristles that are perfect for hard to reach areas and crevices. The telescopic handle extends from 29" to 50-1/2", so you can adjust to your desired length. It rinses off easily and the rubber head dries fast... and it is inexpensive! Get one (ore more) today and get yourself out of a hairy situation fast!

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Doug, you are funny!