Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Smooth Operator - Prego by Spornette Creates a Frizz Free Blow Out

Humid, Outdoor Pool Party in Aruba,
NO FRIZZ at all!
The humid, windy, Caribbean climate of Aruba is most unforgiving on my hair.  I love Aruba, but I am always disappointed to stumble upon a mirror while vacationing and see that my hair looks like I just pulled my finger out of a light socket.  And though most tourist take it in stride, and just walk around in a wet, slicked back pony tail, I can NOT pull this look off as well as they do.  On a recent trip, I decided to take along my new Prego round brushes by Spornette.  My philosophy being that maybe it was my blowout that wasn't holding up, rather than my anti-frizz potion I had been using.  Using my FAVORITE Sectioning Jaw Clips, (the new Rubberized Jaws were not out yet) I used my 2 inch Prego round brushes  before going to a beach/pool party.  I was amazed!!  My blow out was smooth, soft and gorgeous for almost two days!!

Spornette's Prego Collection has some great brush features:
  • These brushes are lightweight, and non-slip, foam grip handle feels good in your hand.
  • Aerated ceramic design
  • Barrel heats up FAST for quick styling
  • Tourmaline, anti-static bristles assist in moisture absorption & condition the hair
  • Nano-Silver bristles prevent bacterial growth
  • Short nylon bristles roll through hair for ease in creating flips, bangs, large curls and bouffant styles.
Best of all, these brushes are available to Licensed Beauty Professionals at for wholesale purchase.  Give your clients a blow out that will beat the humidity!  Also great for retailing in your Salon.

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