Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Treat Your Clients to an Offering from the Gods... Fresh Fruit!

I am just extra aware of health snacking right now because I am on the Jenny Craig diet to shed some pounds from a Summer of excess. Although I want to eat junk food (mmmmmmmm, Cheetos!), I am forcing myself to substitute the junk for healthy snacks... like fruit. If it is there, I WILL EAT IT. If not, I go on a hunt for junk food.

Why not offer your clients healthy fruit to snack on... with a bit of simple elegance?

The Seven Tier Fruit Serving Display is the perfect solution. It is attractive, neutral in color so it will fit with any decor, has a minimal footprint for it's capacity and well, it just makes fruit look inviting! Add one (ore more) to your break-room today and stock it with some delicious fruit... your clients will appreciate it!

Check it out:

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