Friday, December 9, 2011

Hands Up, Baby, Hands Up! Introducing the New Hand Treatment Service

Between the cold weather, washing dishes, doing laundry wrapping presents, and pretty much all that goes into getting ready and living through the holidays, my hands are a mess - havoc has been wreaked. I would love to get a treatment that focuses mainly on my hands, however, the only option that seems to be available is a manicure. While we all love our manicures, sometimes the focus needs to be shifted from prepping for polish to strictly caring for 2 of our most essential body parts.

It is time for spas and salons to start adding Hand Treatments to list of services. It is an easy Add-on where you can incorporate a mask, ampoules and a massage. The perfect product to use as the base for this service is the Collagen Hand Mask / 24 Karat Gold / 1 Pair. Formulated with Silk Extract and Gold Powder, this luxurious mask is placed on top of your clients' hands to hydrate, moisturize and their re-balance skin tone.

Another essential product for the hands is the Dr. Temt Magic Macadamia Oil Ampoule / 5 Pack / 0.14 oz Each (MMA). Not only do they moisturize the skin, but the Macadamia Oil Ampoules' main feature is their regenerative property - They provide a protective layer while assisting the skin in healing itself, a MUST during this time of the year. To maximize the effects of this product, massage it into the skin with steam prior to applying the 24 Karat Gold Hand Mask.

You can finalize this treatment by providing an Aromatherapy Cream or Lotion Massage to complete the euphoric experience. If you want to customize the cream or lotion, Amber Products offers some fantastic Unscented Bases to add your blend of Essential Oils to. If you prefer to have your scents pre-made, I recommend checking out the Keyano Butter Creams. There are a variety of scents, from warm to tropical, and all provide an escape for the senses.

I have yet to find a form of this treatment, but maybe you can be the first one to start a Winter Hand Revolution!

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