Thursday, November 3, 2011

Salon Back Bar -- New "Hair Shooters", Profits for Salons & Gorgeous Hair for Clients.

Hair Shots = Instant Client Gratification
Rumored to be a favorite amongst some Dancing with the Stars, stars, these new Nutrient Hair Shooters promise to make a visible difference in hair in just ONE use.

The idea; Salons, offer up one of these 4 hair shooters to clients at the back bar station during a shampoo. According to the manufacturer, each treatment was designed to compliment ANY professional brand of shampoo, conditioner & color. It is suggested Salons price the treatment shots between $5-$8 each. I think, why not do a "Happy Hour" Tuesdays - Thursdays - and make shots only $5 bucks! The manufactuer also told me that depending on the length of the hair (lightweights), only half of one of these intensive shots is needed! So far, the number one favorite seems to be "Shine A' Light" Instant Shine Treatment which creates a 'very noticable' luminescence sheen. I am definitly going to take this one to my next blow out!

Available for Salon Professionals at Pure Spa Direct:

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