Saturday, November 5, 2011

Paraffin Liner Bags: The Sanitary Alternative for the Must-Have Fall/Winter Treatment

Once again, 'tis the season for paraffin services! As the weather gets colder and the heat gets turned up in homes and offices, you will be seeing more and more clients with dry, cracked skin coming in for services.

A common question that we receive from clients is, 'How do I keep my paraffin treatments sanitary?!' While I, personally, am not a germaphobe in any sense of the word, I cannot help but cringe at the thought of dipping my hands or feet into the same paraffin wax that countless other clients have used as well.

A great alternative to multi-dipping in the paraffin bath
is to use Paraffin Liners for the hands and feet. Simply scoop a ladel-full of paraffin wax and pour into the paraffin bag. Next, have your client place his or her hand or foot into the bag, then gently and evenly massage the paraffin into the skin.

The paraffin will harden in the same it would have if it was double and triple-dipped, plus the removal process is easier, faster and mess-free! Click Here to see our most popular and convenient Paraffin Bag option: Pop-Up Paraffin Liners / 100 Bag Roll by FantaSea!

What tips or tricks do you use for paraffin services?

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