Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Look Out! A Cave In... Garbage Bag Cave In, That is...

Maybe its just me, but I always notice the little things. I was getting my hair cut at an upscale salon the other day and while I'm sitting there making chatty banter with my stylist, I noticed each work station had a garbage can and they all had their trash bags caved in. I hate when that happens at home and it really looked like a sloppy mess at the salon. For a moment I thought, "there MUST be a way to stop that". Then the moment passed and it was out of my head.

Out of my head until today that is! I was working on some web site stuff for Pure Spa Direct and I saw these super cool "Trash Bag Cinch" thingies!
  • Works on all sizes and shapes of containers with any type of liner.
  • Patented design has flexible, durable "living hinges" that hold liner snuggly around rim to prevent "cave-ins".
  • Comes with double-stick foam mounting tape already installed.
  • Simply prepare the surface properly, remove the backing from the cinch and apply.
  • Available in several colors.
Such a simple and elegant solution to a nagging problem... great for the salon, spa, your office, AND your home! I ordered some for myself and then figured I'd tell the world by writing a blog entry!!!

Check 'em Out Here:

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